Alpha Chaste

Alpha Chaste

By:  Luna Bella  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alpha Chaste, a ruthless Alpha of Black Moon pack. No one knows his weaknesses not until Maeve came into the picture. He believes that having a mate is a weakness, an unnecessary bind, and a curse so he tried to reject her but the bind getting stronger. Maeve, who survived into purification of old packs. She turned into a rogue and decided to find her destiny from place to place. She learned various fighting techniques and researched various medical herbs in order to cure wolves. She didn't allow Alpha Chaste to get rid of her, instead, she made him proclaim in the whole pack that she is their Luna. Will the rivals succeed on using Maeve to defeat the pack? Or they will be surprised on what secrets of Chaste and Maeve hide?

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3 Chapters
Chapter 1. Encounter
Maeve POV"MAEVE, GO! RUN AWAY FROM HERE! MAEVE!" I heard my mother shouted frantically as I turned to face her. My eyes rounded from full of shock, my heart beats faster, thumping violently. "Mom!"I shouted hoarsely, standing in my feet shaking uncontrollably. I saw her running into my direction as the whole land of our pack started to be eaten by the underground mouth of soils with a huge and deep whole. "Mom!" I shouted back with all strength I can exert, seeing my mom being swallowed together with the houses and whole place in one snap. My whole world fell down.My mom, the Luna of pure white wolf. My dad, the Alpha of the pack and the whole community. They were all eaten by the Goddess of Earth—Paramethra.It was catastrophic. Devastating. The wolves howl are full of grief—like a song of melancholy. I fell into my knees and cried like there's no tomorrow. I wanted to get revenge and get all of them out of the goddess mouth but I know I am not capable of doing even a simple des
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Chapter 2. The Ghost Pack
Chaste POVI was able to return to my house, which is located in the center of our territory, but I felt myself burning from flames and my head was spinning.I opened the door while wobbling on my own feet, eager to get inside.“Alpha! Are you okay?” my Beta, Matthew, inquired as he opened the door, but I pushed him away, so I could enter. I walked into my house and sat dizzily on my sofa. My vision is still playing tricks on me, blurring and making it difficult for me to open my eyes.I groaned, feeling my chest ache, and undressed, tossing my robe on the table across from mine.“Is thaf blood in your shirt?” Matthew wondered out loud, about to check it, but I pushed him again.“Why aren't you healing?” he noticed, running into the small cabinet and retrieving the first aid kit.“Please allow me to assist—”“Give it to me,” I said sternly, trying to keep my voice steady.He placed the kit beside me, and I attempted to open it with my hand. I tried looking at the small box of first ai
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Chapter 3. Pregnant
Maeve POV My heart was racing as I stood in front of the Alpha door of the city's strongest pack. I'm not sure why I had the courage to go and offer the antidote for his wounds despite what he said last night.“This is your plan, Maeve; keep going,” I incentivized myself. I couldn't help but notice his deviance as soon as the door opened.“He's still wearing a mask?! Aish,” I grumbled to myself. I hovered over his posture once more, almost spitting at what I saw. Despite the fact that he was wearing a mask, this one was undeniably stylish. He's tall and muscular, with white skin and a beautiful face. Oh, my majesty! His long eyelashes, his deep blue orbs, then any woman who looks will surely shed panty in grace. That appears to be pulling and has the potential to drown someone simply by looking into his eyes.“Mate,” we both mumbled, causing everyone in the room to gasp.I still can't take my gaze away from his, and he can't either. Something seemed to be urging me to approach him an
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