Alpha King, I Have To Tame You

Alpha King, I Have To Tame You

By:  Oceanna Lee  Ongoing
Language: English
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All her life Roxanne obeyed everything that her father said, even though she didn't mind being treated badly by her father and her step mother's family. At least Roxanne can still be engaged to Luke, whom she loves and who she thinks is her mate. But, all Roxanne's hopes were shattered when she found Luke betraying her with Vivian – Roxanne's stepsister – with her own eyes Roxanne saw Luke sleeping and making out passionately with Vivian. Roxanne was very disappointed when she found Luke's betrayal, the anger that she had long harboured finally wanted to be vented to the people who had treated her badly. It just so happened that at that time Roxanne used Theodore who was the Alpha King of the Werewolf Clan and intended to make him her own man, that’s why Roxanne had to tame him!

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10 Chapters
Chapter 1: My Miserable Life
Roxanne Pov Again I heard Vivian's voice calling me from upstairs, I don't know what she wanted this time. I knew that whatever Vivian wanted would only bring bad news for me in the end, thankfully she didn't beat me up this time. "You called me, Vivian?" I said with bated breath, I quickly ran here so Vivian wouldn't get even angrier at me. "Are you stupid? Of course I called you, it seems like your brain is getting smaller every day," Vivian retorted while pushing my head with her forefinger. I can only look down and wait for what I have to do for Vivian this time, it seems that this time her mood is not too bad, I hope I won't be beaten up today. "Don't just stay there, help me get dressed and make up. Today I'm going to meet someone," Vivian said with a full smile on her lips. With that I rushed to open Vivian's large closet full of her beautiful clothes, I could only stare at the pile of charming clothes with envy because I never had something this beautiful for myself
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Chapter 2: The Betrayal
Roxanne POVI don't know what Vivian is planning this time, I'm quite restless at the moment as I feel like something wrong is happening. I was pacing back and forth in my room restlessly. I can't talk about this with my wolf figure because I haven't got one yet, even though I'm already 18 years old. "What should I do now? There's no way Vivian would forbid me from doing something just like that, she wouldn't want me to find out," I muttered, starting to think about escaping from the basement.As I was thinking, I remembered that I had kept a piece of wire. I quickly looked for them under my rickety mattress. "It's a good thing I still have them here," I said with relief. I picked up two pieces of iron wire and moved to the door quickly.By inserting the two wires into the keyhole and twisting them slightly, I was finally able to open the locked door. "Vivian thinks she can lock me up with just this." But, I can't just calm down because right now I have to go find Luke, my heart
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Chapter 3: Realisation
Theodore POV As the Alpha King who leads the werewolf clan, the past few months I've been preoccupied with the problems that have been plaguing me lately. This time I came to the Crimson Star pack for a job and my plan worked because the suspected traitor in my pack finally appeared. Because of that, I intended to buy some time and finish off the bastard in the forest in Crimson Star pack territory. But, unexpectedly when I had successfully finished off the bastard, I felt the presence of a stranger there. "I didn't expect someone to come this early in the forest like this," I muttered, a little curious about the stranger. As the stranger got closer, I sensed something unusual about that person, although I didn't know how to explain it myself. I felt him watching me, then he made the mistake I had been waiting for. When he made a sound that was audible to me, I quickly went to that person. Originally, I didn't intend to scare her, but I also needed to prevent her from
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Chapter 4: I'm Asking You
Roxanne POV I instantly realised that what I had done was wrong, instantly I felt cold sweat start to flood from my body. Especially when I saw Vivian who was there start walking towards me with her angry face. Vivian immediately dragged me back to the basement, it seemed like I had really made a mistake this time. When I got to the basement Vivian pushed me against the wall and held my shoulders with her both hands. "Do you know what you did earlier?!" Vivian yelled angrily. "Sorry, I was just surprised to see that guy," I replied fearfully. "He's the Alpha King! He might kill us all after what you did earlier!" Vivian looked anxious and agitated at this point. Unlike Vivian, I was more shocked than scared. I didn't expect that the man I met in the forest this morning was the Alpha King! I began to think that it was only natural that he could enter our pack's territory without being caught, it turned out that he was our leader. Vivian who saw me just silent without gui
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Chapter 5: You Crazy?!
