Falling for the CEO

Falling for the CEO

By:  Temi writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ruby Barlow reconnects with her high school crush on a dating site. After their first date went downhill, she decided never to contact him again. Things go crazy for her when she finds out he is the CEO of the company she always dreamed to work in.

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Ruby tapped her feet furiously against the marble floor. It was one thing to be a match to a total stranger on a dating site and it was another to go on a date with the stranger. Her eyes skirted the room, looking for the dark haired man she had seen in the picture. Everyone seemed busy and engaged in one activity or the other, there was clearly no sign of him. A frown found its way to her face as she glanced at her wristwatch, he was thirty minutes late. Who the hell stood a lady up for thirty minutes on their first date? She wondered.She helped herself to some bread from the basket on the table. All hopes were dashed for her, unlike her friends who spent the weekend in the arms of their lovers, she rather stayed up late, binge watching episodes of gossip girl. Was she bothered she didn’t have a boyfriend and was probably never going to have one? No. Until two weeks back, she had never imagined she would find herself on a dating app, looking for a match. Esme had a way of
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Nate Jacobin was impatient at the steering, the traffic and the careless pedestrians annoyed him. It had been more than a busy day at the office. He had tried to finish all his work on time and make it to his date but that was impossible. Drafting a business proposal for one of the biggest construction company’s required expertise which his workers lacked. He sighed for the umpteenth time that day as he looked for a place to park his car.Upset that there was no parking space at the front of the restaurant, he decided to drive all the way to the side. The rain began to drizzle, Nate sighed. He couldn’t imagine how mad his date was.He let out a sigh of relief as he finally found a place to park. He let out a grumble as he watched a frail looking woman stand helplessly, right where he wanted to park his car. He honked angrily but the woman didn’t budge. “Can my day go any worse?” He grumbled as he stepped out of his car and approached the woman. “Excuse me ma’am, I w
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Ruby straightened her plaid skirt as she accessed herself in the mirror and applied another coat of lipgloss. It had been a week since her horrible date and she was yet to tell Esme or anyone about it. Nate never reached out to her again and in fact deleted his fake profile from the site. She sighed, Nate was the only person she had thought about all week. She stalked his social media, hoping he was going to post something regarding her but he didn’t. Ruby tried her best to keep a smile plastered on her face. Contrary to how happy she looked, she was a nervous wreck on the inside. She sighed as she entered the elevator, she instantly regretted not wearing her simple flats instead of her Christian louboutin pumps. She did breathing exercises to calm herself, reminding herself that if she got the job, she would be able to take care of her family. Had Nate deleted his account because he wanted nothing to do with her? She groaned as she pinched herself. It was always Nate, he s
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He groaned as he loosened his tie. The business proposal was due in a few days and he still had nothing. “Sir?” Martha peeked her head through the door. “Come in,”he said drily. It was way past closing time but he still had a lot to do. “I’ve spoken with some of the shareholders at the shopping complex. They agreed to the new business plan with the condition that they regain their shares even after reconstruction” Martha reported Nate nodded, things were going according to plan even though he was yet to get the proposal out of his way. “Notify shop owners, they have a week to evacuate, construction commences the week after” “One more thing sir,” Martha said. “The business proposal is due in….” “Of course I know” Nate frowned as he brushed her off.Martha bowed her head loyally and left his office. He picked up his pen again as he searched for the right words, this was something he had done countless times but now, he had difficulty.He clicked his tongue, racking
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Ruby sprawled on the couch in the living room, eyes closed in deep thoughts. She was in so much trouble. Who knew I would eventually run into him again? She thought. She was aware Nate had different business enterprises but no one told her he owned Wesley construction company. She sighed as she turned over. After her emotional outburst at the restaurant, she drowned herself in alcohol, hoping it was going to push the image of Nate looking shocked as she dumped hot chocolate on him. “Ah” she groaned. “How stupid can I be?” A sly smile played in her lips, whoever thought she would have the opportunity to sit with Nate Jacobin? Even though she ruined her chances. Whoever thought she would give Nate such a remarkable memory?She pinched herself as she screamed into a pillow, even when she was in a lot of trouble, she still had the ability to think of silly things.Her dream job was in the hands of a man she had loved and loathed for years.Growing up, she was never bo
