Reclaimed and Mated to the Alpha Prince

Reclaimed and Mated to the Alpha Prince

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Someone close once told me that our generation's love knows no bond. It's against all odds as the saying goes to say, strengthening the bent one, and right the wrong. As long as they love each other and were willing to bend rules, that is all that matters.As starters, I was gifted with a 6'4 ft height. Fair glowing skin, sinewy, metallic blue eyes, but most of all, I was dubbed as one of the living proof of the most beautiful man ever to exist in history. I love music that's why I chose to spend my time with my acoustic guitar and a band every night.With that one-of-a-kind gift, I have been with a lot of women, young and old, human or wolf. It is also when I learned how to differentiate between love and lust.I was collecting and picking women at the age of twelve, thinking I could find the right one. Not to boast off my confidence, I broke the Guinness Book of Record, breaking with a hundred and sixty girlfriends in three years.However, I never expected that the kind of love I've been searching for offered from the rest of the wolf and human world. And it all started at this very particular event. The Mating Night.

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162 Chapters
The Mating Night
Someone close once told me that our generation's love knows no bounds. It's against all odds as the saying goes to say, trying to straighten the bent one and right the wrong. As long as they love each other and were willing to bend rules, it's all that matter. As starters, I am gifted with a 6'4 height. Fair glowing skin, sinewy, metallic blue eyes, and most of all, I was dubbed as one of the living proof of the most beautiful man ever to exist throughout history. I love music that's why I chose to spend time with my acoustic guitar and a band. With that one-of-a-kind gift, I have been with different girls, young and old, humans or wolves. It is when I learned how to define and differentiate between love and lust. I was collecting and picking women starting at the age of twelve , thinking I could find the right one. Not to boast off my confidence, I broke the Guinness Book of Record, breaking with a hundred and sixty girlfriends in three years. Aside from that, it
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Reservation Night
Right after sensing there was no threat in my dorm, I quickly jumped out of the bed and slid closer to the window, and pushed them close. Did not even get the chance to take a glimpse outside as I was in a hurry to replace my soaked clothes and bed mattress. The next morning, my helpless eyes could not help but shift directions towards those students who also stared at me weirdly from head to toe. Though none of them said a thing, I may assume that I have done something wrong. "Did I do something wrong?" I made it clear to my friends who have gathered around at our favorite table in the canteen. Three of my friends, Edwin, Jackson, and Nadine were present, having their meals. "Perhaps that was the result of being late on our first day of the class, dude. Good thing our professor did not appear in the room." Edwin teasingly retorted. But he was right. I was indeed very late for our first subject but too early for our second one because I woke very late after the nightma
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The Kiss
That was too upfront for someone with a rank in a prestigious company but it's for the best. I'm not lying since my friends have also arrived in the same building as mine. Their appearance in the building simply means I was in the right place and time. Lilith, perhaps was late for the agreed time. On the bright side, I could have spent enough time with my friends while waiting for her. "Noted, Mr. Frost." says the Reservation Officer in an embarrassing tone. I knew they know about Lilith's reservation. It's just they need further details since I can't use her name without concrete proof. "Good!" I shortly exclaimed. "Thanks, guys for coming! I thought I might have spent my three hundred dollar bookings alone," then I slapped everyone's shoulder to extend my appreciation for granting my invitation. Afterward, the Reservation Officer led us to our table. As soon as we arrived, each of us grabbed our seats around the four-seater table. We then grabbed our food menu a
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The Kiss 2
Of course. Prince Nathan. He was the one who found and helped me. But why did he advise me to stay away from Lilith, my mate? While holding onto that thought, something came up in mind that led me to a conclusion. Nathan was the person behind it. He got mad and jealous so he wanted me to stay away from Lilith because he can't accept she chose me over him. And now he's trying to take revenge. But to make it more realistic, he intentionally helped me back there so I will not suspect him. Brilliant idea, Nathan. I may be a crippled impaired man but I'm not a fool enough to believe and fall from your trap. You wanted a fight for Lilith? Well, I'll give you an unforgettable battle. "Ghino, are you even listening to me?" Nadine snapped her fingers in front of my face. Loud enough my profound thoughts got shuttered. I slowly dragged my gaze back to her. "Yeah. I'm fine. It's just I'm sleepy already. Will you guys stay with me tonight?" Don't want to be alone in the meanti
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Because I Care
