Savage Alpha

Savage Alpha

By:  Gigi Wrights  Ongoing
Language: English
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Warning~ This book contains mature content. ... Death bringer was what people call him. The savage and barbaric Alpha. Leon who is a pure-blooded wolf, a royalty emerged from his hometown in search of his mate. However, his plans went down the drain when he encounters an empath – his worst enemy. ... Adina always believed werewolves were ferocious and vicious beings. Fate proved her right when she met Alpha Leon, a brute Alpha who will not let her go. What happens when he uses her very own abilities against her? * “Do you know what smells better than fear?” the alpha suddenly asked. “What...?” she squeaked having no idea what he means. “Lust. The smell of your arousal.” he spat the words irritatedly, “my c*ck hungers for your p*ssy so I won't be killing you anymore. I'm going to brand you now as my slave.”

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15 Chapters
Excerpt from the book:“I've caught you now, so you are mine!” he growled.Oh, boy. I'm in deep shit. I blinked up at him noticing how close we were. So close. And I was only standing in a towel.“Do you know what smells better than fear?” the alpha suddenly asked.“What...?” I squeaked having no idea what he means.“Lust. The smell of your arousal.” he spat the words irritatedly, “my c*ck hunger for your p*ssy so I won't be killing you anymore. I'm going to brand you now as my slave.”                        *** Leon's POVIn a cold, dark room, I remained standing glaring at the old warlock as he scurried to work. “What's taking so long?” I growled, anger laced with my tone.The old man trembled nervously, knowing that the Alpha will snap soon. “I… Al
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 Adina's POV…Sex was all I could see!They were everywhere!Bodies were grinding against each other, in a massive orgy. Some males were two on one woman. The unending skin slapping against skin, mouths moaning, was all I could hear. Screams of ecstasy as they came apart.I could feel the pent-up desire in them, the level of lust that was bombarding their every cell and sense.The hall was filled with sexual tension that was thicker than anything else as males dominated the females — thrusting faster, deeper without pausing. They were behaving like mindless predators devouring their poor prey without mercy.I could feel lust literally oozing from their pores. It's as if they have all turned into brainless peoples who only has one focus at this point — sex. There was nothing else they could focus on. Their emotions seem to affect me too, I found myself swallowing hard. My panti
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“I'm so sorry Adina it had to go this way, we are not going to leave you there I promise, it's just for a short while until we get the money.” I couldn't say anything, I could watch her, bewildered. It was at that moment I understood that saying that blood is thicker than water.  They've all claimed that we are family, equals, but when things went down the drain, I was the first person they pushed toward danger.  My shoulders immediately tensed up when it sunk in. They were truly going to send her to the werewolves. Good lord! Cold sweat dripped on my back as I shot a nervous look at Selene, who was scrutinizing my expression — waiting for my reply. Does she expect me to abruptly say yes in this kind of situation? “I… Mom,” I subconsciously grabbed hold of her skirt. I couldn't help it! Werewolves are creatures I feared deeply, I've even dreamt about them. Heard horrific stories about them, so the thought of going to them turned my legs into
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I found myself in a slightly loosed cage when I woke up. I immediately clenched my fist in anger at how they left me there like an animal, do they think am like them? Stifling a yawn, I studied my surroundings, noting that it was dawn already. I could hear the werewolves eating and laughing from a distance, but there was no one in my line of sight.Glancing at my loose cage, my brows couldn't help but crease slightly. Is this some kind of test? Or do they think that, as humans, I'm incapable of escaping without their consent?Oh, well, I won't give up any chances. Luckily, they didn't chain my leg or anything, I quickly took out the knife under my hoodie, quietly pushed the iron bars of the cage and without looking back, I ran.Scanning the area, I decided to dash for the trees as they will help cover me from prying eyes. What I didn't know was, that I was heading directly toward their camp.A twig snapped suddenly, causing me to freeze on th
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 “Alpha, a…are you just going to let her go?” Levy inquired.“Yes,” Alpha Leon replied curtly.“How will you find her once you let her go?” Levy said, having overheard what Leon's conversation with the human girl.“She just threatened and challenged you in front of the entire pack,” says Rhys. When Rhys noticed how irritated the Alpha was getting by their questioning, he cleared his throat. “What we mean is that not everyone thinks you're a pure-blooded werewolf because you appeared out of nowhere, fought their alpha, and won; some people are still suspicious.”Leon gave them a cold gaze. “How about you? Do you think I'm not pure blood?”Rhys's eyes widened, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw my expression. Leon knows they're afraid of him, despite their efforts to hide it. “Of course!” He exclaims. “With my life.”<
