The Billionaire’s Baby Arrangement

The Billionaire’s Baby Arrangement

By:  Krista Lakes  Ongoing
Language: English
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From New York Times bestselling author Krista Lakes comes a sexy standalone novel about a billionaire and the indecent proposal he gives the local barista. Billionaire CEO Jackson Weathers needs a family for a PR boost, and I've signed a contract agreeing to give him one. A doting girlfriend in public. A wedding ceremony to invite all the socialites to. And finally, a baby for him to parade around, to show he's really a wholesome, down-to-Earth man. I've tried to remain cynical about it. He's going to make all my dreams come true. So what if it's supposed to be a loveless marriage? Only, his tenderness in private has me hooked. The way he kisses me drives me wild. When we make love, I lose myself to him. His body feels like it was meant to be on top of mine, like we fit together like two puzzle pieces. I can't help but begin to fall for him. I can't tell him, or I risk losing everything. And nobody else can find out about our little "arrangement" or it will destroy his reputation. Still, I feel like I have to know how he feels, before the marriage, before the baby, before I give my entire life over to him. Is it still just pretend?

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33 Chapters
Chapter One
Emma “Welcome to Coffee Shack, Mrs. Johnson.” Emma greeted her next customer with a smile. “Your usual?” The woman in a suit nodded, barely looking up from her phone. That was typical here. The coffee shop was located on the first floor of a downtown skyscraper with all sorts of important businesses filling the offices upstairs. W&W BabyCo held most of the floors, but there was also an internet company and a well respected law firm in the building. Everyone who came for coffee was usually busy with some sort of important work. “Grande triple mocha with almond milk,” Emma called out, taking Mrs. Johnson’s money. Emma handed the card back with a smile that Mrs. Johnson hardly acknowledged before stepping to the side for the next person to order. Emma grinned as she realized it was her best friend. “Hi, Grace,” Emma said warmly to her friend. “Hi, Sammy,” she said, waving to the little boy on Grace’s hip. “What can I get you?” “I need an extra shot today, Emma,” Grace told her, hiki
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Chapter Two
Jackson “What in the hell were you thinking?” The sound of the newspaper hitting Jackson Weathers’ desk was almost as loud as Jane’s question. Jackson looked up from his work to see a very angry woman glaring at him. “Just what in the hell were you thinking?” Jane repeated, her voice low and dangerous. She motioned to the newspaper. “Do you know how hard I have been working to change your image? And then you go and pull this shit?” Jackson glanced down at the paper to see the headline: “BILLIONAIRE PUBLIC SEX SCANDAL.” He had made front page news. Again. “I don’t remember doing that,” he said, frowning and looking closer at the picture. The picture was censored, but it was clearly him balls deep in some blonde chick at a bar. “It’s not really a flattering angle.” “You bastard,” Jane whispered. She shook her head. Her normally neat bun was coming undone and gray wisps of hair framed her face. “I can’t believe you’d do this.” “Do what?” Jackson scoffed. “The woman was of age and
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Chapter Three
Jackson Jackson evaluated Jane for a moment before speaking. He hated that she was making sense. The only change in the market was the addition of a new player. Jessica Balboa’s Innocence Company was doing something he wasn’t. “So, you want me to get married and have a baby,” he repeated back. “What if that’s not what I want? I’m not exactly looking to change my ways. I rather like a different model or actress in my bed every other night.” “And I’m not telling you that you can’t,” Jane replied, standing up straight. “Once you have this set up and people trust you again, you can go back to being the bad-boy billionaire. Until then, you have to be the epitome of fatherly love and trust. And that means no screwing up. I don’t care if it’s in a private setting or not. This is all or nothing. You can’t accidentally slip up with this.” She pointedly looked at the newspaper. He would have to say goodbye to his fun for a while if he agreed to this. He could understand that. If he had a wi
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Chapter Four
JacksonJackson’s hands sweated. They were sticky and hot, and he wiped them nervously on his pants the entire way down the elevator.He hadn’t been this nervous since junior high.Asking out women was easy. He could smile and get any woman he wanted to hop in his bed for the night with hardly any effort. However, the idea of asking Emma to marry him and have his child to save his company made him nervous.So, halfway down to the lobby, he decided he wasn’t going to ask her directly. He was going to take her to dinner. That made his palms dry a little, but his heart still raced in his chest. She still made him nervous. She had turned him down before. She was one of the few women that consistently told him no.He didn’t know why she said no to him. As far as he knew, she wasn’t seeing anyone, and even if she was, he was fucking Jackson Weathers. No woman said no to him. The fact that she could say no actually made him like her more. She was unobtainable.Maybe that was why his hands sh
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Chapter Five
