Nanny and the Beast

Nanny and the Beast

By:  Princess Himaya  Ongoing
Language: English
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(Dangerous Roads Series #1) Taiden Luke Hernandez, a famous billionaire car racer and only son of Mr and Mrs Hernandez. A heartless and ruthless leader of an underground group. No woman has ever been able to tame him. Not until he met their nanny. Zella Baker is a woman who is working hard to finish school, in her employment as a nanny. She will meet Taiden. She thought, her job is only cleaning. Along the way, she’d realize that she needs to clean the dark side of Taiden as well.

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34 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Madam, this is Zella, she’ll replace Venus..." said Mother Helen to her employer.We are now in the mansion of the Hernandez family. Owns a company where they make racing cars, as well as luxury cars. Hernandez Cars is very popular all over the country. They are the leaders in the field of vehicles. So it is no wonder why their family is a billionaire."Welcome hija, come here. Sit down...” said the woman who was probably in her mid 50s. Sophisticated and even aged, its body is still beautifully shaped. Wearing is fancy dress that screams luxury. I sat on the sofa and she was in front of me, while I was next to mother Helen."Good morning." I greeted for madam."Zella dear, how are you? Are you still studying? Why are you working as a maid? You don't look like you're just a housemaid dear. I think you’re not fit for this job..." There was sadness in the eyes of madam Sonia.I wa
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Chapter 2
"Hi Zella!" said Dale and Macsen whistled. They were noisy at the table. I just woke Taiden up with an unexpected event, which I never want to remember.We are all here at the table. Madam wants me to eat with them. Mother Helen and the other helpers already finished eating."Dude, what takes you so long? We're hungry...” Elton annoyingly said.Taiden had just arrived, and he immediately caught my eye. He didn't even look at Elton. I averted my eyes because my body hairs stood up again!He sat in front of me, next to me is madam. On the other side of me was Keion, next was Mozes.In all of them, Keion will be next to Taiden if we’re gonna talk about handsomeness. He’s just as quiet and mysterious as Taiden but he smiled at me.Mozes, on the other hand, is very transparent. You can see in his face whether he is happy or angry. And I was just as comfortable with him as I was with Keion. Unlike Dale, Macsen and Elton. That the mouths are
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Chapter 3
"So, she's the girl you're talking about before, huh? ..." Dale said sarcastically. I am here now at their house after I took Zella to school. My five stupid friends are also here."No way! That's him, dude?" said Elton with a smirk.I was in high school in the states when my mom suddenly emailed me that we had a new nanny. Like, seriously? Does she really need to tell me? I don't know who fired or replaced our workers. But, Fuck! There is a photo indicated in mama's email.Long straight hair, with her gray eyes. Her natural eyebrows are thick and her nose is pointy. Accompanied by her perfect lips that’s pinkish. Fuck! Is this one really a maid? That was my question when mama sent it.And since then, mama has always sent me pictures of Zella. Damn! I'm always excited whenever I received an email. And sometimes I get a bad trip when the email doesn't come from mama. She's fucking too attractive to be our nanny. Not to mention her perfect
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Chapter 4
When Taiden and Suzie's friends got home I immediately washed the glasses they used for drinking. It was ten o'clock in the evening and mother Helen was asleep. And even though I'm tired because of what Taiden told me earlier, I can still did my house obligations.I don't know why he prepared so many orders for me earlier. Keion and I hardly talked anymore. He was just nice to talk to, I thought he was like his other friends whose mouths were full of disgust. I have never heard Keion speak rudely about me or any other woman.So I'm more comfortable with him than with that Taiden! And speaking of the devil."Exchanging phone numbers, huh ..." he said and leaned back near the sink. I raised my left brow. And wiped hands after washing the glasses."What now?" I said. He chuckled and smirked.What's his problem? What about now that I gave my cellphobe number to Keion? He’s kind. So I didn't hesitate to give him my number."
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Chapter 5
