Betrayed The Mafia - Cruel Intentions Series Book One

Betrayed The Mafia - Cruel Intentions Series Book One

By:  Peyton Iuga  Completed
Language: English
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“It’s not love. It’s a dangerous Obsession.” Killian (Kill) O’Clery is the next in line for the leadership of the Irish MOB in New York City. Killian is cold, manipulative and ruthless. Kill spent his entire life being trained to take the position he aspires to hold, but betrayal is something he didn’t expect. He didn’t see it coming. His life turns upside down when the most beautiful curvy girl crosses his path and brings him to feel things he never dared to before. Ashley (Ash) Walsh is a sensual and charismatic plus-size woman with a low self-esteem that catches the attention of two of the most dangerous Mafia men in New York. Her boyfriend is involved deeper in crimes than she has ever imagined, but her saviour is even more dangerous than the man she is attached to. Will Killian be able to rescue the woman he fell in love with? How will he deal with the betrayal he will face as he tries to save the woman of his dreams? This book is the first one, and it will be a trilogy. This book is a part of the Carnival Contest. It contains themes that might be disturbing to some readers.

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59 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Job interview
Ashley POV“Hello, I’m here to see Mr Tobias?” I let out as I approach the lady behind the desk in the reception area. “Do you have an appointment booked?” she asks, and I nod my head telling her that he requested me to meet him at nine. She looks at her desktop and then smiles at me.“Seventh floor, the elevators are on the right. His secretary is waiting for you”, she says, and I smile, thanking her before holding on tighter to my bag. I walk to the lift and take a deep breath. Once the door dings open on the seventh floor, I lift my head high and walk out. “Miss Walsh, Tobias is waiting for you”, she says, and I smile, nodding my head and following her as she starts walking down the corridor. She is blonde and tall, and her high heels click all the way to the office at the end of the corridor. “Tobias, Miss Walsh is here”, she says, opening the door wide for me to walk in. I walk into the office, and I am taken back by the magnitude of the office. Everything is dark wood, and Mr
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Chapter 2 - Love at first sight
Killian POV“Boss, we are all set”, I hear Theo say behind me. I turn around facing him and he smiles as he walks towards me, his shirt covered in blood. Theo is a sick bastard, he takes pleasure in torturing people. It makes him hard to see blood and the begging for their lives. I feel bad for the girls he has sex with. I shake my head as he cleans his hands on his jeans. “Where’s Elliot?”, I ask and he shrugs looking around at the dead bodies all spread around me. “Fuck, what happened here?”, he asks and now is my turn to smile. He looks at me with his eyes glowing as I point at a chair in the end of the room. I have captured one of the bastards that tried to kill me today. “Shall we find out?”, I ask and he smiles walking towards the guy. He is shaking, his eyes on the floor and Theo bends in front of him to be at eye level. Resting his hand on the guy’s shoulder. “Hello there”, he says flashing a smile. I rest my back against the wall as Theo starts to ask all the questions I
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Chapter 3 - Those eyes
Ashley POV“What’s your name?”, the handsome stranger asks and I smile looking up into his beautiful blue eyes. His thick Irish accent flowing from his mouth. I lick my lips.“Ashley, but my friends call me Ash”, I blurt it out and he smiles, making my core shake. I shake my head slightly and remind myself that I have a boyfriend and I shouldn’t be dancing with a stranger. “I’m Killian”, he says and I repeat his name out loud, “Killian”. He smiles and pulls me closer to him turning me around making my back rub against his front. I can feel his junk rubbing against my ass and that makes me feel things. Things I shouldn’t be thinking. I turn around facing him and shake my head looking into his eyes and without another word I start moving fast between the dancing bodies getting away from him. “Hey lass”, I hear his voice calling from behind me but I ignore him and walk straight into the ladies room slamming the door behind me. I take a deep breath resting my back against the door and I
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Chapter 4 - Italian?
Killian POV“Do you have the folders I asked you about?”, I ask Elliot and he nods his head passing me a black folder over my desk. Immediately I open it and pull the stack of papers out of it and start reading.“Who’s the lass?”, Elliot asks and I look at him for a split second and then continue reading about her. Elliot is seating on the other side of the desk eyeing me up when Theo walks in without knocking.“We have a problem”, Theo says as he sits next to Elliot and looks between us raising his eyebrows. “What happened?”, Elliot asks straight away while I put the bunch of papers down not really believing what I am reading. “Well?”, I let out and he looks at me. “That bastard from the Italians wants a meeting with you”, Theo says and I nod my head slightly. that’s not happening. I am not falling for another ambush. I look down at the papers again and a photo of Ashley smiling appears between the papers and I hold it up in front of my eyes. Theo notices the photo and rips it off
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Chapter 5 - Insecurities
