Rejected By An Omega

Rejected By An Omega

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“I, Jane Williams, reject you, Alpha Keegan Gray, as my mate, forever.” I uttered the words I knew I was going to regret for life.  “How dare you?!” He spoke through gritted teeth, storming towards me. ~~~ “I promise to make your life a living hell. You can’t escape my wrath for ruining my pride. My presence will make you wish you were dead…” *** Alpha Keegan Gray is the cruelest, arrogant, and most feared werewolf that ever lives, controlling the strongest and most powerful pack. Being an Omega in such a pack, Jane's life is a torment, bullied and abused by every member of the pack due to her wolflessness and weakness. When she finds out the Alpha is her mate, she knows he's going to reject her, so she rejects him to avoid more pain to her poor life. Alpha Keegan is angered that his pride has been shamed by an ordinary omega's rejection. He vows to punish her in ways no one will ever forget… Will his punishment destroy Jane’s life even further or will the mate bond make him fall in love with her? What if this useless omega's deepest darkest secrets can ruin the entire pack and she’s only out for revenge?      

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“You can’t just sit around all day. Come out now!” Mrs. Bea yelled, accompanied by the loud bang against my room door. Getting up from the pile of rotten used clothes that served as my bed, I took a few steps to the door and unlocked it. Mrs. Bea's face was crimson red with fury. “How dare you make me come to you before you start the day’s work?” “I-I'm sorry,” I sheepishly apologized, shoving past her side to escape any more trouble from her. “I didn’t ask you to leave yet, mutt.” She spat, completely ignoring the fact that I had a name. Pivoting to her, I bowed my head in apology. “Sorry ma’am. What would you like me to do?”“There is an important event in the pack house today, yet you were sleeping?”“I wasn't sleeping. I'm sorry.” I was just scared. Like everyday. I was scared to get out.“Dimwit. Ensure everything is perfect— the foods, drinks, deserts, and the entire place. Remember, this is very important to Alpha, so nothing must go wrong.”“Yes, ma’am.” I replied. “Spea
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~ JANE WILLIAMS ~My uneasiness worsened when a voice in my head rang 'MATE'. Was this some sort of joke? I was startled when Alpha Keegan pulled away from everyone around then turned to me. “Mate?” He called with disgust laced in his tone then more attention was drawn to us as murmurings filled the hall. What the hell was this? His expression, his word, as well as the strong scent from him that hit my nose confirmed the voice in my head— that he was my mate. How could this be possible? This would’ve been good news if it was another Alpha, but not Alpha Keegan. “I—”“No way,” I cut him off, already quivering in fear again. Judging from his dangerous glare and gaze of irritation at me, I could tell he was going to reject me. I couldn’t let the pain of rejection be added to the numerous pain in my life already. Before he could reject me, I said, “I, Jane Williams, reject you, Alpha Keegan Gray, as my mate, forever...”His eyes bugged out at my word, and the entire room was filled
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I was watching everywhere in fear, wondering what was next in line for my fate. No one had come to me yet for any punishment, increasing my fear. Why were they planning against me? Had they forgotten my presence? I hadn’t even been called to clean up the pack house, I was grateful for that, but it elevated my fear. I curled up in a ball against the wall, hoping I was going to wake up and realize the entire drama of Alpha Keegan being my mate was nothing but a nightmare.My hopes were crushed when a huge figure appeared by the door frame, walking over the broken pieces of my room door. “Take her with you.” I lifted my gaze to meet the fury burning in the chocolate eyes of Shane. He was staring at me like I was a piece of rotten junk that needed to be gotten rid of. My heart's palpitations increased when two hefty men in their regular Black and Red guard uniform walked up to me and lifted me up by my arm. “Please… please don’t harm me. I promise I never meant any harm.”“You’re a s
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“Take her outside.” Bruce ordered and two of the guards walked up to me, unchained me then dragged me out of the prison. I shivered from both the aftermath of the overnight cold and the fear of what was going to happen to me. I was dragged to the center of the town and chained to a bench on a raised platform. It was tagged as the bench of shame and was for chaining up criminals or people who brought shame upon the pack, for brutal punishments.I was left there, sitting on the ground as different members of the pack passed, hurling insults at me and laughing at me, some of them even threw things at me and some of them sent little children to hit me, for no good reason. The sun had started to burn my skin and my stomach was grumbling from its lack of food. I hadn’t eaten anything proper yesterday and two days ago, and I hadn’t had anything to eat. This was too much for me to handle. “She thought she could get away with rejecting the Alpha. Such a cheat and stupid mutt with so much p
