The Golden Blood Project

The Golden Blood Project

By:  Christine Black   Completed
Language: English
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Dr. Emma Rockford, recently widowed, isn't interested in finding another after the love of her life and high-school sweetheart died of an unfortunate heart attack. She accepts a job with the United States military to study the anomalies of a certain blood type that's very rare called Golden Blood. Emma gets entangled in a deep secretive government program that wants what she can give them and must rely on her very survival before concerning herself with a potential soulmate. She uncovers the very reason why thousands of people go missing. Not only in the United States but throughout the entire world. She's determined to stop the corruption with the help of her odd allies and perhaps fill the void in her heart along the way.

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49 Chapters
Chapter 1 Change is either a curse or a blessing
Dr. Emma Rockford rode in the back of the uber heading to the Denver airport. She watched the scenery of the Rocky mountains pass by. Her driver wasn't very talkative and she didn't mind in the least. She was too caught up with her thoughts to engage in meaningless chit-chat with a stranger. She'd recently been hired by the United States military due to her extensive knowledge in genetics and blood studies. Emma pulled out the laminated identification card they had sent her through FedEx and her blue eyes scanned over the information. Her Helvetica bold name followed by her numerous PhDs were listed along with her high-security clearance. Getting hired one month after her husband's death had been a Godsend. She hadn't coped with the loss well of losing her high school sweetheart to a heart attack. Needless to say, she took the offered position immediately without a second thought. Dr. Emma Rockford was to be in charge of a new study involving the taxonomies and genetics of secret secu
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Chapter 2 Learning about my subjects
As Brian shut the thick steel door he gestured towards the right hall and told me there was a cafeteria at the end."Are you hungry?" he asked and I shook my head and said I'd be interested in something to drink."I'm going to head back to my room and go over the files," I replied and he smiled and told me that he needed to show me the lab first then he'd take me to the cafeteria. I thanked him as I pulled out the pad of paper and added another hall to my drawn map. A few steps down the hall I could see the fluorescent lights humming in a lab. Through the glass wall, I could see Jordan and Abby both fully dressed in sterile suits so they didn't contaminate their samples. Abby noticed me and waved as she headed to the intercom. I watched the young redhead with her freckled face smile happily at seeing me."Hi dear, can't invite you in but we're about finished up and can meet with you in the cafeteria," she said quickly and I nodded with a smile. I glanced over at the older Jordan and wa
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Chapter 3 Earning respect and a new subject's arrival
I lifted the perfectly cooked steak and put it onto the plate and plated the raw lamb for Darya and I just unthawed the chicken for Scotty."You think it should be cooked?" Abby shook her head and grabbed a couple of pudding cups and a spoon. She asked if I was ready as I loaded everything onto a large tray and told her I was. She held the door for me and we hurried quickly to my subjects before we were caught breaking protocol. I slid each of the treats in their food slots and tucked the tray under my armpit as I listened to them eat noisily. I glanced over at Enzo and he looked disturbed. I asked what was going on. He tilted his head to the side and closed his eyes."The Hunters are bringing in an Alpha," he mumbled and looked down at his sharp black nails. Tristan turned and listened attentively. The red lights and sirens started blaring and I looked at an unconcerned Abby."They do that every time they bring in a new subject. You're the only one with empty cells so it's coming here
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Chapter 4 Meeting the infamous Griffin Moonstone
Brian had clasped my forearm as he dragged me down the halls."This project cannot be ruined by you running around willy-nilly," he said bitterly and I told him I was sorry."Why are you so concerned, seems like a lot of stress for a grunt," I mumbled softly and Brian stopped suddenly and pushed me up against the wall. He glared down at me with a curled lip."I'm the commander-in-chief of this entire operation and don't think I don't notice how close you're getting to the bloodsucker," he spat bitterly and I lowered my eyes from him, feeling that the commander's behavior was completely unprofessional. "Now can we proceed? It's imperative that we test the Alpha's blood and he will only allow you near him," he mumbled in irritation. At least he'd stopped dragging me around and I rubbed the arm he'd been squeezing. "What is the blood for," I asked curiously? Brian chuckled softly and told me that information was above my pay grade. I rolled my eyes as we stopped outside of the door I'd
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Chapter 5 Center of attention
After the x-rated scene, I headed to my subjects and checked out the chart above the small desk to see what the commander-in-chief had scheduled. As my eyes scanned through each day of the week and numerous blood draws, they landed on a brightly colored square that said a mixer was planned for the last Friday of the month. In bold letters it said all employees were required to participate. I rolled my eyes as I noticed Darya waving at me. I'd been doing well ignoring the two males for the moment and headed towards the reptile woman's cell. She looked anxious as I got closer and my empathic side reached out to her."What's up, sweets? You want another leg of lamb?" I asked. She shook her head and looked worried."I need to tell you that the commander isn't a good human. He takes advantage of the females he's captured when the Hunters lock us up in the quarantine rooms. He rapes us when we're chained," she mumbled softly. I looked at her and nodded with a frown."He did that to you?" She
