The Alpha's Substitute Luna

The Alpha's Substitute Luna

By:  Harmeen  Completed
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UNDERGOING MINOR EDITS Hazel is caught up in a whirlwind of desires. The desire of the pack’s Alpha, Austin to avoid being mated to his ex, Catherine, and he decides to choose her as his mate instead, lacking any other option. Her own desire to have him all to herself from the very first day she met him, and Catherine's desire to assume the position she believes is rightfully hers. He suddenly pulled me to his body, and buried his face in my neck. I could feel his breath on my neck, and my breath stopped in my throat, my body shaking from his proximity. I could now scent him. Pine. It was the most prominent. I thought he would let me go after that, but I suddenly felt his teeth dig into my neck, his hand pressing on my waist and he pulled my body close to his, till there was no distance between us. Till we were almost one. I had to stifle the gasp that almost left my lips as he finally drew blood. I was marked. But I wasn’t his mate. COVER IMAGE DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. GOTTEN FROM PINTEREST. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.

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115 Chapters
An Omega's Attraction
There are parts of my life that I simply can't forget, like the day my father died, the day I officially became an omega, and the day I saw Austin for the very first time.The first two shrouded my life in complete darkness, showing me no other way out than to embrace whatever dirt I got on my face.But then, the last. It was still the freshest in my mind, the one that resonated with me the most.It has, through the pitch black darkness in my life, offered me a difference. A ray of hope. A reason to wake up not wanting to end my miserable life. It was the only reason I was still here, the only reason I will be here for a long time.It had been on the pack's annual thanksgiving festival, and Austin, the Alpha interim was heading it.I remember that epic moment in my life, when he had walked up to the elevated position and stood there, giving the first vote of thanks, and prayer.I was, of course, where the Omegas needed to be. At the back, behind everything. Missing out on everything.
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Flip Side Of The Coin
It had been a memorable night for me, and for a long time after that, Austin's face stuck in my mind like a banner.I kind of didn't want to lose it, though. I love staring at it, and even though I knew I got sadder every tine I saw him but didn't get any closer, it still comforted me to a very great extent.Two weeks after the night of the thanksgiving, was the full moon, and then, Alpha Austin was expected to find his mate. Naturally, Omegas would be excluded from the event, especially since they didn't want the Alpha blood tainted.I spiraled further into depression. The love I have held on to longer than I have held on to anything was about to fade into nothing but dust.I hated it.Even more since I wouldn't even attend it.All I could do was watch from the sidelines, and help fix the ceremony."Eve?"She was my friend, who practically lived with me."What now, Hazel? You want to keep crying about how you have seen the alpha and is somehow crazily falling for him that you always
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I stayed there watching for a while, the tears stinging the back of my eyes. It hurt so much that I was watching the man I wanted to protect being hurt this bad.He stood there, his eyes closed, probably replaying all the memories that would only serve to hurt and torment him from now on.He turned away and sat, facing the small lake.I could only imagine how much he was going through. If I lost sleep because of a man whose love I have never experienced, how about him who had gotten used to the love and is suddenly deprived of it?I watched him put his legs into the lake, not minding that his trousers would get wet, he just plunged them in.I made to turn away. I guess this was his private moment, and he would hate to know that someone else was intruding in it. Especially in his most vulnerable moment.I turned away, my steps slow and cautious, before I stepped on a large twig, causing it to break under my foot. It made a loud noise, and I instinctively turned towards the Alpha to mak
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Missing Alpha's Seal and The Encounter With Alpha Austin
“What do you mean you broke up? You guys were so in love, I am sure you guys still are.” I forced him to release me and look at me, but the sobs that were reverberating through his body did not let him raise his head to me.“I am so sorry, Hazel. But…I just can’t stand being with her when she hates you so much. She said things about you, said things about me and you…it would be bad of me to just leave you because I want to be with her. We go back way longer.”This can’t be happening. The exact thing that Alpha Austin had warned me about was coming true and I couldn’t even do anything about it.“No. I don’t mind Simon. It doesn’t really matter. Do what makes you happy.”He shook his head. “No. We go too far back for me to leave you just like that.” He sniffed, then wiped his eyes with the back of his sleeve. “I will go up and be by myself for some time, okay? Is that alright?”I nodded and he walked away, to his tiny basement room. That was the sort of room most of us omegas had, and s
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The Substitute Mate
