Bound by the Moon, Fated by Destiny

Bound by the Moon, Fated by Destiny

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Cameron Donnelly, a dashing young werewolf Alpha turned to a vampire at an early age to escape death and ensure the survival of his pack,The Crescent Moon Pack. Davina Pierce, a beauty to behold, running away from her dark saddening past with a lot of secrets and pain. All he want is to rid his pack of this ancient curse stealing their lives,and causing mayhem. All she wishes for is to forget her true identity and the path she's destined for. Cameron wishes never to find his destined mate and she couldn't agree less, to her love was a complete waste of time. He lives a life always chasing for answers while she seeks one of a normal, less interesting tale. What happens when something far greater than any of them has another plan that's quite different from what they have in mind? She's written in his destiny and he's fated to hers. What happens to this two opposite lives, when he discovers that she's the one who holds the answer to his curse and he's the past she desperately wants to avoid.

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Something's wrong!
*Chapter three*Cam. Point Of ViewI watched her as she exited my office to her room,staring at the palm of my hand I jerked away.'Damn the mate bond' I cursed at the tingles which Vittorio unsurprisingly enjoyed."What now Alpha?" Mitch called out to me. "We find Petrova's child" I filled him and the pack of the inform
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Never mine
*Chapter four*Davina's POV.    Hmmmm.I inhaled slowly the freshly made cup of tea that Gabi had made."Gosh, it's taste nice Gabi" I sipped more watching the blushy Gabi.It's been weeks now since my arrival and the awkward scene that took place at breakfast... so far so good. Everyone has been pretty nice to me,and by everyone I mean the whole community 'town'. I paused confused at w
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Narrow Escape
      I saw Davina,she was bleeding from her arm as she fought them...I was astound. I mean who could have thought she could fight so damn well. Again a lot of things I do not know about her. Just then another fledgling lunged at her from behind making her stumble on the floor.My blood boiled. I let out a growl,running to her side before the other attacked. I grabbed a wood from nearby, staking it into him as the other four face widened with recognit
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Bloody night!
*Chapter seven*Esther's POVI walked into Mr Donnelly's office after he asked me in. Meeting him on his chair with his Beta. It's been so long since I had new information for him that's why I went to Houston to begin with,to get the whereabouts of pertrova's child."Please sit," He called on my attention, as I took a sit opposite to his. "Any news?" 
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Willie human!
*Chapter Eight*Jasmine POV   For weeks now have watched that skunk flirt her way slowly into my man's life,acting all innocent. I know what she want. Aside from Cameron's good looks and all,deep down she's after his wealth.Gold digger and a slut. I spat,watching her from afar as she stepped into her room
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Davina's POV Infuriated,I threw Jasmine a gruesome glare,there were so many turns this situation could go and i wasn't on going with violence. And with a final look I turned around exiting from the room."Hey worthless Human" She snapped calling at me but I kept on walking out of the room down the hall.I could hear a tapped heel chasing after me. Still didn't give a damn. Gabi was obviously trying to subdue her which I knew she was failing. Not until I felt a hand grip my wrist,forcefully pulling me around. My eyes widened. Not at the psycho who stood right in front of me. But at the loosed beads which seemed to be escaping, bouncing around as each went their separate way,yelling for freedom. My bracelet. I stood there,frozen. I could feel my elevated breath. My mind jumped in confusion. It was my shield, it covered me and now gone. I was sure Gabi knew the turn in which things were going as she came beside me telling me it's okay,not to get upset. She knew to some extent how s
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Out of the cloud
Davina's POVMy heart pounded heavily as I could feel him on me. I was left utterly speechless, noticing him drifting closer to me. His fingers rummage softly on my lips sending waves of shivers on my entire skin. I had never felt this way before, never.
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