Wedding for Vengeance

Wedding for Vengeance

By:  Ela Arvl  Ongoing
Language: English
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Zekailah Anderson caught her Fiance cheating with her sister, hiding inside the closet while recording the video, glaring at them with bloodshot eyes. Eaten by her anger, Zekailah came up with the plan to ruin her own wedding the next day. She played the video during the ceremony, thinking that it will embarrassed her family. But what she was expecting didn't go well according to the plan. Her parents still pushed the wedding and made her sister married her fiancee. Zekailah was furious and devastated. She ran away and met Zachary Vergara, her new boytoy that she will use to start her revenge. Few days later, she married Zachary and helped her with her vengeance.

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94 Chapters
Chapter 1: Betrayed
From this tight and hot cabinet, I can see through the betrayal they are doing. My fiancé and my sister are having sex. Tomorrow is already our wedding and I can't accept this. I can't forgive them. For how many years we've been together, he dared to betray me today. My hand was shaking while taking a video. The pain I'm feeling inside me is struck like poison, that it can kill me but, I will never allow that I am the only one who was hurting. They should be too. I wasn't making any noise. I can't allow everyone not to see this, the betrayal they made. I will never forgive them. They just kept going while I just kept on videotaping and crying as well.The next day, the wedding was planned. No one knew the plan, only I do. I got trust issues because of what happened. I cried all night but it was useless because the pain they made me feel wouldn't go away.My mom got mad at me because my eyes were swollen. But I don't have any energy to explain everything to everyone. The important t
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Chapter 2: Wedding plan
The two of us face each other, sitting. We were in a restaurant and we were talking about the wedding plan. We only have a few days left for that wedding because we are both in a hurry."I'm sure about this Zekailah," annoyed he said.I've been teasing him before, wondering if he wants to marry me. I don't know what his intentions are for me and it seems like it would be easy for him to marry someone like me.I also found out that he was an heir to their business. I didn't know him very well because I used to be busy with James. He intends to marry me to get what he will inherit.They are rich and I will not deny that. The only thing for me is that I don't know why he still needs to marry me just to get his inheritance. I also don't object because I also need him to get revenge."Did you choose the gown you want to wear?" he inquired as he sipped his cappuccino. "Nope, maybe later I'll go to my friend who knows about that," I said.He nodded and sipped his coffee. Our plan was for a
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Chapter 3: Honeymoon
Matured content.I couldn't stop grinning all day when my long-awaited wedding finally arrived. This wedding had them all invited. The wedding of Zachary and I surprised many people. There was also more media present. It's no surprise, given Zac's fame in this place.I was the only one they were waiting for there. I know a lot of people in the church. Zac also called earlier that he would just wait for me there. Many will be surprised, many will be shocked, some will be hurt, and some will be happy. I don't know what they plan but I want it to end. After the wedding, I knew Zac would help me bring down James' company.I knew I had too much to do but that was less than the pain I felt during the hours they hid me. I want to hurt them over and over. I want them to kneel at my feet while crying and apologizing. I'm not going to stop until I get what I want. I will torture them and abandon them. I will exact my vengeance until the day I die.I was so angry that I just burst into tears. I
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Chapter 4-part 1: Maldives
"What do you want?" he asked.We are still on vacation leave from our work because we are going to the Maldives. I don't want a honeymoon like this but I can't do anything because he wants it."I want to rest," I said and lay down on the bed.He nodded and looked back at the laptop. I was tired all afternoon because I had people to talk to. My co-worker ordered me to fix my resignation paper. I wanted to quit that job because my sister also works there.I want to get out of their lives. I have to act without them knowing. It would be better this way so I can talk to Zac about my revenge. I can't miss what they did to me.When we return to the Philippines, I will carry out my plan. I will not silence them for what they have done to me. I could never allow them to be happy while I was suffering from the pain they caused me.When we got to the Maldives I had already arranged our things. I was almost the only one to fix the equipment because he was always in front of his laptop. He said he
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Chapter 4-part 2: Morning sex
Matured content.I woke up because of the sunlight hitting my face. I immediately felt the weight resting on my stomach. I watched Zac still asleep as he hugged me. I just sighed as he slowly removed his hand from my stomach.When I removed it I was about to stand when he suddenly pulled me back on the bed and laid me down next to him. He just closed his eyes as he squeezed me more into his body. The more he hugged me. I could feel the heat of his laughter. We were both naked because of what happened last night. I just shook my head and patted him."Let me go," I said and tried to get away from him. He is silent and still has his eyes closed. He was still drowsy but he wouldn't let me go."Let me go! I'm going to the bathroom," I said and pushed him hard.But I was immediately surprised when he got up and I didn't notice he was on top of me. His puffy eyes were obvious. His nose is piercing and his lips are kissable. I don’t know why I lose my sanity every time he’s on top of me.He g
