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Shirley Blakes, a very successful teenager, is sick of her life, and then the worst happens, she gets abducted, but little did she know that the abduction would change her life forever. Maxwell is a special agent, who is almost a loner. When he gets a job to rescue the senator's daughter from abductors, he has no idea that rescue mission was going to change his life forever.

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She gasped when he grabbed her waist from behind, and then started to relax when she caught his familar scent. "I thought you were tied up with work and couldn't make it for my ballet," Shirley said, turning from the window to face him. Her lips was curved to form a pout. A cute pout. Charles smiled lightly, and then reached out to touch Shirley's face. His fingertips carassed her cheek and she heaved in a deep breath as her chocolate brown eyes stared into his hazel ones. "I was only pulling your legs babe. There is just no way I would miss your ballet," he said and leaned his face forward, capturing her lips in a light kiss. "Well, I am so happy, you are here," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. He smiled and rubbed his forehead against hers. "I have something for you by the way," Charles said and pulled away from her. He walked towards the door of the VIP suite and opened the door. He bent down slightly to pick something from the floor, only taking a step outside, and
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Her room was a complete mess. The drawers of the table, which served as her study space and sometimes an office space, was overturned. Her wardrobe was ajar and her limited edition dresses were strewn all over it and on the floor too. Even the book shelf, which hung on one side of the wall, in a corner of the spacious bedroom, was a total mess. Some of its books were on the floor, while the rest just lay scattered all over the book shelf. Shirley was bent over a box, which was on the floor, searching for something. There was a pained expression on her face as she literally threw away all the contents of the box, and let out a frustrated groan. "Why can't I f*king find it!" she kept mumbling as she moved to her school bag, lying on the floor beside the table. She opened it and started to take out its contents, one at a time. Another frustrated groan escaped her throat when she was done emptying it. St
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It was drizzling slightly. Shirley walked out of the car and took light steps towards the entrance of Pandora University. After one hell of a weekend, she wasn't exactly thrilled to be back in school that Monday. One of the bodyguards had an umbrella over her head as she walked.  Shirley Blakes was in her third year, studying Business Administration. When she stepped into the lobby and started for the locker room, she halted when she realized that Mr. Bernad, the head bodyguard was still following her. "You are probably going to follow me to class as usual, aren't you?" she said sarcastically, turning to face him. "Umm, I am only obeying your father's orders," he said and she scoffed. "Whatever," she blurted out as she spotted Emily. She started to approach her. Shirley's father had been the one to personally enroll Emily in the university as soon as the
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Maxwell hurried out of his car and rushed into the headquarters of the secret service he worked for. The director and a few of his colleagues were already inside, speaking solemnly about something. "What is going on?" he asked the director. Mr. Thomas Finn, a well built man in his early forties, was the director of The Defense Intelligence Agency. He was a tall man. "There is a situation. The senator's daughter has been kidnapped," he informed. "The senator's daughter... Was that not Shirley Blakes, the nation's fairy?" he thought. "Okay... But this isn't exactly in our jurisdiction, is it?" Max asked. It was taking all of his willpower to hide his anxiety and worry. Why was he so worried about this girl? He had no idea! Even though it was the senator's daughter that was kidnapped, they didn't usually take care of situations like this, hence his confusion.Read more
"It doesn't make any sense," Max said in a voice so quiet. So quiet that the rest of his team almost didn't hear him. They were in the basement of Maxwell's villa. The basement was designed with high technology. The walls were not just soundproofed but bulletproofed as well. There was a warbrobe filled with different types of arms. Shawn was standing in front of it, running his fingers through one gun to the next. "What doesn't make sense?" Amy asked. She was standing beside Maxwell, looking at the plan drawn by the director, on a big paper spread across the table. Maxwell was tracing something in the plan with his fingers. "The terrorists know we are coming," he declared. "What?" Shawn asked, leaving the guns and moving to the table to stand with the rest. He raised an eyebrow at Maxwell. "The vandals know how big of a request they are making by asking for that USB drive and the
