Overwhelming Pleasure

Overwhelming Pleasure

By:  Miracle M.  Ongoing
Language: English
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Note: This story contains elicit content and it's rated 18+ "Do you know what I am doing to you that made you feel so good Sophie?" he asked rubbing her clit with two fingers whilst fucking her cunt with the remaining three, she swallowed and shook her head "N...No..." she moaned out panting "This is finger fucking, repeat after me..." he said smacking her ass cheeks making her shiver "You said finger Fuuuuuuk!" she screamed cumming uncontrollably, sweats socked her top making her breast nipples to be visible to any naked eyes. Sophie is a young and beautiful lady who is in her college senior year, she was sent overseas to study because her dad was worried that all the so corrupt college youth in Italy would lure his beautiful daughter and teach her naughty things. But what the man didn't know was that the country he sent his daughter was not so pure, and her daughter will be learning not only from school but "Sophie do you want to know how two big dicks will feel inside you?" And she will be coming home with Overwhelming knowledge more than what the man sent her to learn "Daddy I am feeling itchy down there, can you help me please..."

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Crystal Reed
Is this involving incest between father and daughter?
2024-02-13 09:56:59
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Danielle Tyrrell
I think if you spell check and re write the blurb you might get more traction with this. I cannot even start just after reading the intro.
2024-03-11 18:43:32
124 Chapters
Chapter 1: Weird Feeling
(Third Person POV)Sophie was looking at the new student who was admitted into her University today, the guy was handsome and muscular with blonde hair and forest green eyes, the male muscles were straining to burst out from his clothes, and his nipples could be seen through the strains of his cloth and Sophie shifted on her seat feeling wet and sticky down there, she doesn't know what was happening inside her skirt, her nipples started to feel weird and the tips started getting hard and pressing on her white shirt."Why am I feeling uncomfortable, and why is inside my skirt getting wet?" she asked contorting her eyebrows in confusion and squirming, she put her hand inside her skirt trying to find out what it was, as her fingers made contact with the wet part, she felt a shuddering sensation "Mmmgghh, what was that feeling?" she said and touched it again, the same sensation went through her body again "This feels good", she started touching her skirt to get more of the sensation and hu
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Chapter 2: Finger fucking
(Third Person POV)"Yes I was looking at his body, it was so good and perfect, his muscles wanted to burst out from his clothes and his chest nipples looked naked to any eye, his hair was perfectly styled and his eyes were piercing," Sophie said and started feeling aroused again "The water has started coming out again," she said and the lecturer undressed completely showing his nine-inch bulge and Sophie awed."It's big," she said "And what is it?" he asked "It's a dick," she said "What is it used for?" he asked her again "It is used doing sex," she said and the hot male smiled "I will show you what is called sex," he said and step closer to the girl "This is called pushing into slamming or dicking" he said as he guided his dick inside Sophie's pussy, he pushed in and she shouted making him pause for a minute before continuing again "You don't need to worry, you won't feel the pain ever again," he said his mouth agape and he slowly pushed in and out of her hole "This feels so good," s
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Chapter 3: Wonderful view
(Third Person POV)"Why?" She asked looking confused and he chuckled "Because if you continue, I can't guarantee that you will be going home anytime soon." he said and she blushed when she got what he was saying. "Um sorry, I guess I should be going then," she said and turned to leave "If you want to help me next time search the website that I will send to you soon and learn everything you can, next time it will be easier," he said and she nodded and left. "Fuck, she is so sexy and beautiful, I wonder why a pretty girl like her was deprived of such a must learn knowledge, but it's not too later rather it's the beginning because I will teach her all that she would need to learn about it and even teach her more than some pornstars know" Richard said as he palmed his hard nine inch cock "Fuck, I hope she would learn more than I expected because she is a good learner" he said and close his eyes and start pumping himself "Mmmmhhh..." he increased his pase whilst thinking of Sophie's big
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Chapter 4: Sitting comfortably
(Third Person POV)"Hello," she said trying to get the guy's attention but failing as the guy kept looking elsewhere "Can I get in please?" He asked still looking down at her "Sure why not." Sophie said and opened her car down and the male stepped in."You have something down there," the guy said, still like at her pussy his face now turning dark "What?" Sophie asked, her eyes trailing at the male's body and bulging muscles that want to be ripped out from the clothes, the view that got her was earlier, the guy's blonde hair looking messily good and his eyes piercing her body, she started getting wet again and shifted on her seat to get more comfortable but her cunt made a watery sound and the guy growled "Can I help you..." he asked and finally looked at her face and widened his eyes "You are pretty..." he said and Sophie blushed whilst getting hornier at the handsome males compliment "Thank you" she said.He nodded and started getting closer to Sophie "So beautiful..." he mumbled and
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Chapter 5: Wrong room
