Blind Billionaire Bride

Blind Billionaire Bride

By:  Ebunoluwa Ademide  Completed
Language: English
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Ria Robert can only see the dark, she is trapped in the dark and not to mention that she has a past she is trying to forget and run from. Her perception of men is cold and cruel. So how can she possibly love a man when she is bruised, scarred and physically blind? Love is the least of her concerns. She only wants her sight, with that she can be a famous designer, the only thing she ever truly desired. As impossible as it sounds, she is ambitious and optimistic. Her life changes when she meet a man and his goal is to bring her out of the dark. Ian Bryant, a billionaire whose business is rated top one in America. He has everything; striking looks, intelligence, riches and women pooling at his feet. What more could a man want? He wants her - The blind lady who intrigued him. The woman whose eyes are filled with pains yet manages to push on. The billionaire finds himself in a roller coaster fighting his primal desires for her, he has a thirst that only she can quench. How will their story play out?

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    The inception
    BLIND BILLIONAIRE BRIDE (Making an ability out of a disability) EPISODE ONE THEME: The Inception CHICAGO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA BRYANT MANSION: IN IAN’S ROOM The door swung open revealing a well built man at the entrance with a deep frown grazing his face. He was left with no choice than to open up the door after knocking several time but got no response. “Young master.” Owen called out to Ian Bryant who pretended to be asleep in his bed. “Young master Ian.” He repeated but got no response. “Good morning, sir Ian.” Owen greeted as he went to the window and pulled up the curtains. “Shut the fuck up Owen! And get the hell out of my room!” Ian Bryant threw a pillow at his bodyguard but it didn’t get to the target. The eighteen years boy was so pissed. “Young master—“ Ian interrupted him. "Can't you fucking see that I am sleeping?!" He threw his alarm at Owen but he dodged it. “Please forgive me Sir Ian but the big boss wants to see you.” Owen did well at do
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    Murdered in cold blood
    BLIND BILLIONAIRE BRIDE(They call it madness but he calls it love)EPISODE TWOTHEME: Murdered in cold blood IDAHO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA"BANG!BANG!BANG!"Mr Nathan Robert heard a loud bang on the door and he couldn’t help but frown deeply when he looked at the alarm clock next to their bed. The time was 3:45 a.m in the midnight so who could be at the door?“It is way too early for anyone to be here.” Mr Nathan grumbled. But maybe it is one of his wife's customers that is here to collect his or her dress even though it was way too early to come for a dress. He thought.Mr Nathan rubbed his sleepy eyes as he made his way to the door deciding that whoever was out there would receive glares and words for knocking at this hour.“Who is out there?!” Mr Nathan yelled angrily when the bang came on the door again."I am so sorry, Mr Nathan but I am here to get my dress from Mrs Robert.” A feminine voice said.“Please come back to get your dress in the morning.” Mr Nathan replied."Ple
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    Physically violated
    BLIND BILLIONAIRE BRIDE (They call it madness but he calls it love) EPISODE THREE THEME: Physically violated IDAHO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA AN UNDERGROUND HOUSE Frederick walked into the dark office with only a dim lamp on the table providing brightness around the area. “Lucas, did you manage to get my brother to sign the documents?” His voice was loud and it echoed in the room. “Yes, the job was a success.” The gang leader replied with a grin on his face. A smug smile formed on Frederick lips when he saw Nathan's signature. “He got blood on the papers?” He arched his brows. “Yeah, his wife’s blood and he signed it with his bloody hands. Don’t worry, you can make a copy of it.” Lucas replied. Frederick nodded in agreement. “Good job Lucas I know you won't fail me.” One of his men in suit dropped a black box on the table and passed it to Lucas. The box was filled with money. “Remember our deal Frederick.” Lucas said as Speedy closed the box after examining it.
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    Let us call you mom
    BLIND BILLIONAIRE BRIDE (They call it madness but he calls it love) EPISODE FOUR THEME: Let us call you mom CHICAGO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA EIGHT YEARS LATER “Miss Ria! Miss Ria!” The children who used to live next door but now lives with her called out her name from the sitting room. “Phoebe, Phoenix, I am in the kitchen!" Ria said loud enough for them to hear and in no time they were already beside her. “Hey guys, how are you doing?" Ria asked as she cleaned her hand on a napkin to give them a high five. "We are fine!" They chorused and Ria laughed. "So what are you cooking?" The little man named Phoenix asked. “Well I am just trying to prepare lunch..or have you eaten at Ma’am Elise's place?" Ria asked. "No, ma’am Elise is not at home." Phoebe answered. “Okay now both of you should go inside the room and take a shower and after that you will eat your lunch—“ "Then we will tell you what happened at school today!" Phoenix completed her intended
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    A thief at the park
