Hell Marriage

Hell Marriage

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"I wish we hadn't wasted so much time" "Shh, what matters is that we're together, the past doesn't matter, we shouldn't let it stop us" Ava whispered Connor Donnacha, The Vampire's Coven King and the last pure blood Vampire, Charming, Smart, Handsome but Cold, is the CEO of Donnacha Companies and Fate happens to mate him with a wolfless Wolf!, a stain in history. Ava Donovan, Descendant of the Moon Goddess and unknown seer of her clan, Enslaved to Black Canyon Vampires, and Mate to the most Powerful Vampire King of all times, the first of her kind to Marry a Vampire, and the first to give birth to an hybrid!.

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60 chapters
Chapter 1: Ava's Plight
Hell marriageChapter one: Ava's PlightHow will you feel if your husband brings home every night a mistress and you are made to sleep on a couch in your own matrimonial room and forced to hear the sounds of their se*x episodes continually every night?.This is the fate I face every night since the night of the moon goddess 7 years ago , it hurts just to think of everything he said then and everything he thinks of me To think we were once in love and could never get enough of each other, we would always do ordinary things that feel extraordinary to us, like walk in the park, bath in the pool together, play in the rain.Thinking about those times brought a new coat of tears to my eyes, we were two odd and different people but we fell in love in an unfavorable environment, we had planned to get married in a faraway place where no one knows about, owing to the fact that we're not of the same race I'm a wolf and he's a vampire but we've been mated and there's no way of changing that So
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Chapter 2: Volcano
Hell Marriage Chapter 2:Volcano:Ava's POV"I ordered for you to be here immediately you're released, what took you so long to get here? " Connor asked immediately I entered the room "Sorry your highness,I thought to change my dress before appearing before you"I said to irritate him.Well I decided If he has decided to make our marriage hell for me then I'm not keeping quiet anymore."You did what! Defy my orders?""How dare you!" Connor said angrily"Well your highness I thought you wouldn't like for me to appear before you dirty, if I had offended his highness by doing this then I'm sorry for I have no intention of disobeying his highness"I said in an old fashioned manner"Get out of my sight"Connor said grinding his teeth.I turned and went out. When I got to the room I allowed myself a smile of satisfaction well this is a small victory for me, I went into the bathroom to take my bath since I had always refused the maid's help to undress me.Connor's POVShe insulted me while tr
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Chapter 3: Wanting Revenge
Hell MarriageChapter 3: Wanting revengeAva's POVI enjoyed looking at her shocked face, I grinned so widely that I could feel my jaw crack.Now this is the first step of my victoy, I smiled, pleased with myself."And just why are you smiling so much?"Carrissa asked on her way out."You won't understand honey "I called after her.I'm sure she is going to cry tonight after this, I rang the food bell, got out of my clothes and entered the bath.Prince Alex's POVFather was pathetically shaking in front of Connor, Connor has decided that Father's punishment will be that he guards his own room for four Consecutive hours tonight, I wasn't spared either, father mentioned my name as an accomplice, I've been given the horse stall to clean the whole of tomorrow, Connor gave us embarrassing works, not fair Connor, not fair, now wait and watch how I make you pay.Connor's POV I smiled again to myself as I walked towards my room, I enjoyed watching the horror on those bastards face as I gave th
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Chapter 4: Sweet Revenge
Hell MarriageChapter 4: Sweet Revenge.Ava's POVI was so amused by the look on Connor's face, I felt like laughing but instead I walked towards him and took my seat by his side."Don't worry Connor, I haven't poisoned the food" I said in an amused voice."When did you learn how to cook?" Connor asked me."Since I was 14, mum made sure I learnt all the basics and when I was 16, I took classes" I supplied him the answers incase he has forgotten I told him all that once"Oh yeah you told me all that once" Connor saidBy the gasps going around the table, I could see they're all shocked to see me and Connor speaking like normal couplesWe ate in silence for a while before Nicholas one of Connor guards bust in through the door in haste."Sorry to interrupt your highness but the rouges are in the city killing people now" He said urgently."Sh*t!, We must stop them at once before they get to where the humans live" Connor said angrily.I Could feel the tension in the air as everyone prepar
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Chapter 5: Missing Connor
Hell MarriageChapter 5: missing ConnorAva's POVIt has been two weeks since Connor left , he called the palace and Carrissa but hasn't called me, I was so worried about him but I don't know what to do, as a wolf I should wish him bad luck but as his mate I'm worried sick.I've been doing some charity work and the cookings in the palace, some maids have become friendly towards me, I spend my evenings in our special place waiting for Connor.I no longer wanted revenge, I just wanted him near me, in the night i keep turning in the bed missing his warmth The Warriors and Connor arrived the next morning, when he got down from the car, we were all waiting for him on the grand stairs, I was about going to him, when Carrissa flew down the stairs into his arms,Connor looked at her and looked aroundI was too happy to be jealous but what Connor did next surprised not only me but all of us.He smartly disengage himself from Carrissa and looked up to me and spread him armsI ran down the stai