(Third Person POV)"Are you comfortable now?" he asked and she nodded making him awe, he started bucking his hips up and down the pretty girl's hole grunting and she started moaning and going down when he bucked up to meet his thrusts. "How about now?" he asked and she nodded whilst increasing her moans "Yess..." she said and he growled whilst looking at her aroused face getting harder at every passing minute "Now?" he asked again his voice husky as his thrusts increased, he fucks her faster and harder now, her breasts bouncing up and down and she shouts in ecstasy "Yesss, fuck yes!" she shouted and he captured her lips, kissing her whilst thrusting inside her sweet pussy nonstop."Oh god Aiden, it feels so good!" she shouted and he covered her mouth with one of his hands "Sh, other students might hear you." he said whilst fucking her, he removed the hand that he was using to cover her mouth and placed it on her clit rubbing and pinching it whilst fucking her and the other hand was u
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Chapter 6: Pretty model's nakedness
"I can't help it" Kane replied as he stretched more and cupped both the breasts and started fumbling it, the pleasure ran straight to her cunt making her wet more, he took the breasts into his mouth licking and sucking one after the other whilst humming, his eyes hooded with want."B...But you came for Aiden" Sophie moaned trying to reason with Kane but the guy was long done carried away by the beautiful view in his presence which he had not seen for long, he never would have agreed that the school's pretty model nakedness would be so alluring, he had seen Sophie many at times but thought that she is already occupied judging by her beauty and stature, even now he still think she is but he can't seem to suppress the arousal he felt and the sensations that traveled his whole body the moment he made contact with naked Sophie, he had sworn to enjoy himself with the beautiful thing and face the consequences later.He trailed his tongue from Sophie's ears to her neck down to her shoulder, l
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Chapter 7: Sexily beautiful
"Oh god..." Sophie moaned clenching her cunt and squirming, Kane still fucking her and the pleasure now spreading all over her body, she cummed and hugged Kane tightly "Fuuuck..." she shouted and emptied herself, she slumped on Kane's body panting and gathering her breaths, Kane kissed her and carried her to her bathroom, they both entered nakedly and Kane rolled on the shower and started washing Sophie sexily, he poured the soap in his hand rubbed her two breasts massaging and washing of course, she gasped and closed her eyes leaving her self to Kane.The hunk of a man moved his callous hand down to her belly and swirled around and went up again, he use his other hand to push Sophie's ass to press against his hard-on rubbing him and he started pressing his hard-on against Sophie's ass, he moved his hand down and rubbed her clit making her moan and jerk her head back, he slowly parted her two legs and moved his hand in between rubbing and brushing her pussy down to her ass and up agai
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Chapter 8: The male model's offer
"Can I have a moment with you please?" The male model said to the platinum beauty at the back and she hastily stood up and ran to the exit to avoid his classmates seeing her exposed nipples "Of course" she said once she reached the model and headed out at one, the model smiled and followed her.Sophie made her way to the restroom and entered, she faced the wall mirror and breathed out a sigh, she tried to shift the cloth to cover her breast but her fingers mistakenly touched her horny nipples and the sensation went down to her pussy making her to moan, she touched it again and the pleasure double as he squirting increased.She started touching herself and close her eyes enjoying the pleasure and forgetting the male he told her to come, the male opened the door and entered, but the view he saw increased his raging hard-on as he can't help but watch, the slightly six-foot girl was touching and pleasuring herself whilst moaning and her eyes closed, he watched for something but feeling ca
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Chapter 9: The three pretties
"But they are not you, you are the one I need," he said looking at her pleasingly making him look like a hot desperate mess "Please..." he cooed again and Sophie blushed but nodded "Ok, I will join the competition but before that, I would like to learn everything about the competition and perfect it so that I won't embarrass myself," she said and he nodded smiling. "You don't need to worry on that one Sophie, I will teach you all that you need to know and extra," he said and brought out his iPhone giving it to Sophie "Type your number in," he said and she nodded and took the phone inputting her number when she was done she handed it back to Ryan and he took it and pocketed it back "Can I have yours?" he asked stretching out his hand and she handed him over her phone while he did the same. "Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked but she shocked her head "Nope" she said and proceeded to leave but he held her hand restricting her "Why?" he asked frowning "Because they all thought that with
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Chapter 10: I can't concentrate
She opened the door and saw Kane sweating and heaving, but as he saw her he smiled, he seemed to be coming straight from jogging, he scooted and pecked her, moved past her to remove her socked clothes, and dropped them on the floor making Sophie raise a brow at him, he smirked at her and pulled his shorts off leaving only his boxer and went to sit on Sophie's sofa, the males view made her blush and she forgot that she is only wearing only bikini and bra when she heard a knock earlier."Ok Kane enough, Aiden's room number is not here which you know now so..." she gestured her hands toward the door and he ignored her "I know Aiden's room and Nope I am not going there because I came not at Aiden's" he said his eyes trailing the living model in his front wearing only a sexy bikini and bra and she seems oblivious of it, her white hair falling all over her shoulder making her alluring like an angel.She folded her arms together acting annoyed all to chase Kane out "Ok, so why are you here"
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