The Other Billionaire Brother

The Other Billionaire Brother

By:  Krista Lakes  Ongoing
Language: English
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The man I love is getting married. And it isn't to me. I've been in love with Jonathan for as long as I can remember. I loved him as a girl. I loved him as a teenager. I loved him as an adult. I love him still. But he doesn't love me. How could he? He's a billionaire and I'm just the butler's daughter. But when I attend a party in my Gucci dress and fancy heels, he sees me in a whole new light. And it couldn't have come at a worse time. His high-powered wedding is in two weeks. It falls to his older brother, Christopher, to protect Jonathan from himself. As always. And this time, that means spiriting me away and tempting me with my dream job on a tropical island. Here, I learn that Christopher is so much more than I ever gave him credit for. He gets me in a way no man ever has. His body completes me in ways I didn't even know possible. And the way he looks at me makes me think he could be the one. I've always been in love with Jonathan, but now that I've been with Christopher, I find I can't choose. Some people go their whole lives without finding one love of their life. Now I have to decide between two.

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35 Chapters
Chapter One
The man I love is getting married. And it isn't to me. I've been in love with Jonathan Lewis for as long as I can remember. I loved him as a girl. I loved him as a teenager. I loved him as an adult. I love him still. But he doesn't love me. In fact, I'm fairly sure he doesn't remember I exist. * * * “Something's wrong,” Julie says. “What?” I glance about, concerned and looking for something out of place. I don't see anything particularly wrong. I'm just sitting on the beach with a paper plate full of fruit like I always do after work. But, as Julie was my coworker up until an hour ago, I'm afraid she's going to tell me that there was something wrong with my job performance. She motions to the plate resting on my knees. “Something's wrong, isn't it? You've been here for ten minutes and you've barely eaten anything.” She frowns at me and then inspects the plate a little closer. “And you haven't eaten your mango. You never have uneaten mango.” I look down at my plate and see
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Chapter Two
I'm home. I feel it in my bones as the cab rolls past the immense iron gates. I hope that maybe I'll catch a glimpse of Jonathan. Maybe he'll be out in the garden and I'll be able to pass innocently by and say hello. It would be nice just to see him. The house comes into view. It's practically a castle. There are two tennis courts, multiple swimming pools, gardens, gazebos, patios, tea gardens, a koi pond, and a solarium. The house has sixteen bedrooms, a matching number of bathrooms, and three kitchens. The wine cellar is bigger than most houses. There's a good reason why this house needs a butler. The house is bigger and has more amenities than some hotels. The cab drops me off in front of the main house rather than the tiny apartment above the storage area. It's not a far walk, so I don't protest. I can pretend to this one cab driver that I belong here. That I'm not broke and from a poor family. I pay him, giving a good tip. As far as this cab driver is concerned, I'm the bill
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Chapter Three
The conference is packed to the point of being overwhelming. Every travel agent, hotel manager, social media guru, and everyone with an interest in becoming one is here with at least three others. I didn't expect it to be this crowded.Suddenly, I'm a little more nervous about my job prospects. I'm really good at what I do, but it's still hard to stand out in a crowd like this. How am I supposed to wow a company when there's fifteen other people trying to do the same thing?I attend a couple of sessions, and eat the conference luncheon, but I'm not really learning anything new. These classes are geared toward beginners, and I'm anything but that. There's only one more class for the day, but I can't really stomach the idea of sitting through another basic class on why having a social media presence is necessary, so I go out to the hotel lobby.The big hotel foyer leads to a bar and a restaurant as well as a comfortable seating area. There's a fireplace, but it isn't turned on since it'
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Chapter Four
I'm on cloud nine. If there were a cloud ten or eleven, I'd be on cloud fifteen. I'm going out on a date with Jonathan Lewis. The man I have loved since boys stopped having cooties. I'm positively giddy. He holds my hand as we walk out of the hotel lobby and across the street. My heels click on the sidewalk as we walk through the twilight. I see people look over at us and smile. I hope that they see two people who are meant to be together. The restaurant is way out of my price range. Most nice restaurants in the city are. Once again, I'm sure this is fate. The universe is setting me up for something amazing. Why else would I be wearing my best dress? Why else would Jonathan happen to be having dinner in the restaurant across from my conference. It's fate. It has to be. Jonathan goes to the check in desk and gives his name. The lobby for the restaurant is still packed with people, but the waitress simply waves Jonathan and me inside. I try to ignore the angry glares directed my w
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Chapter Five