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Chapter 5-part 1: Night
We were leaving the airport, the driver was also waiting for us outside. We went straight to our new house, it was fixed when we were in the Maldives so now it is done and we will live there.When we got out of the airport we saw the Van waiting for us. Zac took my hand and we walked together. When we got close to the Van the man in black opened it. He looks like Zac's man. Zac let me in first and he followed.The man who opened the door entered as well and he sat in the back of the Van. I was confused because I had never met them before. Zac also didn't introduce them because every time we left and he went to see me, he was just with his car."Sir, are you going to stay in your new house?" the driver asked.I can't see him because there is a black barrier behind his chair. I don't know what the purpose is but I don't have to know that anymore."Yes, that's where my wife and I will live," he said once looking at me. He smiled foolishly and seemed to be teasing.I immediately tapped hi
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Chapter 5-part 2: Jealous
As soon as I stepped onto the building, they immediately looked at me. I don’t know if they think badly of what they’re vesting me or maybe they’re curious about what’s going on. I went straight in until someone intercept me. Kilah, my sister, and my fiancé robbed me. I just rolled my eyes and was about to pass her but she grabbed my arm. This is not the time for my vengeance yet but this woman is making me furious. I slap her hard on her hand that clings to my arm. She was so shocked that she was released immediately. I know what I'm doing hurts but I don't have a care. "The next time you touch me, I'll not only hit your hand but also your thick face!" I say emphatically. I try to calm myself down so they don't notice how angry I am. Maybe because I'm so angry with her, I'll be the loser in the end. She has no right to touch any part of my body. Since they betrayed me they have been out of my life. I no longer consider her a sister even though she is older than me. "What's wron
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Chapter 6: Fighting
“Your dad sent an invitation,” he said and approached me to hand it over.I don't have a pack, I don't need that because I have no plans to go. I will not present my wife to them. I knew we would only fight when we went there."Throw that away, I don't need them. We're not going," I said emphatically.I took the chips again and ate that. The night was coming so we were here at home. I was also in Zac's office all day because I wasn't doing anything. I also wanted to leave but he wouldn't let me because he thought I might just go somewhere.We also talked about what is needed here at home. The rules and then do and don'ts. He told me a lot and I did the same to him.What I was not allowed to do was go out without saying goodbye to him, I had to text or call so we knew where each other was. It is also necessary to be inside the house every 6 pm.Every morning he would make our breakfast, at lunch I would because I had to bring him food to his office. In the evening, We just volunteer wh
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Chapter 7-part 1: Suffering
Zachary Pov.I continued to drive, I felt angry at what Kailah's sister said but I had to calm down because I was both hot-headed so I might know what would happen to her.She is not yet that strong for those who do not want to be like that. I knew she would cry when I even got into a fight with her family. They are very much at fault for our family but Kailah doesn't know anything about that. I can't blame her because she was still young and still studying.Zekailah was kind, she was very combative but she could not do it alone. She could not lean on anything. We were just as angry with her family. Especially with her mother.This should not happen because I should be the one to hold them accountable for the sins they committed in our family but Kailah is here, she will find a way to bring down her own family.When we got home she immediately went inside. I was worried because she entered the bathroom and she locked the door. I walked back and forth while waiting for her to come out.
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Chapter 7-part 2: Beach
Zekailah's Pov.He's mine. I need sympathy. I thought that when I cried alone I could. I thought that if I wanted to be alone, I would be able to get up, but I couldn't.It depends on the person I will be with. I needed him more because he knew what he was going to do. A hug, a kiss, a song. Gone, my world is spinning again. Because he knows how to make me feel better.Only Zac can do that in my whole life. When I’m tired, when I’m hurt, when I’m struggling he’s with me. He gives me the strength just to be strong.I don’t know if I can even lose him, I already know how I feel. I know that I have always loved him. But I don't know if he loves me anymore."Zekailah! Let's get ready we were leaving," he said as we arranged our belongings.It's Saturday and he's out of work. He said we were leaving now but he didn't know where he was going. Earlier I teased him to tell me where we were going but he did not say."Where are we going? You're not telling me. You suddenly invited me to leave,"
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