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Chapter 6 Warming up to Griffin but only slightly
The following morning was similar to the last. Abby presented me with a hot cup of coffee and was flipping through Griffin's file. She pointed at one of the females with him and informed me that it was his sister, Lisa that had been killed."It's crazy that so many famous people are not human. My subject Erza is the son of a Vegas Casino owner that's a real-life demon. He's got a way to get me so hot and bothered it's disturbing," she said with a grin. I sighed and took a sip of coffee before mentioning that I saw her getting plowed by Jordan. Abby's demeanor changed to an ashamed woman. I shook my head at her."Brian asked me to see if you'd see him one time. If you do, he said I could release my subjects occasionally," I said softly and she frowned."You can let them out without his stupid permission. I let mine out quite a lot," she informed me and I started to get pissed so I told her what Darya had told me but didn't mention her having an egg. Abby didn't say much about anything I
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Chapter 7 Changing blood and actual DNA
The room he'd brought me to was an older area but the equipment would work all the same. A war or something must have occurred in this section I surmised from the blackened metal and huge claw marks that gouged completely through the metal. Sani noticed and told me there was an uprising at one time and many were saved.I uncovered a microscope, and syringe and drew a sample of my blood to examine. My mind was spinning at all the insanity being brought into it. First off cryptids were real, secondly, I might be becoming one. I gritted my teeth as I anchored the glass slide and adjusted the magnification on the microscope. My one-peering eye grew larger and I made a surprised sound. I hadn't even seen this special blood they were all after but as I looked down at the oddly golden shimmer on the blood cells slowly converting the normal ones next to it I huffed. The cycle continued as I was viewing it but I realized that it was a very slow process. I leaned back and rubbed my strained eyes
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Chapter 8 Just a confused she-wolf with lots to learn
I woke up with a start to sirens flashing along with screeching and glanced around my private room mumbling what the fuck…"Finally you're awake. Geesh woman, thought I was going to have to get a prince to kiss you. Here's some coffee," Abby responded cheerfully. I grabbed the mug and asked what was going on. Abby hurried to my bed and sat down next to me."You're getting more subjects. That's what I overheard, guess there was a big uproar in your section," she said with a grin. I rubbed my eyes wondering if any of the things that happened with Griffin were real or just my imagination."Can't believe that you were attacked. Jordan told Brian that you needed to rest but damn girl, you've been asleep for almost two entire days," Abby laughed and smacked my butt before rising from my bed. Two days? I ran my hand over my neck and realized that my necklace was indeed gone. I tossed the covers to the side and got up to stretch. Abby whistled over at me and I glanced over at her with a questi
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Chapter 9 My new lab partner and an unwanted turn of events
I was happy Enzo had returned but I was confused as to why he would."You know Brian is probably suspicious of you and can sense when people are different," I mumbled sourly and he chuckled."I'd certainly hope so, the man is a strange concoction of several different cryptids. I shudder to think what he appears like when he shifts," he replied and I shuddered. I asked what I should call him and he smiled and told me Enzo was fine as his powers of persuasion were very powerful and far-reaching. We entered the yard and Darya and Griffin both raised a curious eyebrow at the familiar vampire. Enzo elbowed me and asked if I'd submitted to my alpha yet. I narrowed my eyes and told him no. Enzo waved his hand and laughed."Better hope he gets to you before the others when you go into your estrus little lady or those monstrosities are gonna try desperately to mount your sweet tang," he said confidently and I shook my head at his nonsense."I'd rather let Scotty have his way with me," I mumbled
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Chapter 10 My new life and a second possible mate
At least Jordan's beast was more of a gentleman than Brian. He entered an area that had been through a war and carried me into an untouched room that was surprisingly really nice. "Take a shower and wash that bastard's scent from your skin. There are clean clothes in the back closet," he mumbled softly and I eyed him curiously."Thank you," I murmured and ran into the bathroom sliding the door closed. After turning on the shower I stood under extremely hot water and scrubbed viciously at my skin and private area. The injuries Jordan had caused on my shoulder had already healed themselves and I checked the area for scars but there were none. I had also thrown up twice over the thick semen that came out of my body. I kept repeating to myself how he would die. My wolf cheered me on in support. I heard the door slide open a bit and Jordan cleared his throat."I brought us both dinner if you think you can eat," he said firmly and I replied quickly saying okay. I washed off what I could of
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