“I don’t understand.” I said, taking an instinctive step back. Alpha Austin turned to me and clasped his hands behind him, his hair falling in waves to his shoulder. I was finding it hard to concentrate on both him and the impending doom I sensed coming, and I felt torn between just basking in his allure or trying to defend myself.He took a step closer to me. “You have the Alpha’s seal. It is in your possession.”I saw Lily’s lips curve up in a smile.“I do not have any such thing. I just…I don’t even know what the alpha’s seal looks like.”He laughed heartily. “Lily, father will miss us at the ceremony. You can go back”I watched as Lily came to front of me, then smiled and then deliberately hit my shoulder as she walked away.Alpha Austin tied up his hair in man bun, then titled his head to the side as her footsteps faded away. We were now alone, and it was even more terrifying.“Are you saying you don’t have the alpha’s seal?”“I really don’t, alpha. I don’t even know it.” I said,
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Welcome To The Family
I swallowed as the crowd started to cheer. Alpha Austin has found his mate, but she is over there. Not me. The woman he is holding.“The Alpha has found his mate, seer. Bless them.”The seer nodded. She was a blind old woman who always kept her eyes closed, but whenever she opened them, they have the moon reflected in them.I watched as she wake up to us, a small smile on her face. She held the water in her hands and it shook slightly from the slight tremble of her body, but it did not fall.“May the moon Goddess…”“Excuse me.” I turned and Catherine was looking at me like she was about to kill me.“This is all a sham. I am the alpha’s mate. I am the only one with the alpha’s scent.”The seer stopped what she was doing and turned to her.My heart was beating wildly in my chest, my body trembling. The seer would know if I was his mate. And I will take the fall alone. It would be even worse if that was to happen.I looked at Alpha Austin who had a small smug smirk on his face.“Oh. Cath
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Till Forever
"Alpha?" I said as I walked behind him to the very spot where I had seen him get his heart broken brutally. Where all of this had started. He turned to me. "Yes?" His hair had somehow fallen in front of his eyes, shielding half of his face from view. "Well...the grand alpha said to come be with you. To get to know you..." He nodded. "Give it up." "Give what up?" I asked, confusion in my voice. "Give up trying to know me. I know you are in love with that omega, Simon. I am sure you know who I am in love with too. So It's best we just keep this act at the surface." He was brutal as he turned away to face the full moon. "I am not..." I stopped. Did it even matter? I did know who he was in love with. "Up until when? Up until when am I going to fill the shoes of your mate?" "Till forever." He answered simply. "What if my mate comes?" I saw his fingers that had been scraping along his palm stop, as he slowly turned to me. His eyes were dark, and when he spoke, his voice was just
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She Is The One I Want
Alpha Austin immediately released me, then turned away leaving my back feeling cold and empty. It was weird how used to his warmth I got in a mtter of minutes, and how much I craved to have him back. Hell, I needed him back. But I was just the chanced Luna. The Omega who is going To depend on a man who isn't even hers for her title in the pack."Al...""You can go now." He said, cutting me off.I nodded meekly and left, the same way Catherine did. She had this effect on him that I wish I had, this hold on the reins of his neart that I would go to the ends of the world in order to get. But it wasn't happening, and I knew.I walked back slowly to the now dispersed gathering. Simon and Eve were still there, probably waiting for me, and Eve ran to me the minute she saw me. Simon followed, but much slower."How was it?""It was perfect." I answered with a small smile."You are one lucky omega, you know that? Alpha Austin dumped that stuck up she-wolf Catherine for you. It sure is a love me
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All Is Fair In Love And War
"You know you don't want her, alpha. You are taking her from everyone else because you know you can. Because you know she is only a lowly omega who will go with you wherever you ask her to go." Simon pulled me closer to him, and Alpha Austin nodded.He slowly let go of my hand, a small smile on his face. "How about I show you just how true that is?" He stepped away from me, the same smile still on his face."I won't let her go with you."Alpha Austin laughed, then looked at me. "I will wait for you at home." He said simply and turned away.When he had said I was the one he wanted, I had dared to let my crazy heart flutter. There was no mate bond between us, so what would I count on to bring him back to me? Nothing at all.Knowinh that, I slowly released myself from simon's grip. I had nothing to bank on, and now, with just one taste, his lips on my neck, his hands on my waist, I am like some stupid she wolf on drugs. "You want to prove him right? You want to leave and run to him like
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The Mate or Her More Desperate Substitute?
"Catherine." It was the first word I saw when I opened my eyes. Austin had his back to me and just a little lower than his shoulder was the name in a beautiful cursive.My breath hitched in my throat as I sat up on the bed. I didnt know if he was asleep, and I didn't even know where to go to. Should I go back to the pack house?I am sure the grand alpha and Lily would be around this morning. And the countless omegas that worked in the house too.But I couldn't stay here and watch his tattooed back like this. I sat there, lost and my palms covering my face. I suddenly heard himmove, and I lifted my head up."You're awake." He said to me."Just a minute ago." He stood up from the bed, and grabbed his shirt. I had been the one to remove it last night, but after that..."Alpha...last night...""You called me Austin last night, I am sure."I swallowed. "Yes. Austin...last night...""You made a promise you are not sure you are going to be able to keep."I lifted my eyes to him. "I guess I
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