Shirley's Dilemma

Shirley's Dilemma

By:  sylvia  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Shirley, I love you" they were the words of Ivan a rich boy from school. How can he love a simple girl like me. There are so many pretty and sexy girls from school like Kelly my best friend. She has all the qualities of being his girl. I am happy about this and I decide to tell Kelly the good news I also want her to give me advice about love affairs. will kelly be happy for me? what will be the end of my Love life with Ivan?

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5 Chapters
Bad Morning
Shirley's POV“Shirley can you wake up please, we don’t have an entire day just to wait for you to wake up. My husband and children are going to be late all because of you.” That was the sound of my mother. She shouted my name every morning and I was used to it. “I am coming mom.” I reply as I jump out of my bed. I woke up late today. I was the one who prepares breakfast each morning because my mother hated cooking. I just never understood why.I was the eldest daughter of the family. I am almost turning eighteen and in my final year in high school. I go to Greenland highschool which is near our home. I live with my parents Travis Williams and Hannah. He is a lawyer and is famous because of his job, mom is the owner of a restaurant in town. We are well off I can say. I have two siblings, a girl and a boy, the girl is called Olivia. I can say she is the apple of my parents eyes, especially my mom. She is the second born of the family and she has long black hair, her lips are slim an
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Party invitation
Shirley's POV“Shirley, come I give you a ride.” I look back and it was Ivan, a boy from my school. He owned a car his parents had bought for him for his birthday. There were only two children in their family, he was the oldest and their parents were filthy rich. He stops his car and I had no option but to accept the ride. At least I will not ruin my make up by running. “You look nice today, do you have a date after school” Ivan brakes the silence between us. I look at him and smiled. He was handsome but not that much. He had brown eyes and hair. He had a cute smile and his teeth were so white any girl would not think twice about kissing his cute lips. He is definatly my type.“Thanks. But I have just decided to dress up like this. I don’t have any special occasion today” I ended up saying while smiling broadly. I don’t have a boyfriend anyway. “Well if you don’t have one I am inviting you to my party tonight. It's Friday anyway and tomorrow we have no school so you don’t have an
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The escape
Shirley's POVKelly and I have agreed that we will go to the party tonight. The problem is I don't have those sexy clothes to go with and I am afraid of my parent’s reaction when I tell them I want to go out. They have been so strict with me every time. But I have set my mind on going so I will just not ask for permission."Kelly, I want to go to the party but I don't have clothes" I tell Kelly. I am so embarrassed my parents never bought me those sexy clothes they always wanted me to be a nice girl. "I will lend you mine, don't worry." Kelly assured me. At least I had her as my friend and she also had a lot of beautiful and sexy clothes. I know she will choose a nice one for me. She went to parties all the time. I guess her parents were never that strict.I was so excited and nervous. How was it going to be for me? I never even drank alcohol my whole life. But Kelly was going to be with me so I don't have to worry about that. After school I get home faster than ever. My parents are
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At the party
Shirley’s POV“I am nervous Kelly, will I manage? I have never been to a party before.” I say to Kelly when we reach Ivan's house. It was beautiful and big. There was loud music in there with a lot of people. I could hardly talk to Kelly. “Don’t worry, you will be just fine. You are with me, remember.” She assured me and I felt a little safe. She opens the door and leads me inside. There are people all over with drinks and food on the tables. Some girls are kissing their boyfriends and everyone is just okay with that. Some are dancing, some are smoking and drinking.“Let us go and sit over there” Kelly said to me. I followed her from behind. I was feeling very shy. Everyone will know I have never been to a party before and I will be a laughing stock of the school. I have to try my best to not shame myself. “I love that song Shirley.” Kelly said as she jumped out of her chair into the dance floor. I could see she had some moves and her waist was so flexible. She was good. “Come dan
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Trouble at home
Shirley’s POV The party was over at around 2:00 am. Time had really passed faster on my side because of Ivan. We were together the whole time and he has taught me a lot of amazing things, including dancing. Because of him I have had the most amazing time of my life. We got out of the party really late and I want to head straight home. It was my first time going to a party and I was really happy. “I am ready to go Kelly.” I say to her as I pick up my jacket I had left on the chair. At first I felt really uncomfortable removing it but Ivan had given me the courage to do it. I had to go to Kelly’s house first to change. I had left my clothes there so I had to wear them first. I just hoped my parents were fast asleep and that they had not discovered I was not there. “Ok, let’s go.” She says. I noticed her mood had changed a little bit. I don’t know why maybe she did not like it at the party the way I did. I decided I would ask her when we were at school because I did not have the tim
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