    BLIND BILLIONAIRE BRIDE(They call it madness but he calls it love)EPISODE FIVETHEME: A thief at the park CHICAGO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA LINT CORPORATIONMr Jack Bryant, the founder of Lint Corporation is one of the richest men in the United States of America. Actually on Forbes list, he ranked first as the richest man in Chicago. His corporation is rated top one in America. Lint corporation dabbled in everything, hotels, restaurants, spas, technologies and textiles. It is a multi billionaire industry.His wife, Mrs Perla Bryant is a famous Jeweler in Chicago. She is the owner of Perla Jewelries, the biggest accessories store in the state. His first child is Josie and she is in charge of the hotels. The second child named Lauren is in charge of the restaurants and spas. The third child is piper and she is in charge of the textiles industry.The fourth child and only son is Ian Bryant. A tall handsome man. A perfect combination of good looks and wealth. His
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    The blind lady
    BLIND BILLIONAIRE BRIDE(They call it madness but he calls it love)EPISODE SIXTHEME: The blind lady CHICAGO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA IAN BRYANT MANSION"Welcome home, sir Ian.” A young girl dressed in a maid outfit greeted Ian with a smile on her face.Ian arched his eyebrows when he saw her. "Who are you?" He asked.He has never seen her face in the house. Even if there are lots of workers working in his mansion, Ian Bryant can tell if there is a new face and although he is also not the one hiring them.“I am Ruth.” The young girl replied."Ruth?" Ian repeated as he walked further into the living room."Yes sir.” Ruth smiled."Where is Mr Griffin?" Ian demanded."Mr Griffin is in the Kitchen.” Ruth answered.“Please tell him I want to have a word with him.” Ian ordered.Ruth rushed off to the kitchen. Ian unbuttoned his suit jacket and sat on the couch."CEO Ian, welcome back home.” The fifty eight years old chef greeted him cheerfully."How are you doing,
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    The Bryant Family
    BLIND BILLIONAIRE BRIDE(They call it madness but he calls it love)EPISODE SEVENTHEME: The Bryant Family CHICAGO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA TWO MONTHS LATER RIA ROBERT HOME"Ma’am Elise, can you please check out this drawing if the style came out correctly the way Mrs Belinda had explained it.” Ria requested as she sat blindly behind the desk designed for drawing purpose."Oh sure! Let me take a look.” Ma’am Elise came closer to Ria and collected the drawing pad from her to check the drawing."Wow Miss Ria! You got the dress so perfectly! You are so talented! Well I was expecting this much from you. I am sure Mrs Belinda would be so happy to see her dress.” Ma’am Elise giggled."Thank you ma’am Elise. I just hope she likes the dress.” Ria toyed with the pencil in her hand."So what’s next now?" Ma’am Elise asked as she dropped the notepad at the spot where she had taken it."We should get the materials for the dress and some other things tha
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    Not my child
    BLIND BILLIONAIRE BRIDE (They call it madness but he calls it love) EPISODE EIGHT THEME: Not my child CHICAGO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA AINSLEY HOSPITAL IN A PRIVATE WARD The ladies exchanged glances when their mom began to cry again. "Yes..yes and I am sure of it my son.” Mrs Perla sobbed "Who is she?" Piper asked with a raised eyebrow. Their mom might be too dramatic but they all choose to believe her knowing that their dad was never a saint when it comes to women. "Now you want to know? Why don't you just go and ask that your father who is never satisfied with one woman or even two!" Mrs Perla fired back at her daughter. Piper shrugged. "Well that's because —“ Ian cuts Piper off. "Will you just stay quiet, Piper! You don’t need to talk back at mom.” He snarled. His sisters weren’t so surprised but Piper felt offended by his words. "Show some respect Ian. Piper is your elder sister.” Lauren said. "Then tell her to behave like one
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    Shrimps allergies
    BLIND BILLIONAIRE BRIDE(They call it madness but he calls it love)EPISODE NINETHEME: Shrimps allergies CHICAGO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA AINSLEY HOSPITAL AT THE RECEPTIONMa’am Elise led Ria to the reception desk. "Good day nurse.” She greeted the petite nurse on glasses who stood at the desk.The nurse looked up at them. "Good afternoon, please how may I help you?" She asked."We are the family of a little girl that was rushed in here not too long ago.” Ma’am Elise replied."Please what's her name?" The nurse requested."Phoebe Lawson.” Ria answered. The nurse glanced away from them and searched the system. "Yes she is currently in ward two hundred and six.”"Can you give us the directions to get to the ward? I am not so familiar with this place.” Ma’am Elise said.The nurse gave the directions to the ward and they walked away. “I am scared. What if it is something serious?” Ria mumbled."Don't worry miss Ria, Phoebe will be alright." Ma’a
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    The meet again
    BLIND BILLIONAIRE BRIDE(They call it madness but he calls it love)EPISODE TENTHEME: The meet again CHICAGO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA AINSLEY HOSPITAL IN WARD 206Phoebe coughed as she was about to fall asleep again. "Are you okay Phoebe?" Ria asked.Phoebe cleared her itchy throat. "Yes mom." But she coughed."Hold on, let me get water." Ria stood up from the bed."There is no water in the room.” Phoebe mumbled.Ria stood on a spot as she tried to figure a way to get water for Phoebe. There was only one way to get water for her which is going back to the reception and ask the nurse at the desk for help."I will be right back.” Ria said."But how will you get water?" Phoebe asked sleepily."I will retrace my steps back to the reception and ask the nurse for help.” Ria replied."No, don’t worry I will be fine mom." Phoebe coughed again.“You should drink water. I counted my steps on our way here so I can go back to the reception by myself.
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