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Nate rolled the tip of his ball pen as he frowned, a habit which he had been doing all day. How rude of her! I offered her a job and she was yet to reply, he thought.No one ever kept Nate waiting, once he requested their presence, they showed up without any hesitation. He rubbed his chin, he now had a five days stubble.The business plan was due, he still hadn’t come up with anything, to make matters worse, the one person he had counted on still hadn’t shown up. He could understand what Ruby wanted, weeks ago, she was begging him to offer her a job, but now that he did offer her the job, she didn’t reply to the mail or show up. “That little minx is clearly playing mind games,”he muttered, drumming his fingers on the table. He sighed, his mother was on his neck all week, she had visited once and raged on how she thought he was losing all his business skills. He rolled his eyes as he loosened up his tie, millions of dollars were at stake, he could already imagine some of
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A gleam of victory appeared in Ruby’s eyes. She felt nothing short of a heroine, Nate needed her, not only was he going to lose a huge amount of money, his company was going to make it to the bad press. It was every reporter's dream to get dirt on Nate Jacobin.Nate was now having a word with the representative. Ruby took a minute to admire his office. The grey drapes complemented the upholstery which she could tell cost a fortune. His office was immaculate, not a single speck of dust in sight. The ornate figurines looked like they were polished with oil. She drew in a breath as she walked round the office, there were no pictures of his family or even him. “Same old cold hearted Nate”she mumbled to herself as she took her seat “Miss Ruby, are you still down for the job?” Nate asked as he walked in She couldn’t miss the hint of desperation mixed with irritation in his voice. It was the first time she’d seen him under pressure, Nate was always cool and collected. Somethin
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Ruby was very much comfortable in her new work space, the office overlooked the busy streets of Oregon, giving her a view of the city life. She had pretty much settled in and hung up some pictures and other decorations.She groaned as she turned to her side, the only downside to her spacious office was that it was adjacent to Nate’s own so she could see whatever was going on in his office. He had pretty much avoided her for a week straight after their fight.It was almost as if they were in high school again, back then, she was quite sure he didn’t know she existed but now she was sure he knew she existed and he was just ignoring her. “Hey” a voice called, stirring her from her reverie of thoughts “Hi”she smiled back “I’m Ethan and this is Cassie”he said, gesturing to the blonde beside him Ruby nodded and gave them warming smiles. She had been busy throughout the week and had barely had time to socialize with her coworkers. “Oh hi!”Cassie squealed as she placed a tray of c
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Something about the tweeting of the birds and the rise of the sun above the horizon set Ruby in high spirits. She had spent the weekend tanning on the beach with Esme. During her little getaway, she skillfully avoided all Esme’s questions concerning how her date went and who her new boss was. It felt wrong hiding it from her but she wasn’t ready to tell anyone yet, Nate was a pain in the butt for her; at the same time, she wanted to be around him.Having to see him all week was annoying enough. She smiled as the elevator door opened, she was humming a song about the day going to be a good day. “Why are you late?” A harried looking Maggie asked as she walked into the office.Ruby frowned, work started by nine and she arrived half past eight so technically, she was very much early and had a good thirty minutes to herself. “Nice morning to you too” Ruby replied sardonically “Mr Jacobin has been in a bad mood all morning, he specifically asked that you make him a cup of coffee”
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The angry growl of lightning pierced the air, what had promised to be a sunny day had now become a gloomy rainy day. Nate shifted his eyes from his screen to Ruby’s office. Her mass of mousey brown hair was now put in a ponytail as she typed away on her computer.Serves her right, he thought.With her around, he was always edgy. He had expected her to throw a fit and stomp into his office when he asked her to make him coffee or when he handed her the pile of files. She was suspiciously calm, too calm which irritated him. He frowned, he needed his daily dose of coffee but couldn’t get it because Ruby had ruined it for him. “Who the hell added so much sugar and whipped cream to their coffee ?” He asked himself Of course the answer was sitting right there in his company, the annoying brunette whose office was opposite his.He quickly cleared out his table and got rid of the paper he wasn’t using. His table was a mess as he had buried himself in work all week. “Why the hell have you
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