The Alpha's Highschool Bitch

The Alpha's Highschool Bitch

By:  Sibisulikhona  Ongoing
Language: English
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You know those peaple that plan their futures ahead,like who they are going to marry and how many dogs they will have.Well yep that was me.See what I did there with the "was".My mate changed all that and how I saw everything but trust me,it was not at all easy but definitely worth it in the end.

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23 Chapters
Chapter one
Emma's point of viewHi.My name is Emma.As you all have guessed I'm the Alpha's Highschool Bitch.I was the Queen Bee of Beverly hills Highschool and I ruled them all with an iron fist until I graduated.Just kidding,being a little bit extra there.I won't lie I slept with most of the boys there but one thing you probably don't know is that this is a school for supernaturals only.So there were alot of yummy dicks and pussies to suck from the witch boys to the werewolves,werecats,lycans,vampires,angels,dragons and so many more.Our werewolf King ruled over the humans and their petty government without them knowing.They only knew that werewolves,vampires and witches existed but were to find them;they had no clue.So basically all the continents were under us supernaturals to rule and we enjoyed every moment of it.Growing up in a family where both parents were warriors meant that I was the only child but my monthly allowance was worth it.
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Chapter two
Emma's point of view"Next"A small petite blonde girl stepped forward with the number five on her pink sports bra.She looked pretty not badass with average boobs,ass,small figure and pretty long legs.She definitely looked like someone who'd get down on both knees for a dick."What's your name babes.""Brittany.""Thanks.You can start when your ready."I sat there on the captains chair watching Brittany perform her little routine for us.Her breasts bounced as she jumped up and down,her lips crashed together as she sang and her legs split wide open when doing her splits in the air.Damn it.Wide enough for me to bury my ton..."Hey Emma you okay.""Y-yeah.Please tell me I wasn't...""Staring at her while she was performing and having sexual thoughts about her."Fuck."Di
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Chapter three
Emma's point of viewI woke up at the break of dawn as I felt someone's leg hooking itself with one of my own.I fluttered my eyes open as a yawn was threatening to escape past my lips.Adjusting my eye sight I sat up noting that Mike had already left but judging on how warm his side still is I'm guessing it hasn't been that long.I turned onto my left side coming face to face with Cathy's blue hair sprawled all over her pillow.I took in her features noting how bruised her lips were and all the dark purple love bites Mike and I left all over her shoulder blades,neck and breasts."You know you look just as bad as I do."A smirk broke out as I stared into her light brown eyes as she sat up adjusting herself on my bed never breaking eye contact.My duvet covers not being able to cover up her whole upper body revealed her now firm pink breasts standing out for all of heaven to see."Are
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Chapter four
Emma's point of view"Okay I definitely think that Adrien is hotter than Brody I mean have you seen how well built he is,no wonder why his parents made him Alpha of Blood moon pack instead of his older brother.""Yeah."I replied."But what his parents did wasn't fair,dumping all that Alpha work on him and I was planning on asking him to be my date for the senior prom.Now I guess I'll have to look for someone else."Cathy's laughter echoed throughout the whole kitchen as my parents both walked in looking exhausted.As if they planned it they both walked into the kitchen one after the other in perfect sync.Whilst my mom went around Cathy's side and placed a kiss on her forehead dad came round my side and placed his arm around my shoulders crushing me."Dad!"I all but yelled."Morning to you too angel.Morning Cathy.""Morning Uncle Be
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Chapter five
I smiled as the wind kept on blowing my hair everywhere as Adrien zoomed past several cars with the rest of the gang right behind us. I had been trying to figure out where we were going but had no luck.I smiled everytime I caught Adrien looking at me with what I think is adoration,it has to be right.Aagh fuck why can't I just tell him how I feel."Simple, your a pussy."I rolled my eyes before facing the front of the car.My mood already ruined.I glanced at Adrien again before turning towards my my window.Why can't he just be my mate."Cause your a pussy, pussy, pussy."With slight irritation towards my werecat I blocked her.The last thing I need is her annoying voice ringing in my head.My sour mood turned into a joyful one as rare by Selena Gomez came up. Every single word sang by Sel
