Pregnant for the alpha

Pregnant for the alpha

By:  Elizabeth Isaac  Ongoing
Language: English
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" Why should I be worried about the child, I can just terminate it" I said and Irene cover my mouth with her palm. " Shhhh! Don't be too fast child, you can't terminate an alpha blood. You will only end up by putting your life in danger." She said still covering my mouth with her palm and the scent of green and dry leaves filled my nose. She knows so much about werewolves, why do I feel like she's not normal. "What do I do now?" I asked looking confused as I ran my hand through my dark hair. "Find the alpha" she said and I felt dizzy. Ariel a half breed of werewolf and human got entangle with Lucas Graco the alpha of the Alusca pack. She was set up in a hotel by Liz who's a white wolf in Escavor pack and someone who has wanted to destroy Ariel relationship with Ethan an Omega and the heir to the Escavor pack. Lix took Ariel nude pics with the strange man in the hotel bed and sent it to Ethan. Things started hitting up when Ariel finds out she was pregnant and not knowing who she was pregnant for between the two wolves because that same day she slept with Ethan in the morning and Lucas Graco the strange man in the evening. Who owns the pregnancy.... Find out by reading pregnant for the alpha

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37 Chapters
chapter 1: Ariel nude photos
Ariel POV I woke up to a shimmering headache in a huge bed dressed with white bedsheets. This room looks strange. The interior of my room is not like like this neither is Ethan's room. I turned around to observe the room when I find a note on the table by the bed side."I must commend you, you're so sweet in bed. There's an envelope on the table your payment is inside" What! The note fell from my hand and I close my eyes trying to remember what happened last night but I can't remember anything. I notice I was Stak naked when I get down from the bed. I don't really know what happened but did I just sleep with a man in the hotel?I grab the purple gown lying on the floor lazily and slip into it. I ran my hand through my black hair and my emeralds eyes glitter with tears. I search for my cell phone and found it on the floor with hundreds of missed calls from Ethan and series of text messages.' my goodness, how am I going to explain this to Ethan. We were suppose to spend the night
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chapter 2: strange beings in the woods
Ethan's POV.I drove out of the mansion and down into the woods. I turned into my wolf form and speed through the woods to an unknown destination. My wolf Artemis keep yelling in my head to calm down but I'm not having any of it. How can she do that to me? I trust Ariel with all of me, I can't believe she will leave me for someone with a huge cock.'calm down bruh, don't hit my head on the tree' Artemis warned and I kept brushing through the woods.I was expecting her to tell me she was coming from somewhere else but she prove it to me that she was actually the woman in those photos. Women are demons, they can't be trusted, they're are so expensive, deceitful and untrainable.'Ethan ' Artemis yelled and I came to a halt on a huge rock close to a waterfall and let out a loud cry.We were expected to spend the night together at the pack celebrating Eva's tenth birthday but while I was waiting anxiously for her she was in an hotel room making out with a man who has a huge cock.I was wi
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chapter 3: have you find a mate?
Lucas Point of viewAfter dissolving the meeting. I went back to my room and met my mother on the way. She followed me into the room and stood beside the window. What else is she here to do other than asking me if I have find a mate yet. I lye down on the bed lazily and close my eyes not minding her presence."Have you find a mate?" She asked and I snap my eyes open. That is the only question she knows how to ask. She don't know how to ask any other question than this question of finding a mate yet. "No " I reply calmly and Uzo jump into my head.Uzo is my wolf. He's supportive and annoying at the same time.' what about the girl at the hotel last night, isn't she your mate?' he asked and I push him away from my head. Yes that girl I had one night stand with is my mate but there's something strange about that girl that I can't comprehend. So I don't think it's a good idea to tell my mother about it yet. She looks drunk last night and she's not in her right senses. I smelled alcohol
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chapter 4: I'm pregnant
Ariel POVIt's been a month and a week now and I have not seen my normal menstrual flow. Ethan has managed to forgive me and we are back together but not intimately like before. He don't touch me , just some minor kiss and going out for dinner. He hardly smile around me and I've been noticing Liz presence in his house lately. Anyway that's non of my concern for now. I just have to get rid of this dizziness and prepare something to eat. I went into the kitchen and prepare some light food which I manage to take only three bites. Why do I feel so weak, it's seems I'm going to faint any moment from now.Well, I'm a medical doctor but I don't work for any hospital or organization but I have all medical equipment In my house. I don't remember having any bacterias in my body. I think I should run a pregnancy test on myself. How am I even sure of that, it's been long I had intercourse so I don't think it's pregnancy even if my breasts are tender but as a medical practitioner I don't have
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chapter 5: find the alpha