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We all quickly ran to the south of the pack town, meeting up with my mother, the present Luna, Kate. She stood in front of the pack orphanage home and had a basket of food in her hands with two children beside her, clinging onto her wrists like their lives depended on it. “What’s wrong?” I asked her.She didn’t utter a word but gripped onto the hand of one of the quivering children really tight. “What happened?!” I demanded in a louder voice. “Luna Kate was here to give us sweets and home made food, then we all heard someone scream. When we ran outside, we saw that the beautiful lady who follows the Luna around as the Luna's assistant had blood around her and her head was no longer connected to her body.” The child explained on Mom’s behalf. “What?! Where is her body?” “Her body’s here, Alpha.” Scarlett said, walking out from the side of the orphanage building with a few men behind her. We all followed Scarlett’s lead and to the dead body of one of our pack members, Maddie. Her
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I was unchained and Mason was called to drive me to the pack house while Alpha Keegan left for some work. “Have you had anything to eat?” Mason asked me. “No, nothing.” I didn’t look at him as I spoke. “Okay. I’ll order pizza for you. Eat up then pack your belongings.” His tone was as cold as the tone of every man in the pack. “How long will the journey be for?” I asked. He didn’t respond to me and continued driving till we got to the pack house. The first thing I did was to drink multiple glasses of water, each gulp felt divine as it hit my throat. When my stomach was filled with water, I left for my room. The door was still broken from Alpha Keegan kicking it down, and the room was still in the mess I caused when I tried to run. I picked my plastic bag from the side of the window up and added a few more things to it. When pizza arrived, I had to bring it back to my room since I had no right to eat on the dining table. I thought I was going to eat the entire box of pizza but I
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I had ended up returning to the room after confirming that Alpha Keegan had gone to bed, then slept on the armchair for the night; not a comfortable option but I had no choice. Morning returned sooner than I thought it would. Alpha Keegan wasn’t awake when I woke up, so I hurried to the bathroom and had a quick shower before wearing an old short maxi dress, the only one I owned. I braided my wavy ash hair and wished I could at least have any makeup to wear. I was certain that owning any makeup item was impossible. After returning to the room, I cleaned it properly and grabbed my plastic bag, ready to leave the room. Of course, Alpha Keegan just appeared at the same time and I bumped into him, hitting my nose on his rock hard chest. My nostrils were filled with a strong smell of lavender and forest, as well as a mix of his sweat and cologne. This was the first time my human-like nose was able to pick out someone's natural scent and it felt amazing. “Can’t you watch where you’re goin
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I was given a room, an entire room to myself, a whole damn big and beautiful room! I was already loving this pack more than Dark Stone pack. The best part of the room was the bed; it was a soft queen sized bed and had a nice white duvet and fluffy blanket on it. I couldn’t control my excitement and started jumping on the bed, squealing in exhilaration. “I can’t wait to sleep tonight!” The door opened, and a young woman froze at my current action. She looked like she was 22, my age, or in her early twenties. She had shoulder-length black curly hair, beautiful caramel skin and hazel asian eyes. She cleared her throat and walked in. “I didn’t know someone was in here. I guess I should’ve knocked before entering.” She walked in and dropped the small box she was holding, on the table. I quickly got off the bed, clearing my throat. “I’m sorry. I’m Jane Williams, from the Dark Stone pack.” “Dark Stone? If you’re in this room, then you’re an omega. I feel so bad for you. I’ve heard about
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I flinched away from Vladimir, almost dropping the tray in my hands. “Al–Alpha… you… I was—”“Do you think it’s fine to waste my breakfast time in such a manner?” His fists and jaw clenched, warning me that I was in for doom.“No Alpha, it’s not—”“Oh, relax. We were just having a little talk. Stop being so grumpy.” Vladimir rolled his eyes, tucking his hands into his pockets. Alpha Keegan glared at him and resumed walking. “Drop the tray on the table in my room; don’t forget what you’re here for.” He said whilst walking past me. “Keegan is still as crazy as ever.” He sighed, wearing his smile at me again. “You look great when you're scared.” My cheeks burned once again from his compliment. “You’re invited to our training sessions, if you want to attend.”“Really?! No one ever invites me to training sessions.”“Now that's bad.” He feigned pity.“Yes. Uh… I have to go now— Alpha Keegan would kill me if he finds out I’m still here.” I scuttled up the stairs and to Alpha Keegan’s room.
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~ KEEGAN ~'How is everything in the pack?’ I asked Scarlett through mind-link, glad she had the capability to mind link me at a far distance. ‘Everything at the pack house is great. I’m training the men and women, increased the number of people on patrol and have added more security guards. There hasn’t been any more attack or sign of attack.’'And Maddie who was murdered? How about her family?’'I made sure to compensate them according to your orders.’ 'Great. Good job.’'It's my duty as the pack's beta. The only issue at the pack house right now is cleaning and cooking. Since the pack house's omega isn’t here and most of the weaker werewolves are in training, there’s no one to clean the pack house and cook.’'Hire someone for the meantime.’‘Okay, Alpha.’ She paused for a while; I almost thought she had ended the link without my permission till she spoke again, ‘By the way, how are you?’ her tone changed to a cheerful and suspicious one. 'What is that supposed to mean?’ ‘Oh, no
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