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Let me go " " Never " " I don't want any of this I have someone my heart beats for please let me go " She wept uncontrollably ,nonstop it felt as if her world was coming to an end ,how on earth was she suppose to live with this monster ,how was she suppose to accept the fate that zeus( Father of all gods) had placed on her No she's no going to accept this ,infact she needs to escape from this hell hole . " I will never marry you infact I refused to be subjected to a life of mockery , My sister loves you why don't you go for her instead " " I don't want anyone else it's you I want ,when a king makes a declaration he doesn't go back on his word ,so listen careful you will be my wife, the mother of my children ,And my queen " Valerie parker ,A twenty two years old girl living her life in a peaceful environment ,not minding what people think about her , Until king Edward theodore, A tyrant king ,many call him the son of the devil .came into her life ,she tried all her best to resist the monster but it since the monster wouldn't want to.let her go for any reason ,she had no option but to accept how fate . find out what happened in this mind blowing Romance .

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99 Chapters
Chapter 1
Edward pov : " Long live the king " " Long live the king " The crowd kept singing my praises immediately I walked into the court room just then Samuel walked up to me . " Congratulations your majesty on your victory today ,you made us proud today am sure your enemies will bow their head in shame " " Samuel I never asked you for your compliments tell me what happened in the palace at absence " " Nothing much your majesty ,it's just that your mother has been asking about you for a while now " " So what ,speaking about my mother what is she still doing in the palace " " Well your majesty with all due respect I think you should ask her that yourself, because she has been feisty of late " " I think you are forgetting your position in this palace or should I remind you " " No My king please forgive my stupidity ,I thought that the victory you achieved today will lighten up your mood please forgive me I wasn't thinking straight " " Good to know that you where not thi
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Chapter 2
Edwards pov I Retired back to my chambers after a long trip ,I was tried and stressed out at the same time ,Just then Samuel came with a message . " Long live his majesty " " What the problem Samuel " " Your soon to be wife is here to see you " " Samuel am tired and I need to rest tell her to go and come back a day after tomorrow " " I already told her that My Lord but she insist on seeing you infact she has been causing unnecessary chaos outside your chambers " At that point I was really sick and tired of that lady but how did I get myself into this mess at first . " Okay Samuel send her in " " As you wish your majesty " When Samuel left the room ,I decided to pour my self a glass of wine to cool my head a little, Just then the door was burst opened . " Edward why are you stopping me from seeing you ,I have been waiting outside your chambers for an hour now and does stupid guards did not let me come in ,I want them fired immediately " " Why are you here
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Chapter 3
Valerie pov . " Valerie !! Valerie wake up sleepy head " I was feeling so sleepy but I really need to rest ,I had a lot to do and Just when I thought its the Right time to Sleep ,Am being disturbed . " Valerie stop acting as if you are not hearing My voice ,you need to get up now ,Expect you want mother to be mad at you " " Please bethel can you just let me sleep for a while Am tired gosh !" ' I know you are tired but we have to go now " " Hell No I really don't want to go anywhere with you guys I want to rest my head " " So you are trying to say you haven't slept all through the night " " Well I was busy " " Busy doing what ,Talking to your boyfriend " Whatever , And beside why do you want to know everything about me just let me be " " I know but we have to get going now " I Refused to stand up from my bed just then I heard my mother screaming my name . " Valerie get your ass off that bed right now " " Indeed the madam of the house has spoken ,I qui
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Chapter 4
Valerie pov When we came downstairs ,my mother was already waiting for us , " What took you so long " " Sorry mom I had to take a shower " " I Wouldn't accept lateness " " We are sorry mum " " Enough !! let's go I don't want us to be late " " Okay mom " She picked up her bag and We quickly followed her to avoid more problems . Bethel was busy adjusting her dress ,why I just kept stirring at her . " Bethel can you please stop acting like a slot " " Stop talking nonsense Valerie am only trying to look good for my self " " You mean and For the king " " Whatever" We arrived at the palace , it was a beautiful sight to behold ,Indeed this is The real definition of wealth , Bethel mouth was opened wide , At first I was short off words but I decided to come back to My senses . " Bethel could you please close your mouth " " Stop talking nonsense , Valerie are you seeing what am seeing " " Yes I am it's a beautiful place ,But it's meant for the rich not li
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Chapter 5