The car is burning with the driver inside. I thought I was going to sweat because I heard that he was good at racing. In just 15 minutes, he's defeated. That is way less than the amount of hus troubles. Not just because of drugs, but also because he molest minors! I slid back in my car and drove my way back to my friends with a proud smirked. I won. I was still far away but I could already see Elton, Mozes and Macsen jumping for joy. I already know why, that's because I won the race. When I parked the car, my friends greeted me immediately. "Damn dude! It was epic!" Elton said, he opened the car door. He handed me a beer and I accepted it. "How is that? We won again. When will we lose?" Macsen said boastingly. Who wants to lose this race? If the replacement is death? I shook my head. Keion approached me and made a fist bump. "Are you okay?" he asked. I rolled
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Chapter 6
I stared at the hotdog, twisted it and stabbed it. I don't know, if I have no appetite or if my stomach hurts. There seems to be something in my stomach as I think about what had happened last night. "Is there a problem, Zella?" I was taken aback by my stare at the hotdog as mother Helen spoke. I blinked and drank my water. "Uh .. because ... I couldn't sleep well last night." Obviously a lie. I can't forget Taiden, he kissed  me. I can't tell mother Helen about it. What else might she think if she'll knew? And I am very indebted to this family. They may think that I am ungrateful and I seduced their only son. But I'm not attracted, am I? He kissed me. I just didn't push him right away. Why didn't I push him right away, though? And I let our lips linger on each other like they were sparring! "Why didn't you sleep well? Were you tired last night? I'm sorry hija. 
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Chapter 7
I just came home from school and Sofiya's insults to me are still circulating in my brain. Even though what she said was true, I was still hurt. This is an honorable job, I know. Maybe they can't appreciate it because they were raised with silver spoon on their mouth.   I immediately put on my house clothes and went downstairs to help in the kitchen. I came across Madam as I was going downstairs, she was talking to someone.   I frowned when Sofiya saw me. What is she doing here?   "Hi Zella!" she greeted with a big smile. The plastic bitch. Like she didn't insulted me at school earlier.   I just smiled a little. I don't want to deal with her now.   "Oh hija, you're in the same class as my Sofiya?" madam asked me.   Madam is Sofiya's god mother. This is actually the first time she visited her.   "Yes, madam..." I answered. I was about to t
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Chapter 8
I'm cutting garlic because it's Sunday. Sofiya's party day, and the dress is ready in my room to wear. It was also from Madam's personal designer. I'm feel sorry, I can't wear that, because I'm not going to that party. I just need to put the garlic in my armpit for a few minutes. After I take the garlic there, I will then take the temperature myself. I can't help but think of what Taiden said yesterday. I'm not allowed to flirt anywhere? Why? Because I'm just a mere nanny, is it forbidden? Not that I want to try that, because my education is more important to me than that. But he belittled me too much. Like Sofiya, she viewed me as just a humble helper. So, that kiss.... I will forget that kiss. I don't want to assume. I do not want to be hurt anymore. Madam and I are now sitting next to sir Darius in her room in front of the vanity mirror while we are getting makeup. I already h
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Chapter 9
He was holding me by the waist and all my attention was there. He squeezes it occasionally so I turn to the side and blink slightly. Why does he have such an effect on me, even though we often disagree?His expensive perfume attacks my nose. It's intoxicating and very manly. None of me removed his hand as we entered the hall in Sofiya's mansion.I no longer looked at what his reaction would be when I removed his hand because he was stunned I did. I'm sure that the monkey's face isn't pleasant anymore.The huge chandelier in the middle welcomed us. There were big tables and there were people in each of them. The surroundings are screaming luxury. Every dress of the people you will know that they’re wealthy.I saw on the left a table a "Hernandez" written on the card
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Chapter 10
We just walked home to the mansion, because we had only used one car going to Sofiya’s party. He left it for his parents. And now I just realize we didn’t inform them that we’re going home! I took off my heels because he was walking so fast. I'm having trouble walking with it. He stopped when he notice that suddenly  I stopped, at the same time I reached for my heels."What are you doing?" he asked.I looked at him and saw that his eyebrows met again.This makes him look angry. Even if I’m not doing anything wrong!"My foot hurts. How fast could you walk! You thought you were pulling a cart?" I said irritably and removed his hand.He approached me still fu
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