' she's carrying an alpha blood in her womb?' I ask myself in disbelief as I close my eyes.'Ethan is an Omega, so she should be carrying an Omega in her womb or did she mate with another wolf?' I thought deeply and I got up to grab a glass of water from the kitchen. She woke up immediately I entered the room after fifteen minutes.Ariel's POVI woke up to the day of sun shining on face through the window. I turned around and met the dark eyes of Irene standing with a glass of hot milk in her hand."Have this" she said handling the milk to me and I accept it with gratitude." Thank you" I whisper and took a sip of the milk.She walked towards the window and stare at the sun."Do you know you're pregnant?" She asked without turning to face me and I nodded by saying" yes" "Don't tell my mother about it please" I pleaded with wavering eyes.I don't want my mom to know about my pregnancy especially now that I'm in a complicated situation."Why?" She asked with her hands fold behind her b
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chapter 6:
Lucas POVThe first full moon has passed and I haven't found that girl at the hotel yet. I went to the hotel but no one seems to recognize anybody like that. But that was before the first full moon." Hi Miss," I called the staff in a white shirt." How may I help you sir?"she asked politely." I'm looking for a lady" I replied" A lady?" She asked and I nodded" Does she works here and what's her name ?" The lady ask and I become quite. " She doesn't have a name" I said and the lady furrow her brows in confusion." I mean I don't know her name. She has dark long hair and emerald eyes. Her skin is fair and spotless" I gave her the description of my mate and she nodded her head Negatively." I'm sorry sir, I don't know any lady like that. You can ask around" she said and walk away. No one seems to recognize that girl or maybe she doesn't works there or she just got there to drink that night but I have to go there again maybe I will find her this time around. I slept with her but I di
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chapter 7: she found him
Lucas POV.I bent down to pick her face cap for her when my eyes suddenly met her eyes. Gosh she has beautiful emerald hair. 'She's the one! she's the girl at the hotel that night. ' Uzo scream in my head and a smile crept into my face. I finally find her."It's you I said handling putting her face cap back on her head and she immediately shove a portrait of a red haired guy with icy blue eyes at my face." Do you know him?" She asked and I shove the portrait away." You need to follow me" I said dragging her hand and she free herself from my grip."Why should I follow you?" She asked angrily and I put my hands on my waist. She seems to be very upset. She's looking for the man in that portrait. Why would she look for him when I'm here.' I told you to mark her that night but you wouldn't listen. Now she's looking for a red haired man ' Uzo said disappointedly in my head and I felt a ting in my chest."Are you looking for that man in the portrait?" I asked softly to get her attention.
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chapter 8: half breed
I know it's very dangerous to be driving in the wood this time but I have to get her to the pack and she also needs to see the pack doctor immediately. If she wakes up outside the pack, she would never agree to follow me back to the pack so it's better to bring her now that she's unconscious. I arrived at the pack half an hour later, the warriors at the gate open the gate for me and I drove in. The pack looks so warm with heap of fire burning on every angle. I park the car, come down and carry her in a bridal manner to my room. The wolves that are awake stare at me and turn back to continue their business. As soon as I get inside the room, I place her on the bed, cover her with a warm blanket and immediately set a heap of fire in the middle of the room. After that, I mind link my beta Athonio and he respond immediately." Alpha, do you need me to do anything for you?" He ask through the mind link and I guess he's not asleep yet." Yes, I want you to get the pack doctor for me. It's u
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chapter 9: suspect
She don't smells like a normal human, she has another smell " Uzo said and I mind link my beta. " Athonio I have a puzzle that you need to solve for me" I said through the mind link." Is it about your mate?" He asked " Yes Athonio." I replied" How about her?" He asked" She's pregnant and the pregnancy is a threat to her life." I said and the word threat left a ting in my heart. I just found her ,I can't to lose her ." She's pregnant? How?" Athonio asked and I guess I will have to explain everything to him ." She's pregnant Athonio, what's hard for you to understand there?" I asked pulling of my clothes." I'm just curious you know. You just met her and now she's pregnant. Did you impregnate her? " He asked and I toss the shirt on the couch. How am I going to respond to that question. The child has an alpha blood and I'm also an alpha or is her ex boyfriend an alpha too. I'm very curious, I really have a lot of things to ask her when she wakes up." Athonio, the thing is, I had
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chapter 10: get me out of here
I walked towards the bed side and plant a kiss on her forehead. Hold her hands and give them a gentle squeeze. " What about her ex boyfriend, do you know his identity?" Athonio asked" No Athonio but we need to find out his identity and know if he's also an alpha" I said through the mind link." Alright" Athonio reply and I break the mind link. I ran my eyes through her beautiful face, she has sharp long nose, full set of pink lips and long lashes.I felt my cock hardening under my brief just by looking at her face. I tried to resist the urge of kissing her or doing something to her. I went into the bathroom and ran a cold shower. " Uzo , why did she look so alluring and tempting when sleeping?" I asked Uzo in my head." She's a beautiful damsel in distress you know and you're her knight in shining armor" Uzo said." How is that related to the question I asked you just now" I asked " Of course it's related to it. She looks alluring because she's a beautiful damsel in distress" Uz
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