Obeying My Mysterious Stalker (English)

Obeying My Mysterious Stalker (English)

By:  LilacCurl  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kael Silvenia is more likely to be called an orphan. He lost his father at the age of 16 and it is not hidden from his knowledge that his mother had another man when his father was still alive. To make things even more complicated, it got worse when his father passed away. Her mother left him and eloped with another man when he turned eighteen. But even with that fact that her mother abandoned him, he couldn’t dare to loath her. So when the news came to him that his mother had been raped by the man she eloped with and was found thrown into the abyss, his world really collapsed. It's like life really played tough on his part when a fact emerged from her mother's autopsy result that apart from her male partner, there were nine other accomplices in the rape of his mother. Due to the trauma suffered from the findings, after a year of grieving, his mind made an action. It made a different persona. Timothy. His dark persona who is so much far from his weak personality. Timothy searched for the man who caused his mother's death but unfortunately the man is already dead. The only remains he got that has a big involvement on the man's life is a photo of his daughter when he went to the suspect's abandoned home. He found out that the assailant had been separated from his wife and daughter for a long time, so the only picture it has for its daughter was only twelve years old. That's when he decided that he would make sure the man would regret what he had done to his mother. He must have his revenge! Timothy looked for the girl on the picture and not long after, he found a match. Her name is Yngrid Angelique Villegas. As what the assailant did to his mother, Timothy raped Yngrid who was only twenty years old that time. The woman can't do anything but pity herself when he claimed her repeatedly. But despite Timothy's wickedness, Kael's personality prevailed when tears blurred the woman's eyes. He pulled himself together to stop Timothy. Conscience struck Kael's system. He started to investigate the girl's background. To his shock, his conscience swallowed him even more when he realized that Timothy had just mistaken the woman. She's not the daughter of his mother's rapist. He was even more conscientious when it became clear that even the business of Yngrid's parents was also sabotaged by Timothy. Due to lack of ways on how to approach Yngrid's family, he used the company's crisis as an opportunity to offer the Villegas a contract. All the terms that are stated in the contract are in favor of Yngrid's family. But there was only one thing he could not understand on himself. Why did he include in the contract that the woman must marry him?

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4 Chapters
Her spirit awoke. She could not move her body in extreme weakness. Plus it was as if her head was going to break in extreme pain. She remembered what had happened before she lost her consciousness as her eyes wandered around."Where am I?" she voiced out.Such a room was unfamiliar to her. Her bodyhair rose. It's like de javu is happening. She immediately checked herself to confirm something but it's a very wrong move. That only added to the fear that lingered in her consciousness. The scenario that she's is in right now is very similar to the events she has experienced in previous nights. She found herself naked again. Not a single shroud was left on her. The only difference now is that she did not wake up in her own room.She was slowly swallowed up and drowned by fear. Still trying to recollect her own senses, she felt herself particularly in the part between her thighs. She was swallowed up by the worry but finally breathed a sigh of relief when she fe
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There are things in life that we cannot control. Many things happen that we can never avoid and there are circumstances that will shape us to be strong and resilient in the future.Those are the things Yngrid believes in. That not all the time, everything goes according to your plan. Just like today. It was still early but she already felt that the next few hours would be complicated. She got up on the wrong side of the bed. Her temple did not look good when she woke up to see that it was half past eight. She has this this urge that she need to beat herself up. She really hates being late even if other people might say that it's fine since she is the owner of the shop where she works.She plastered a smile as she entered in her shop's entrance the moment she saw Melody.There are kinds of smile - warm, sincere and real; but hers is not one of them. It is an out of nerve kind of smile. That kind of volcano like smile that will erupt at any minute.
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Yngrid got startled by the noise made by whoever was calling now on her cellphone. She tried hard to open her eyes and searched the inside of the bag then grabbed ringing phone. When she finally found it, she just opened her left eye since she's still sleepy then answered the call. Yngrid closed her eyes again when she saw who was calling. Without enough strength to put the cellphone to her ear while lying on her side. She wanted to sleep because her body seemed really drained. She frowned while answering the call. "Hello, Moon. What's up? Why did you call?" she asked with her hoarse voice.Moon did not immediately respond on the other line. Seems like the latter is still estimating what she has to say. There are only two reasons why this girl is suddenly calling. It's either she's having dysmenorrhea again or she's heard about what happened earlier. Moon's menstruation is too hard. She can hardly walk upright so mostly, she calls them. It's just the beg
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Chapter 3 (SPG)
Yngrid hurriedly left the bar after she bid her goodbyes to the two insane friends.God forbid! The scene earlier is almost like a disaster for her. She still can't seem to imagine that only a withered eggplant which obviously is beaten badly will be her first. She fanned himself.Yngrid still can't forget what happened even though they spent two hours talking and drinking alcohol inside the bar. From time to time, the almost tragedy that would have probably happened to her makes her cringe. She tried hard to entertain herself by watching the dancers, particularly to her friend who didn't care even though obviously most of the men dancing there were just watching its every move. If anyone loves to dance as much as the three of them, it's Reese.Hay! What if things went different before? She couldn't even imagine having sex with someone as old as her grandfather. If it wasn't for the man who saved her earlier, that old man's expired agua bendita might have
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