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Chapter six
Emma's point of viewZipping up my white knee length dress I turned around staring at myself in the mirror.My hair was curled on the ends and pulled to the side revealing my right side of my neck,the side where Adrien's mark would be if he was mine, emotionally and physically.But sadly my one wish hasn't and will never come true.My dress contained one single thick string that went around my neck and one single oval shape in the valley of my breasts.Luckyly it doesn't reveal too much cleavage perfect for tonight since adults will be present, and perhaps it will help convincing Adrien.My dress is tight around the waist but free and beach like at the end.My make up wasn't too much with just blush and light pink gloss and lastly pairing it with small diamond stud earrings."Fuck Ems do you think this is okay."Turning around I stared at my cousin taking in her sky blue puffy dress that ends just four
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Chapter seven
Emma's point of viewMy blood had already run cold by now,every single part of my body was still and no words could come out.I could not tell how he was feeling as has he's eyes were glowing bright blue and they seemed to be the only thing trapping me in place.Adrien's loud huffing brought me back to reality and I was suddenly aware of how wrong and messed up this was.Adrien and I were still joined together,with my dressed raised up till my waist,my lipstick smudged and my back up against a random tree.Oh man what will my mates parents think of this wait,what will our pack think of this.I am screwed."That was amazing,we should do it again some time."Lord no.Please just shut up Adrien,now is not the time.I continued to stare at my mate who looked like he was not going anywhere but not staying either.I tried opening my mouth to say something,anything but nothing came out.Eventually Adrien must have noticed my lack of excitement beca
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Chapter eight
Emma's point of viewThis is a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting me and this book,I love you guys so much and thank you for the amazing support.Enjoy."Your what!"Stuttering I replied."Well I'm not yet sure but I think I am,I mean I haven't had my periods and a month is nearly over."Cathy looked very uncomfortable and in disbelief as she kept on tugging her hair making it a messy bundle whilst John looked like he would rather much be somewhere else than here,not that I blame him.Finally after calming down Cathy turned to me sighed placing her hands on my shoulders."First thing is first tomorrow during lunch we'll leave school with John and get a check-up and see if your really pregnant.""What I can't tag along."I felt very uncomfortable as John looked like he wanted nothing to do with me or
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Chapter nine
Emma's point of viewHey guys thank you for all the support I really am thankful.Whose point of view would you guys love to read next.What country are you reading this from.What!Shocked I looked around to see everyone staring at me,some shocked and most happy but me,I was shocked to death and so was Cathy and most especially John.Even after what happened he still thought of me as his mate,wow.Shocked I stared at Cathy for help but she just quickly tilted her head in my mates direction."Go quickly before he changes his mind.""But Cathy what if he wants to embarrass me infront of everyone.""Then take that chance dummy,your the one in the wrong remember."Nodding my head I put on my best smile and made my way towards the stage with my head held high and shoulders squared.Once I reached the stage he came forward ho
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Chapter Ten
Emma's point of viewFuck.Completely caught off guard I mumbled trying to find the right words.How is my luck turning around so quickly in just a few hours."Uumm which Adrian exactly."I know I probably looked like an idiot infront of him but that was the only thing that I could think of.I should have known that this question was coming sooner than I thought.Damn it.Flashing him a nervous grin I watched him closely as he faced down drawing in a deep breath before looking at me,holding out his hand.He can't murder me right.Shaking a bit I offered him my hand and let him lead the way whilst intertwining our fingers making me a bit uncomfortable but I said nothing.Walking back to the party I was shocked and completely caught off guard when Luca took me to the private section for alpha's and important members of each pack only.No no no.Entering the room I cringed a bit when his parents came into view
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