A Billionaire's little Obsession

A Billionaire's little Obsession

By:  Imma2city  Ongoing
Language: English
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Darren Startan (35) just needed a baby mama to give him an heir so he could inherit his father's gold mine. He didn't care for a wife, just a woman to carry his seed. Paula Rain(18) She needs money desperately to save her mother, who is diagnosed with brain tumour. Paula and Darren's part will cross all in the quest for their selfish needs. But then, an unfortunate incident occurs, shattering Paula's life forever and also leaving Darren in regrets and torture. What will it take to fight their demons and heal their broken hearts? Let's find out

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Standing close to his window, he watched the coolness of the sea breeze, he breathed fresh air.This was his favourite spot and place to bed. Three years ago, he bought his four-story duplex which was built close to the ocean.He stayed with no one, just him. Whenever he was done with the day's work, he went to his private house to cool his nerves. After spending a few more hours at the window, he decided to head back to bed. He laid on his king-sized bed, picked up the TV remote and tuned to a football channel and watched the players play. While watching, he was waiting for a call to come in on his phone.After waiting for more minutes, the number called, which was named Fox. "Boss, I've found a few whom i think will match your taste." Darren smiled cockily, now his plan had been activated. Without wasting much time, he left his bed for
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She stood at the entrance of the club, shivering nervously. Looking to her right, was Bianca and left Katrina. The girls are used to being at the club, but for Paula, this was her first.Paula took a deep breath still very nervous at what she was about doing."Don't be nervous, trust me it's going to be fine, Paula,” Bianca said, chewing her gum like some slut. God help her, if it weren't for the sake of her mom, she wouldn't have been here.Paula couldn't graduate from highschool since there was no money for it and her mom is laying sick at the hospital. The club became her only choice in other to save her mom.After their I.D's were checked, they were allowed to go in.Paula followed behind them, nervously.When they got into the club, the first welcomed she got was the smell of alcohol and sin, not to mention the loud music that was playing on the background.Paula stood dead on her tracks, this wasn't
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He was so taken aback by the boldness of the little woman in front of him. To be honest, when he first saw her sitting next to his brother, he was knocked out of his feet.Such a beautiful girl with dark long hair and hazel green eyes. Her lips so full and pink, the exact type that begged to be kissed.He watched her critically, and from his observation, she didn't seem like a regular at the club. He knew a naive and clueless virgin when he sees one.The fact that she's drinking alcohol with his brother made him grit his teeth angrily.He didn't understand why Eric only go for the virgins, it's not like he will keep them close after he deflowered them.This young lady is about becoming his brother's victim, but he won't allow it.He wondered why virgins are now turning wild and are willing to have sex with just anyone.For some it's the money, while for others, it's just sex."It's time to go home, Eric." At this point, he knew
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Paula! Explain to me why you did that back there?”At this point, she knew she was in big trouble. She had been biting at her hand for raising it at the guy in the club. It wasn't her fault though, if he hadn't disrespected her by making a whore out of her, she wouldn't have hit him.Yes, she was in desperate need of money, but that doesn't automatically make her a whore. Katrina and Bianca paced the floor of her apartment. Its obvious they are very much annoyed at her for hitting the guy. If only they knew what he said to her.“Listen, I know I shouldn't have hit him, but he deserved it!”They both stared at her as though she said something ominous.Katrina walked up to her  with so much anger in her eyes.“Do you know the guy you hit is the most powerful and influential Mafia billionaire  in the whole of Southampton?”At that moment, Paula panicked. She missed her step and staggered
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PAULAPaula was on her way home, still contemplating on how she was to meet the man at the club, when she suddenly discovered a blue colored SUV, packed at the entrance of her gate.Strange, Paula certainly wasn't expecting a visitor in her apartment. She became slightly nervous about the car that was packed at the entrance. The moment she arrived at the gate, she was surprised to see a quite familiar guy from the club. Yes, she remembered him as the guy who accompanied the man she hit at the club.Suddenly, the realization hit her that the man might have come looking for her for revenge.Oh, no! She should have known that thole rich people never forgives, and they will look for you to the ends of the earth if they have to. She's so done for.Paula began walking slowly towards the entrance, where the guy stood aside his car, probably waiting for her. She tightened her grip on her bag while approaching the guy. H
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