Sold To The Rebellious Billionaire

Sold To The Rebellious Billionaire

By:  Tom Anna  Completed
Language: English
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Anna is a nineteen year old dropout who was brought up by her single mom, she is known for always causing trouble and due to her nasty behaviour, her mother had no choice but to sell her to Carlos Jaxon known by his stage name CJ who is a singer and the heir to P&K company, one of the most popular company in the state, he was rumoured to be gay leaving his fans devastated, the rumour affected him and the music industry , his father gave him 30days to prove to people that he is not gay or he is going to set him up in an arranged marriage, so many things went from good to bad and he has to prove to them that he is not a gay but how ??

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64 chapters
Anna's POVMy phone jarred me out of my sound sleep, I grumbled as I cover my ears with my fluffy pillow but it kept ringing I gave the bed covers an irritated jerk and I checked the caller, I let out a sigh while I stretched and settle into my pillowIt was Roxanne,Eric kid sister I just rolled my eyes wondering why she is calling me and how she even have my number in the first place. For a young girl like her she is awfully mean to everyone. I sighs and answers it. "About time you answered! I have been calling you, I tried your sister number but the stupid lame ass phone went straight to voicemail!" She yelled making me winced "Oh I think her phone died. What do you want?, and why are you calling me early in the morning " I asked ungraciously "Early in the morning?? this is 9:43am" She yelled I shot up peering at the red numbers on the digital clock and I ran my hand through my head "Ohh""I don't have time but I just want you to know that if anything
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CJ's POVI was left alone looking so devastated, I just sat down alone in the car, I can't drive the car like thisWho the hell was that girl??Whoever she is, I must make sure she pay dearly for this .I quickly call my friend to come pick me up, he started asking me questions but I was not in the mood to answer him so I just tell him the location and hang up. ....After some minutes of waiting for my friend, he finally showed up and he parked his car beside my car.He emerged from the car and looked at my car carefully, I also came out"Hey, what took you so long?? I yelled but he just kept looking at the front glass of my car."What really happened?? He asked looking surprised"I will explain to you later, just let's get out of here before someone gets to know who I am " I said and went inside his car Anna's POV"What am I going to do now??" I said with a pout as I looked at my shattered phone, I tried hard not to cry but I can't hold it
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"Wait, do you know her?? Anna mom asked but CJ kept glaring at her"Mom, he is the stupid psycho that smashed my phone " Anna yelled and Alex Scoffed"Stupid Psycho?? Way to go CJ.. You need this girl because really don't know you at all " Alex said as he continue eating" I can't buy her, she's fucking crazy " CJ said"What are you talking about psycho?? Who ask you to buy me in the first place?? Do I look like a dog for sale?? And wait.. What are you doing in our restaurant?? Ohh.. You tracked me here right?? Anna said as she smacked her hand on her forehead "ohh i know youre real motives, you are actually a pervert right?? She said and her mom angrily smack her on het shoulder"Aww.. Mom " She winced"The girl is really crazy " Alex muttered"You are no useful to me so what is the reason of having you here, all you do is to just eat my food and press phone " Her mother yelled"Mooommmm, why are you saying all that in front.. in front.. in front of this jerk " Anna said while
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Author's POVCJ swallowed his spit hard as Anna proceed to remove her inner cloth"Hey wait.. " He yelled "What?? "There's no point in removing your clothes and stripping yourself naked in front of a.. a... a gay " CJ said "I knew it " Anna yelled as she put on her shirt "you've finally admit that you're indeed a gay "CJ could not believe that he admitted himself as a gay in front of a crazy girl "Anyway I am a gay so you can stay " CJ said and Anna rolled her eyes "Why are you trying to hide to everyone that you're not a gay when you're indeed a gay " Anna said and CJ clenched his fist, he was trying hard not to vent his angers on her "I am trying to protect my career cos it is really affecting my music industry and that is the main reason I bought you from your mom so you can be my personal bodyguard and always stick to me wherever I go" CJ said "That plan is definitely not going to work "Anna said "Then do you have a better plan?? CJ glared at her and she shook her head "
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Anna's POVThe next morning, I woke up early to my surprise, I checked the time and it was just some minutes after seven, I woke up early not because of the rules but because I didn't eat anything before going to bed and I was damn hungry. I got up and I took a shower, brushed my teeth and just pick a random clothes and wore it before going downstairs. When I got downstairs, I saw CJ in the kitchen, he was chopping vegetables, a bandage was wrapped around his palm and I recalled about last night. I really don't know what to say Should I greet him or should I just stay mute, what if I say something and he shouted at me I was still about it when he glanced at me and smile mischievously at me "You woke up late " he said and I walked up to him "Err.. I am.. am.. Sorry, I slept late yesterday " I said still looking at his hand How did he manage to be chopping vegetables with his hand that probably need rest "Why did you sleep late?? Are you starting to vio