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Chapter 6: Poisoning Connor
Hell MarriageChapter 6: Poisoning ConnorIt's been two months, Alex has been set freeCarrissa has been planing how to get Ava out of the way and has found the perfect way to do it, she's only waiting for the right time.Connor and Ava had grown close and almost inseparable that the maids and guards in the palace are now careful not to offend Ava All this started irritating Carrissa, and she made up her mind to do something and fast, she could no longer wait for her plan, what if the perfect time never comesShe looked for what she could use against Ava and found just the right plan to separate the couplesConnor's POVI could see my mate was tired, I could read her like a book she has just finished preparing various dishes for us to eat She smiled wearily as she walked towards her chair to sit beside meI returned her smile, the gentle sway of her hips affecting me,I could feel my member growing hard, I tried diverting my attention else where"Are you okay?" I asked herShe gave
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Chapter 7: Chased out of the room
Hell MarriageChapter 7: Chased out of the RoomAva heads to their room, a message has been delivered to her stating Connor wants to see herIt's been two weeks since the poison incident, she has been Barned from entering the kitchen or the dining areaOnce again things has gone back to how they use to be, with Carrissa sleeping with Connor on the bed and I sleeping on the CouchI pushed my thoughts away as I neared the roomI opened the door silently"I had sent you the message to come here five minutes ago"he said with anger underneath his voiceI didn't say anything ,because I feared if I say something it's going to infuriate hin, so I kept mute."Anyways start packing your things you're moving up to another room"Connor said to meI stood there dumpfounded,I couldn't believe my ears, I'm being chased out of the room"Are you deaf? ""I said move it, I can't keep sleeping in the same room with a killer" he saidHis words shot straight to my heart I felt as if I was being hit on the
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Chapter 8: Kidnapped
Hell MarriageChapter 8: KidnappedAva's POVBy the time I left the charity home I was so tired, that when a guard Connor wanted to see me I could barely walk up to his roomI knocked on the door and I was told to come inI stepped in and didn't see Carrissa anywhere in the room maybe she hasn't Come yet"You've been forbidden to go to the charity home again"Connor said the moment I stepped into the roomI couldn't digest what he was saying I was shocked beyond words "What do you mean?" I asked in a whisper not that I really want to know what he meant by his words"What I mean is, we can't have you poison them, can we?" Connor said with disgust"Who knows you might try to carry out your revenge on the kids since you were not able to kill me, not so?"I was in a daze that I didn't know he was still talkingI left the room and didn't know when I got out of the palace and was still walking on that I didn't know when someone snuck up behind me by the time I knew what was happening, an ha
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Chapter 9: Beaten by Monsters
Hell MarriageChapter 9: Beaten by MonstersI woke up with a startI was covered in sweat, I had a terrible dream about my mate, I watched her die in my dreamI couldn't quite shake away this feeling since last night, I feel as though she's in danger, this is a bad feeling I'm having and my gut is never wrong I better have a guard check up on her"Guard!" I called out"Yes your highness" A guard answered"I want you to go to My mate's room and see if she has woken up" I ordered I stood up from the bed and moved into the bathroom and splashed cold water unto my faceI was back in the room cleaning my face with a towel when I heard someone knocking at the door it must be the guard I sent to my mate's room"Come in"Stepping into the room"Your highness, her majesty is not in her room, infact it has been reported that she didn't sleep in her room last night " The guard said staring at the floor "Then where in the palace did she sleep?" I asked, coldness sipping into my voice"I do not
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Chapter 10: Truth Unveiled
Hell MarriageChapter 10: Truth UnveiledThe palace has been on fire since Ava went missing, Nothing could no longer be done without connor's interfarance He monitor's everything and everyone, The palace felt like hell, Connor goes on like rapid dog, he has lost his senses It was as if the Palace peace left with AvaCome to think of it, connor hated Ava right? So why is he so worried about her?.Connor's POVI've searched the whole city, the palace, everywhere I could think of, it's as of Ava doesn't Want to be found.I have this dreams when I sleep at nightI could see Ava and hear her screams of painIt must be the mate markIt connect's my pains to hers, it makes me feel her painIf only.."Your highness?" Nicholas called"Yes?, Anything wrong?" I asked frowning"We found her trail" He said with excitement in his voice"Her? Whose trail?" I asked anticipating " her higness's trail?" Nicholas said"How did you do this? Where? When?" I asked getting up "We followed the prince
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