To make it more convincing, Johnson and Lackey also shifted into wolves and growled continuously, trying to scare the hell out of him. I have to get something from the man no matter what. Even if I have to stain my royal hands with his blood, I would rather take the chance to make sure what they did to the one I love will be given the justice he deserved. And I will do everything even if I had to kill. "I will only burst out laughing if you guys bark at him. You'll get nothing from him." my trembling legs eased off when the Sheriff appeared in my unit. I almost gave up that he had simply ignored my short notice considering he was busy in his office. "You never ceased to surprise me, Mr. Sheriff. Thanks for coming." I said back with a smile on my face. "Is he one of those men in the CCTV?" Johnson and Lackey moved out of their way and shifted back to their human forms. "Yes. His name is David Bowie. Thirty-five years old. Had a wife and three kids who studied in th
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Three Days
So, I hopped out as well and marched closer to him. "For God's sake, Nathan. Why me?" Ghino asked. "Because I can't teach my heart whom to love, Ghino. Sadly, my heart chooses you. But that's not the point why I wanted to bring you somewhere. So, please, get back to the car." I said back, ignoring those boisterous horns from the furious drivers next to us. Don't care even if the world will get mad at me because I caused the heavy traffic. Being with the one person you like is all that matters. There may be millions of them but he's more than that. So, I waited for Ghino to hop back in the car. Luckily, he hopped on five minutes later. Not long enough then I expected. However, no words were coming out of our mouths as we travelled to the precinct. He can't even afford to stare at me. But I can't blame him for that. What I did earlier was unexpected. I was also even shocked I did it. "The precinct?" he muttered as soon as I parked the car in front of the precinct
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Eight Basic Chords
"I have a school project to make. My friends rejected me to be part of their group. So, I think I'll pass to those you've offered." he said back in a sad tone. "Anyway, can I borrow your acoustic guitar tonight? It's one of the requirements I need." I slowly dragged my gaze to the corner where I leaned my acoustic guitar. "Yeah, of course. Is there anything you need in that project aside from that? I can help." "I had them all except the guitar. So, I think I'm all set. Thanks though." Ghino started to fill his mouth with the food and drinks I prepared for him. "Okay," I shortly retorted. Until then, a bridge of silence has backgrounded my unit as we both focused on filling our stomachs. After the meal, I drive him to his dorm. Of course, we were assisted by my security guards behind us. It's for his safety as well. We still don't know if the rest of those wolves who tried to kill him maybe were just around the corners, waiting for a perfect opportunity. "You
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The Note
All his friends were present inside. There were four of them to be exact. But I'm not sure if the fourth one was his friend since I haven't seen her tagging along everywhere they go. Perhaps she was the one Ghino mentioned the other night about his replacement to the team of the nerds. "Is Ghino here?" I asked in a hurry. Even checked every corner of his room. In the toilet, in the mini-terrace, and the kitchen. But none of those places I could find Ghino. So I marched back to his friends to get answers. "We've been waiting for him for almost an hour now. He wasn't answering our calls and texts either." The chubby one retorted. "Today was supposed to be our schedule to do our school project. We decided to include him in the group because he's our friend," says the female one. "But he's not here. And we think that he did not sleep here last night." "You're right. He did not sleep in his room last night. He's with me. But I got a note from him this morning." I hand t
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The Heart of Alp
After seeing the undesirable situation, Ghino's friends also shifted into wolves and slid by my side. Since they already knew the picture of what happened to their friend, they were as furious as me. So, they greeted Lilith and her friends with their sharp claws and fangs before they could reach my direction. And that left me alone standing on the same spot where I last saw Ghino was incredibly happy that night in the Mating Event. Considering I am not good in a battle, I gradually dragged my gaze back to Ghino's withered body, asking for a sign from him about what should I do. His friends were currently combatting Lilith and his friends to get the justice he deserved. And yet here I am, a coward prince. Simply staring at his human friends who just appeared in the place even if it was unnecessary. Yes. They were supposed to be getting terrified after what they discovered about me and their friends. But there they are, courageous, thoughtful, and devoted to their fr
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The Agreement: Royal Badge
"Well. I'm not sure about the exact definition of that monster. But rumours have it that this monster was similar to a vampire. But its behaviour is more akin to an incubus if you are familiar with that." the atmosphere between us in the car changed to serious. He talked, and I listened with all ears. I'm not sure of the enemy I'd be facing eventually. But from the tone of his voice, it seems that it's not that as easy as I think it is. Apart from that, he mentioned about an incubus. It does not sound better to my ears as if it was close to evil, or worse, death. Considering that a wolf's blood runs through my veins, it is still not an assurance everything will go according to my needs and wants. My body might be healed but I'm not sure how long will it takes. And I'd be facing death for Ghino's sake. I'd be facing uncertainty because of my forbidden love for him. That I was trying to defend my belief against the world. I was supposed to be the prince out kind, yet, he
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