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                        CJ's POVAfter breakfast, i told Anna to go and get dressed which she happily ran inside, i was in my room thinking about her. Why is my mind telling me she is going to mess things up?? During breakfast she was just smiling to herself and when i asked her why, she didn't even bother to answer. I hope she's not planning anything evil or else i wont take it lightly with her .. .. After i finished dressing, i was expecting her downstairs​ to have finished dressing but she was still dressing making me let out a sigh Just because i asked her to dress beautiful, that doesn't mean she should take up to an hour, i took my car keys and was about to go out to wait for her when suddenly i sighted her coming downstairs​I didn't know when my jaw dropped, how can a crazy girl look so beautiful, she was dressed
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Author's POV"Then how am i suppose to give you back your kiss, is it not to kiss you again?? CJ yelled "Gawd!! You're unbelievable " Anna said while she ran her fingers through her hair "Uhm, what is going on?? Sandy who was passing by asked "Ohh it's nothing, we're actually discussing about.. Erm... about.. " CJ stopped and didn't know what to say "About what?? Sandy asked "About learning how to return back something " Anna said and glared at CJ "Ohh really?? Sandy said looking confused not understand what she meant "anyway Anna come, let me show you almost everything in this house " She said with a smile as she pulled her by her arm and they both dashed out leaving CJ CJ quickly brought out his phone and straightaway to Google and began to type "How can I return back a kiss?? He typed but Google gave him another thing "Gosh;!!! Google don't even know the answer... I don't know how she expect me to return back something which is impossible " he
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CJ's POV"So that is how to cook pasta " I said but there was no response from Anna so I looked back and I was surprised to see her sleeping I checked the time, it was just some minutes after three, I let out a sigh and walk up to her, I was about to wake her up but I stopped when I see her smiling What is she dreaming about now that is making her smile ? I thought then I shook my head before walking away (THE NEXT DAY) Anna's POVSomething was tickling my face.. It was really ticklish that I laugh a little but I still refuse to wake up then I felt a wet thing on my face making me to open my eyes My eyes widened as I see Chim right on my face, I yelled and quickly jolted up I looked around and I found out that I had slept on the floor, no wonder I couldn't enjoy my sleep that much "So you're finally awake " CJ said and I saw him coming downstairs, he was already dressed up, he was really looking cool "Err.. Where.. Where are
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CJ's POVI was watching the TV and I could see the guy who replaced me singing on the stage Who is he?? I have never seen him before I switched off the TV and sigh as I stood up, I was about going to the kitchen when I sight Anna coming downstairs "Hey, what do you think you're doing?? You should be resting?? I yelled as I approached her "Err.. I.. I.. just want to check on you" She said and I raised one of my eyebrow"Like seriously?? To check on me?? I said and rolled my eyes "well as you can see I am good ""CJ, can you take me to your music industry? " She asked with a pout "With your half good half bad leg " I said looking down at her leg " It is getting better I swear, it doesn't hurt much " She said trying to prove to me that her leg is getting better but she end up wincing in pain I gave her the "getting better indeed " look "CJ, I really wanna help you.. I swear " "Can you stop swearing?? I said "anyway there's nothing you can do to hel
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Author's POV"CJ, what is the meaning of that?? You should be nice to my guest " Manage Don said but CJ only rolled his eyes Anna was feeling uncomfortable as the guy won't stop staring at her "WellWhat are you doing here and how do you even get inside?? CJ asked "In case you've forgotten about it then i will remind you, i am your manager so you gave me the password to your house " The manager replied "Gosh.. I thought i changed it" CJ muttered to himself "Are you CJ manager?? Anna asked and CJ glanced at her giving her a "shut up" look but Anna just ignored him "Yes i am" The manager answered "Ohh well nice to meet you, actually it was my fault that CJ didn't come to the concert, I sprained my ankle so he decided to stay with me " Anna asked "Are you okay?? Hope you're not hurt anywhere?? Eric asked and all eyes was on him Anna kept thinking if the guy know her or probably he is crushing on her "And why did you care?? CJ asked "Anna go to your
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