Theodore POVI don't know why Roxanne wasn't afraid of me, she could even say something like asking me to be her fiancé. I was so surprised that I almost threw her out of my arms, but if I think about it I'm also curious why she came that morning with puffy red eyes. Does this request of hers have anything to do with it? "Give me a reason why I should accept your request," I replied waiting for what Roxanne would say to me. "I want to get away from this pack. The only way to do so is to marry someone from outside the pack," Roxanne explained, still looking at me. "Aren't you already engaged to the future Alpha of the Nightmare Night pack?" I remember my beta saying something like this. I unexpectedly saw Roxanne grimace, like she didn't want to answer that question. "If you want me to be your fiance, don't I need to know about this?" I asked while squinting my eyes, trying to scare her into answering my question. I could see Roxanne shudder in horror when she heard my words, a
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Chapter 6: Goodbye
Roxanne  But, I just realized what Theodore said earlier. If it's like this, shouldn't I go with him now? "How's this, Xena? Looks like he's serious about taking me away from this cursed place?" I muttered to communicate with my wolf figure. "Isn't that great? That way you can get out of here, I'm so sick of being in this place!" Xena audibly snorted, unhappy with the fact that we were still in this pack.  "You're right, my priority right now is to get away from this place." After talking to Xena, I could be a little calmer now.  I didn't realize that Theodore was walking towards me at this time, I only realized when I smelled an unfamiliar scent emanating from Theodore's body that I had already felt when
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Chapter 7: I Don't Know
Roxanne Even though I hated Luke at the moment, he was my mate after all. My chest feels very tight after rejecting him just now. I forcefully held back the tears that wanted to flow from my eyes. I quickly turned my face away, not wanting to look at Luke's face any longer. Just as I was about to turn around and get out of there, I heard Luke's voice which sounded very angry at the moment. "You fucking bitch! I'll make sure to teach you a lesson before you leave." As if forgetting what happened to him earlier Luke howled in anger. I can understand Luke's feelings because he must have never thought that I would dare to reject him, let alone do it in front of many people like this. He must have felt very humiliated by what I did, but I had to do it because I wanted to leave this place and leave everything I had here. While I was silent after hearing Luke's harsh words, I realized when I felt a warm hand grasping my arm. I couldn't help but look up to see who it was and h
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Chapter 8: That's Okay
Roxanne I never expected to be unconscious for three days like Theodore said. How could this happen to me? "Does this have something to do with Luke?" I decided to ask Theodore about this. Theodore nodded his head, confirming my guess about what happened to me. "Indeed, something bad happens when the relationship between a pair of mates is broken. However, it seems like the effect is huge for you," Theodore explained about his conjecture so far. I could only ponder when I heard Theodore's explanation. I began to wonder why my body was overreacting like this. I've always been known as a cursed and weak child, so I didn't expect something this excessive to happen. "But, why is it happening to me?" I muttered quietly with a blank stare, still deep in thought. Suddenly, I felt a warm hand gently stroking my head. I looked up and saw Theodore there. "Don't think too much about it. The important thing is that you're free from those bastards now," Theodore replied still wi
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Chapter 9: Dinner
Roxanne I frantically went back into the room I was currently staying in. When I was inside the room, I realized that I didn't bring anything here. "There's no way I'm going out wearing clothes like this," I muttered as I looked at my pajamas. As I remember I didn't wear these clothes when I was in the Crimson Star pack, she only realized it now because there were many things that happened to her before. "Hahaha... no way right!" My face turned even paler when I realized what could have happened before. I also shook my head refusing to think anything at the moment. "There's no point in thinking like that," I said soothingly. Remembering that Theodore was currently waiting for me downstairs, I searched the closet in this room in case there were clothes I could wear. Luckily there were some clothes in the closet, so I grabbed a pair of jeans and a black hoodie. I quickly changed my clothes and ran downstairs quickly not wanting to make Theodore wait any longer. Arriving
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Chapter 10: You're Not Like That
Theodore I couldn't help but wonder what had happened to Roxanne during her stay in the Crimson Star pack that she could say that to me. My family knows both of Roxanne's parents and they are great and strong werewolves, not only that their reputation is also good. But, I don't understand why Roxanne was treated so badly in the Crimson Star pack, that she thought so little of herself. Now when I look at Roxanne's fragile figure and look anxiously waiting for my reaction. I sighed harshly, then thought carefully before answering Roxanne's words, I really didn't want to make her even more pessimistic. "I don't care what they say about you." I said calmly, and I glanced at Roxanne to see how she reacted. Roxanne looked surprised and smiled awkwardly at Theodore's reply, rubbing the back of her head nervously. "Really? But, they say that I'm jinxed." Roxanne grimaced as she said this. "There is no such thing as jinxed people. The people in your pack are just looking for reasons to
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