Emma She spun to see Mr. Weathers leaning against the window to the coffee shop entrance. He wore a jet black suit that fit his broad shoulders and lean waist. He looked like he belonged on the cover of GQ. His perfect blond hair was somehow more perfect as he walked over. “Hi.” She wished she had something clever to say, but the only thing she could think of was “Welcome to the Coffee Shack,” and somehow that didn’t feel appropriate. “You look absolutely stunning,” he told her. “I’m going to have the prettiest date at the restaurant.” She grinned, enjoying the compliment. “Thank you.” She smoothed the green satin of her dress. “This is amazing and so much more than anything I could have expected.” He grinned. “That’s kind of the point.” Her smile widened. No wonder women fell over themselves to be with him. “Well, thank you.” “Let me see you spin,” he requested. She slowly spun in a circle, loving the way the heavy fabric took the motion and swirled around her ankles when she
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Chapter Six
Emma Emma tried to keep her knee still. She tried not to bounce it up and down, but she couldn’t help but move it. She was nervous now as the car sped along the road to Jackson Weathers’ apartment and her knee couldn’t hold it in. Jackson had something planned for her. He wanted to discuss something, and she had no idea what it could possibly be. Plus, they were going to his house. Where he took all the women he slept with. Now that it was really happening, she was nervous. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. He kept up comfortable small talk the entire short trip back to his luxury high rise apartment. If she hadn’t been too busy thinking about the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties, she would have been able to admire the building. It was old and beautiful with a literal golden elevator to bring them to the penthouse suite. He scanned his thumbprint in the elevator and smiled at her. “You’re nervous, aren’t you?” he asked. “Maybe a little,” she said. “I’ve never b
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Chapter Seven
Emma Should she marry a man for money? The question floated around Emma’s mind the moment she woke up. No. I shouldn’t, she decided as she made her coffee. I should marry someone I love. I should keep dating, despite my lack of success, and it’ll happen. I still have a few years before I need to worry about the biological clock. She sipped her coffee, pleased with her decision for a whole thirty seconds. Yes, I should, she decided as she ate her cereal. She liked Jackson. He made her smile and she could see a future with him. Plus, the money from being his wife would make her dream job come true. She could work with any marine animal she pleased. She could buy the freaking marine park. She took a shower, mulling over the pros and cons. No, I shouldn’t. I should love the man I have a child with. That was always the plan. Yes, I should. Jackson would love the child and provide for it unconditionally. This child would be better cared for than most children in the world. She would
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Chapter Eight
Jackson Jackson Weathers paced the floor of his office. For the second time this week, he was nervous and it drove him crazy. Emma was on her way up to see him. She’d told him that she’d made her decision and was coming to speak to him about it. And now he was terrified she was going to say no. He’d been pleasantly surprised by how much fun he’d had on their date. It was something that he’d done hundreds of times, but she made it fresh and fun. He loved that she actually enjoyed eating and could hold a conversation that wasn’t entirely about herself or celebrity gossip. And that kiss. He’d taken three cold showers to deal with the feelings that popped up each time he thought of that kiss. She was something special and he could only hope that she was going to come up here and say yes. He wasn’t sure what he’d do if she turned him down. A timid knock on the door drew his attention. “Come in,” he said, hoping it didn’t sound too forceful. He didn’t want to scare her away. Her da
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Chapter Nine
Emma Jackson parked the car and ran around to open her door for her. It was a simple gesture, but it felt nice. It made her feel taken care of. Wanted. “You said you’ve never been sailing, so I thought I would take you,” Jackson explained, leading her down to the pier. Docked along the side was a beautiful sailboat. Emma had no knowledge on sailing other than pirates did it, but she could tell this boat was nice. It wasn’t the biggest in the marina, but it had something to it that told her it was probably the most expensive sailboat there. “Her name is the Techno Volante,” he said, guiding her to the gangplank. “Welcome aboard.” “Do I need to call you Captain?” Emma asked, carefully putting her foot on the gangplank. The boat bobbed slightly and she was glad she was watching what she was doing. “Only if you want to,” he replied. He winked at her, nearly causing her to lose her balance. “I like to be called Captain.” She grinned and stepped onto the boat. “This is beautiful,” sh
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Chapter Ten
Emma The sun hung above the horizon, shimmering with gold and scarlet as an island came into view. She had never been more happy to see solid ground in her life. For the first time, she understood why sailors always sounded so relieved to shout, “land ho!” She certainly felt like shouting it. Her stomach had calmed down since getting on the speedboat. She still wasn’t ready to eat a large meal, but she no longer felt like the world was trying to throw her off of it either. Emma mentally crossed off a sailing career as a future occupation. Jackson pulled the boat up onto the beach. The coarse sand grated against the hull of the ship as he made sure the boat was high enough on the beach not to get pulled out into the ocean with the tide. Jackson took a deep breath and turned to her. “I wasn’t planning on bringing you here. So, nothing’s ready. I had thought we’d sail to the yacht and eat there, but I don’t think you on a boat is a good idea for the rest of the evening.” “I would v
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