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Shirley didn't know for how long Linda used her as a punching bag, only that her entire body was now numb yet Linda didn't stop. Closing her eyes, she heaved in a deep breath. "Is this how I am going to die? Being beaten to death?" Shirley's thoughts spurned. As she felt herself slowly losing consciousness, there was a sudden thud, like someone had knocked the door of the room off and stormed in. "Had help come?" Shirley wondered. But she knew better than to be relieved just yet. Next she heard gunshots. It was almost like a shotgun carnival. It made her ears start to ring and hurt at the same time. She was lying sprawled on the floor, on her side. Shirley heard Linda's scream, and then the gunshots stopped. She was having a hard time keeping her eyes open as a result of the sinking sensation she felt, like she was sinking into her subconsciousness. And there was also the throbbing pain, which was literally emanating all over her body. She didn't know where she gathered the str
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"Dad please! I just want him to be my personal bodyguard_ the man that saved me," Shirley's chirpy voice resonated in the house. Mr Lucas Blakes sighed, and then slowly started to put away his laptop. His daughter was at it again. Ever since she was discharged from the hospital three days ago, it was all she talked about. "Look, it isn't that easy," Mr Blakes stated. "But you are the senator, dad. You can make it happen. You can make anything happen," Shirley countered, her eyes boring into her father's. She was standing right in front of where he was seated, in his office space in the house. "That feels nice to my ears _ the part about me being able to make anything happen but it isn't exactly simple this time. The people that saved you are special agents, feds. They work for the government not private individuals," Mr Blakes tried to explain. He stood up slowly from his chair, creasing the lines on his forehead. "But you can at least find him... I just... I just want to see him
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As soon as the last lecture for the day ended, Shirley dashed out of Pandora University. Her car was waiting for her right at the gate. Pandora University was one of the best private universities in western LA, Santa Monica. Shirley had lived in Santa Monica practically all her life. Although she did travel to other towns, states and countries every now and then since she was a prima ballerina and top super model, she never stayed away too long, it was always about work. As she approached the SUV, she craned her neck and caught a familiar figure standing just across the university gate. She blinked in disbelief and looked again but there was no one there. With a soft sigh, she got into the car, wondering why she was seeing him everywhere. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she just couldn't get him out of her head. *** "This is Monique, she is your new assistant," Loretha said, pointing to a rather tall red-haired girl whom Shirley was sure had dyed her hair. Shirley
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The first rays of the morning sunlight seeped in through the half open curtains and kissed Shirley's sleepy face. She let out a sound that sounded like a groan and turned her face away from the window. Shirley's bedroom mixed soft pastel blue and pink with white accents to keep it feeling light and bright, and patterned accent pillows and a graphic pouf that added interest and sophistication to the room. It was typical Shirley. The room was the one thing her father had let her decorate to her taste. A curvy sofa beneath the window provided a dedicated place to relax and hang out, leaving the bed across the window for sleeping. Beside her bed was a bedside table and on it was a bedside lamp, an alarm clock and her smartphone. In a corner of the room was a reserved space for studying or working. There was a table and a chair, and on the table was her laptop and tablet. A book shelf was hung above the table with books arranged neatly in it. Inside the room were three doors, two on o
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"Milady," Max muttered and even bowed slightly as he held the door open for Shirley to step out. "Really?" Shirley asked with a raised eyebrow. Maxwell chuckled and a smile formed on her face. It had been barely an hour since Maxwell started being her bodyguard and it was already feeling so natural. As they walked into the lobby of C-Perfect fashion brand, which was the Blakes' family business, Shirley couldn't help but crane her neck to look at Maxwell who was just right beside her. The company's building was made of glass, just like the house in which the Blakes lived in. In his plain clothes of a t-shirt on jean pants and boots, no one could have imagined that Maxwell was a badass military personnel. And his innocent handsome charming face didn't help matters much. Shirley was dressed in a formal knee length black gown on nude stilettos. She had a stylish coat draped over her shoulders and was holding a black purse. Her chocolate brown hair was held up in a messy bun. There
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