Ashley POVI have been avoiding Tobias the last couple of days, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me, but I can’t seem to let go of those blue eyes. And Beth wants to go out again tonight as it is Saturday and none of us work Sundays. I try to make myself look presentable in front of the mirror but since that night I haven’t been able to feel sexy. I feel like everyone is just trying to make fun of me.I hear my doorbell and I open the door knowing perfectly well that Beth will be straddling in, looking like a model while I look like a Orca in this black and white dress that does nothing for my figure. I put some light lipstick and smile as Beth walks into my house.“What the fuck are you wearing?”, she asks as she looks at me from head to toe. I look at my body and shake my head. “It’s the only thing that will cover my body”, I reply and she shakes her head. “Bullshit”, she snarks at me as she walks into my closet and pulls out a short black dress. I look at it and shake my
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Chapter 6 - The confront
Killian POV“Kill, we have a situation at the Club that needs your attention”, Elliot says and I raise my eyes to his as I close my laptop.“Talk to me”, I say as I stand up after grabbing my gun and the rest of my personal belongings. He follows me out of the room and we walk down the corridor where Theo is already waiting for us. His face is dark. I frown looking at him and he shakes his head. “Girl problem”, Elliot whispers and I look back at Theo that is shooting daggers at Elliot’s back through his eyes. I shake my head as I push away the memory of Ashley’s body pressed against mine while we danced. We get into the SUV and Theo starts driving. He is driving like a fucking maniac. “What the fuck”, Elliot moans in the back seat as Theo speeds through the streets of New York. “Calm down lad”, I whisper and he looks at me with his eyes blazing. I have never seen him like this. He shakes his head and focus on the road in front of him again. “Are you going to tell us what happened
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Chapter 7 - The confront part 2
Ashley POV“Stay here, Angel. There’s some saltines and water on the mini-fridge”, Killian says, and I nod my head as I lay down on the leather couch. The cold surface sends a chill down my spine. Killian walks away and leaves me alone. I look around the room and find it very intimidating. It’s all dark wood and has sharp edges with leather. I feel my stomach twisting again, so I stand up, and almost losing my balance I walk to the mini-fridge, grabbing a bottle of water. I open the cap and drink a little, deciding I want to go find Beth. I shouldn’t be here alone with Killian. I open the door and slowly walk down the stairs to realise the music has stopped playing. I get to the bottom of the stairs and can’t believe what I see right in front of me. I let out a gasp, and both my hands fly, covering my mouth as I see Tobias pointing a gun at Killian and vice versa. Why are they pointing guns at each other?“Babe, walk to me”, I hear Tobias say slowly with his eyes glued on Killian’s
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Chapter 8 - Not happy
Killian POV As soon as I slam my hand against the wall leaving a mark I regret it. The shooting pain up my arm makes me close my eyes as I take a deep breath through my nose. “What the fuck was that mate?”, Theo asks and I ignore his question walking towards the kitchen and opening the freezer. “Who used the last of the ice and didn’t replace it?”, I bark out loud as Theo and Elliot sit at the kitchen island looking at me in disbelief. I grab a bag of frozen pees and put it on top of my hand. I rest my ass against the kitchen sink while Theo and Elliot wait for me to explode. “What”, I ask in annoyance. They both look at me as if I am an alien. Great. I think I broke them. I look at them and I can almost see the wheels turning in their heads. “So? How are we going to do this?”, Theo asks and I let my head hang. I really don’t know. I want her away from that guy, he is bad news, not that I am much better but I would never let her get into dangerous situations like he is always le
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Chapter 9 - Wedding day
Ashley POV I look at myself in the mirror in horror. I can’t believe this is happening to me. I have no clue how I ended up in the middle of this mafia war. And now, because of this I am being forced to marry Tobias. I shake my head looking at my image in the mirror. My under eyes are dark, and I have a small cut on the right side of my lip. I never though Tobias would be the kind of man to touch a woman, but hey, how mistakes I was. To make things even worse he is not letting me see my friends or contact anyone. I don’t want to marry him. I thought I was involve with him, yes, I maybe thought about this day once or twice since the day I met him. But I never imagined being made captive and forced into marriage. There’s a knock on the door and I look back as it opens and I see Beth, her head peaking into the room. I run to the door and slam it opened pushing her inside as she wraps her arms around my body as I cry on her shoulder. “Shhhh, everything is going to be okay”, she whispe
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Chapter 10 - Wedding day part 2
Killian POV “Are we all ready to go?”, I look around the room while Theo and Elliot finish doing their ties. They look at me nodding their heads as Bobby opens the door and walks in. I look at him, as the head of the family he was invited with me to the wedding. We RSVP’d saying that Theo and Elliot would go with us but we Never got a response back. Bobby is holding his cane as he walks. He struggles walking lately and he looks old, I am afraid that he makes us look weak but we can’t replace him. We all follow him out of the room and towards the garage where our SUV awaits. Theo gets into the driver seat and Elliot sits in the front seat next to Theo while uncle and I sit in the back. We have another two SUV’s following us, one in the front and one in the back. I said we shouldn’t be sitting in the same car but Bobby thinks its nonsense because no-one will attempt anything today. Today is an important day for the Italians and everyone knows its to stay quiet and calm, no attacks.
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