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Adina's POV…The last time I saw the Alpha was a month ago. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing because I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, jittery at everything.My thoughts would not let go of his last statement that he'd come for me, no matter how hard I tried.'He hasn't done so, however! Is this to imply that he was just saying empty words? Whatever it was, I haven't let my guard down since then, and I have no intention of doing so in the future."Dina, what's up?" Mera, my new friend, inquired, "Did you hear a word we just said?"Arriving in a new town with no idea who or what to expect was like traveling blindly with no sense of direction. It seemed like I was starting again in my life. I was about to go into some problems with some guys when I encountered Mera and her wild crew, who saved my life and took me in.I won't deny that I miss my adoptive parents terribly, but what can I do? Going back there was c
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“Oh, my God,” I cried out. “He is here!”What should I do? I glanced around the room searching for where to hide, but there was none. And there's no way I would jump down a two-story building, risking my life. I entered the bathroom, locked it up behind me, then curl up on the floor in a corner of the bathroom. My heart was pounding so fast, that I could practically hear it. Oh, God, why is this happening to me? Why did he find me the moment I decided to let down my guards? No, how did he manage to find me in the first place?Gosh, I'm so stupid. Of course, he would find me, he pointed out the location. I should have changed location. Again, how will I know he meant it when he said he'd come after me?A loud bang sounded from the room and I knew he has broken the bedroom door. Good lord. He's definitely serious this time. “I can smell you, empath! Come out now before I find you.” his deep
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 Turning on the vibrator, I placed it on her clit, making her jump as she let out a startled moan.“Don't move,” I growled.She tried to turn, “W- wait a minute, can we talk?”“I said, don't move, slave.”Tears welled up in her eyes as she clenched her hand. Surprisingly, she managed to keep her tears at bay. I'll give her that she's stubborn, but how much longer can she keep it up? I wanted to punish her even more after witnessing her actions. Makes me want to retaliate against her for what she and her kind have done to me. Hatred, wrath, and darkness have been running through my head. A consuming feeling that's making me feel like I'm losing my sanity. Now, I have someone to take it all upon.“Why…?”I brushed aside her question and plunged two fingers into her tense core, watching her sob in pain."No, don't… Aaaaaa!”My beast took pleasure in h
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Because I've always thought of werewolves as animals, I was expecting their city to be... well, look like a forest filled with woods, but it's not. As we entered deep into the city, I realized it was nothing like I'd imagined. This place was beautiful.  I felt eyes on me as we walked, or should I say that they were looking at my collar. People didn't give me a friendly look; instead, they stared at me as if I'd done something terrible. Like I'm a criminal. Some people even went as far as to throw trash at me. After I told them my plan, Izzy and the girls looked at me worriedly. "Dina, the alpha is not easily fooled; if he discovers you, you'll be in serious trouble." “You don't have to worry about it, so long as it buys me a few more days, I'll be fine.” I glanced at Mera. “Do you know what will happen to you guys?” She shrugged, “I think we'll be fine, they mistook us to be mates of their men. I'm sure they will take good care of us.” La
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Fighting Pit!
Adina's POV ~ … Rhys stopped at a door after several turns. “I will leave you here now. A maid will attend to you.” He left after saying that, making me huff in annoyance. I can't believe these werewolves are all stuck-up bastards. Good thing, I plan to make their lives miserable within these four days. I just don't know where to start yet, I still need to observe. Opening the door, I stepped into my room and gasped. Hold on, are you sure Rhys brought me to the right room? Because the room was a hundred times bigger than the whole of my house back home – my adoptive parent's house, I mean to say. When I entered the bathroom, I blinked. The shower was big enough to hold four people and I could see the jets built into the walls all over. The bathtub, if you could even call it, was like a ten-person jacuzzi tub that had been sunk Into the floor.  I wanted to try the jets in the shower, but the tub was too tempting, so I went over to it, and
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