Edward pov : I Woke up the next morning feeling so fresh and New again after staying away from my castle for a whole month . I Freshened up and was about to take a glass of wine when Samuel walked in . " Good morning my king " I turned to look at him . " Samuel it since that you have been too familiar with My chamber that you forgot to knock before coming in " " Am sorry your majesty but I think it's important you appear at the court room "You know I don't respond well with commands " " Sorry my Lord it's not a command it's just that the council request your presence in the court room " " Why do they want to see me? Are they plotting to dethrone me again " " I Don't know much about that your majesty " " Tell them I will be with them shortly " " As you wish My Lord " He walked out of my chamber, I stood there staring at his disappearing figure ,I quickly grabbed my coat and walked out of My chamber I decided to take the hallway today ,just then I notice
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Chapter 6
Valerie pov . I tried all I could to dismiss this young man , something was definitely not right about him but the nevertheless I had to focus on my job so as not get into trouble with lady Theresa that woman has no joy in her . I continued focus on my job ,I decided to go to the kitchen to speak to bethel when I mistakenly bumped into something hard . I look up to see what it was ,but I got the greatest shock of my life to see sir Benjamin standing in front of me . " Boom!!! surprise so you think I wouldn't find you right " My mind was racing fast . " Who the heck is this Guy why is he everywhere " I was still lost in thought when his deep voice bought me out of my imagination . " What are thinking about " " Nothing ,why are you following me " " I wasn't following you girl you bumped into me and you have to apologize for that " " Yes I know I bumped into you but if you weren't following me it wouldn't have happened " " Say sorry " " Sir Benjamin I don
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Chapter 7
Edward pov . Immediately she was out of sight I became furious ,I had so many thought running through my mind, when I arrived at my chambers and asked one of the guards stationed outside to call Samuel for me . In less that than two seconds Samuel ran into to my chambers . " My king you sent for me " At first I was speechless because everything happened so fast I mean for the first time in my life I was so angry that I couldn't vent the anger on anything ,I just stood there staring at him . " My king are you okay " His voice was echoing in the room , everything she said to me was repeating itself just then Samuel's voice bought me out of my world of imagination . " My king you sent for me " "Samuel !!!" I screamed out his name with a loud voice ,I could tell the whole castle was in a chaos . " My king am standing right in front of you" " Explain to me why the tax tripled " ' That was what I was trying to explain to you my king but you refused to listen to me
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Chapter 8
Valerie pov : I couldn't get him off my mind,I rushed into the kitchen to find bethel doing the dirty dishes . " Hello sister " " What !!" Oops she sounded so angry with the way she replied to me , One could tell that she was pissed off . " So tell me why are you angry " " What's the point of explaining Myself to you " " Come on talk to me Am your sister " " That bitch just spoiled everything for me " " Who are you talking about if I may ask " " Lady Theresa of course why can't she Just mind her business ,I was supposed to have met with the king by now, But No she transfered me to the kitchen .The kitchen Val can you imagine that " " Oops tsk ..tsk.. so sorry dear but I think she read your mind even before you carried out your plans hahaha ..." " It's not funny , I was this close to get to the king , This close but she just spoiled everything for me " " Hahaha girl you need to see the Look on yourself it's so horrible, My God don't worry I think someday yo
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Chapter 9
Edward pov . I couldn't sleep although the night ,I became so restless that I decided to take a walk . I Left my sleeping chambers and came downstairs , Why walking through the hallway I saw a shadow following me ,But pretended not to see anything . I Took another turned and walked towards the other side of the castle , the shadow seems not to stop following me .I stopped and turned towards the direction . " Could you stop following me just come out " Little by Little a small boy came out from his hide out ,I went down on my knees and picked him up . " So tell me what where you doing following me " " Uncle I couldn't sleep " " So you had to follow your uncle ,you shouldn't do that you know ,they are so many danger moving around the castle by this time of the night " " You mean dangerous things " " Yes and trust me you don't want to get hurt child ". " You mean something dangerous like you , Well if it's not as dangerous as you are then I don't think I have to
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Chapter 10
Valerie pov . When I finally got home my mother and bethel were no back yet , So I quickly went Into the kitchen to prepare dinner for everyone ,but I was lost in deep thoughts ,I Really don't know what happened to Eric .He promised to wait for me but I really don't know why all of a sudden he wanted s*x badly . I kept murmuring words to my self . Just then bethel walked in . " Val what's the matter " I was lost in thought that I didn't hear when she called out to me she tapped my shoulder . " Valerie , Valerie " Immediately I heard her voice I quickly came back from my thoughts . " Oh my God bethel you scared me " " Sorry about that ,But I saw you talking to yourself so I really wanted to know what happened ,Did you see Eric " " Oh yes I did but there was something strange about him " " Strange what could that be " " When I met him at his working place he started demanding for s*x" " What are you serious ,Haha oh my God you should have given it to him anyway
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