I get to the hotel extra early the next morning, taking the first train into the city. I don't want Jonathan to see me leaving, so I make sure to leave well before he is even awake. I am excited about this surprise. I'm not sure how Jonathan is going to react when I tell him who I am. I hope he doesn't lose all interest in me once he finds out who I am. We had such a connection yesterday that I can't imagine that he'd be anything but excited. He's dated people not in his social sphere before. Still, I'm nervous. I barely slept last night and the few hours I did sleep were filled with wonderful dreams of Jonathan. For once, my dreams actually had some substance and weren't completely made up of conversations I'd wished we'd have. He isn't coming until the end of the day. I wish I had his phone number so I could tell him to come earlier. I hate waiting. The conference does nothing to help me pass the time time. I'm too distracted to focus on the classes. I make a couple of contacts,
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Chapter Six
Christopher sighs and puts his hands on the table. “No, he's not technically engaged. But he does have a ring. And he has asked her father for permission. He just hasn't asked her yet.” I sink into my chair, this news hitting me like a punch to the gut. “I think he has a fear of commitment,” Christopher continues. “He keeps pushing it off. He keeps finding excuses and looking for reasons to back out.” “So he lied to me.” I stare at Christopher's hands on the table. They are beautiful hands with long fingers and carefully trimmed nails. I'm waiting for the tears, but they haven't come yet. Perhaps I'm still just in too much shock. Maybe it's just the public setting. “Technically, no. He's not engaged.” I look up at Christopher. “But he really is,” I say. “He has someone who loves him. Someone that isn't me. He didn't tell me he was taken.” “Can you blame him?” Christopher shakes his head. “The man who can barely commit to wearing the same shirt an entire day met a beautiful, funn
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Chapter Seven
“Did you have a nice time at the conference yesterday?” Dad asks. He comes and joins me at the small kitchen table, coffee cup in hand. He's almost ready for work, his suit pressed and perfect. There are no wrinkles on his pants and his vest and jacket hang neatly from a hanger by the door. They're perfectly pressed, too. “The conference was fine,” I tell him. It's not a total lie. The conference itself wasn't bad. “You sure? You look exhausted this morning.” Dad raises one eyebrow, the coffee mug halfway to his mouth. He has the paper in the other hand. “I've just got a lot on my mind,” I reply. I spent most of the night tossing and turning, thinking about Jonathan and Christopher. I still don't know what I want to do. I don't know what the right thing to do it. “Okay. Well, I'm off to work. Apparently there's been some sort of incident today. It's going to be a busy day.” Dad loses the stern look and smiles at me. He gets up and rinses his mug in the sink before putting it in t
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Chapter Eight
The helicopter is waiting on the pad for us. The blades already whirl and spin as we approach, ready for us to take off. “We're taking the helicopter?” I ask, sure Christopher had said something about a plane. I realize that I have no idea where we are going. Christopher looks at the helicopter and then at me. “Saves time,” he explains as if it should be obvious. “The plane's waiting for us at the tarmac.” I frown, wondering what a helicopter like this must cost and what the hell I have gotten myself into. “What, you'd rather sit in traffic?” Christopher asks me. With that he walks out to the helicopter, right under the blades, and steps inside. He doesn't duck as he walks. He doesn't look afraid. He walks into the helicopter the way I walk into a subway car. Like it's something I've done all my life. I swallow hard and follow him. I duck low under the swirling blades. They're noisy and I can feel the wind they make. I pull myself up the stairs and into the cabin of the helicopt
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Chapter Nine
I finish my lemonade, but before I can even set the glass down, I have a fresh one. When you are the only customer, the service is pretty amazing. It probably helps when the boss is flying with you, too. Christopher finally finishes his business call. He looks to put the phone in a suit coat pocket, but since he's dressed casually, he has to adjust and put the phone in his pants. He looks awkward and annoyed. “Sorry about that,” he says as if we didn't just have a forty-five minute interruption. “Business.” “It's always business with you,” I reply. “That's my lot in life.” He shrugs, but doesn't deny it. He motions to the file in my hands. “So, what do you think?” “It looks like a great resort and hotel,” I tell him. “I'm not sure if it's a great price, though. I'm afraid I don't know what private islands are going for these days.” “It's a seller's market,” he says with a shrug. “If the amenities are what they claim to be, it could be a good investment. The nearby ecology sanc
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Chapter Ten
Blue skies and leafy green palm trees greet us. I step off the plane and take a deep breath in. If I ignore the scent of jet fuel, I can almost smell the ocean. It's different here than in New York. The ocean here is lighter and more tropical. The sun is different here, too. There's more yellow and colors seem brighter. A man in a dark blue suit is waiting for us at the base of the stairs. He's smiling as we carefully navigate the steps from the plane. Christopher leads. The wind whips at his brown hair and he squints in the sun. “Mr. Lewis, your suite is prepared and ready for you. As requested, there is a fax machine and video conferencing equipment available in your room,” the man says. Christopher glances in my direction. I cross my arms. He's not getting out of this. He doesn't get to fly me out here and leave me on my own. “Actually, that won't be necessary,” Christopher tells the man. “I'll be accompanying Nora.” “Of course, sir.” The man smiles and nods. “If you'll come
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