Trapped by The Billionaire's Widow

Trapped by The Billionaire's Widow

By:  Rebecca Rodriguez  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alex choose to ran away from home to escape his father's arrangged marriage. He can no longer have a toxic relationship with Martha. His attempt to escape is the beginning of a meeting with Cathrine, a billionaire's widow. Cathrine who knows who Alex is, intends to take revenge on Andrew through her son. But instead he fell in love with Alex who incidentally their ages are much different.

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4 chapters
Chapter 1 : Run From Home
'Brack!' Martha pounded the table furiously. The two stewardesses could only look down. Immediately became the center of everyone's attention. "Can't you hear me! I want to speak to your manager. Call him now!" "Miss, calm down. We can have a good talk. We-" "No need!" Martha did not give the maid a chance to continue her sentence. She didn't care at all if she had to be the center of attention of other customers. "I don't want to talk to people like you!" Alex who was behind just shook his head. Seeing his girlfriend's behavior, made him feel very embarrassed. "What is this?" A woman came out because she heard a noise. "Are you the manager?" "Yes, my name is -" Martha raised her right hand. Made the woman stop talking for a moment. "You don't need to bother introducing yourself. I just wanted to tell you how bad the service at your shop is. The shop that is billed as the best shop, actually has very, very bad service!" Martha spoke passionately "Oh, I'm sorry abou
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Chapter 2 : Cathrine Rodriguez
Alex counted the money in the used can. Split half of it to Luke, the kind-hearted busker who lent him his guitar. Then he entered a shop. Drastic change overnight, from a CEO to be a homeless. But that in no way made the man regret his decision to leave the house. Alex went into a rundown alley full of trash. Take a cardboard as a place to sit while enjoying a small bread and a bottle of mineral water. It's not enough to make his stomach full, but it's better than starvation. The night was getting late, Alex tightened his jacket and began to close his eyes. "Help! ... Help ...!" The sound of screaming not far away made Alex suddenly wake up. He immediately ran towards the source of the voice. Two men were seen pulling a woman's bag, but the woman kept hers. Another man stood quietly near them. He must be the leader of the gang of robbers. "Hey, stop it!" Suddenly the three men turned to Alex who had been prepared with a wooden block in his hand. The chief robber s
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Chapter 3 : The Past
Cathrine had just graduated from college but immediately landed a job as a personal assistant to Andrew Davison, CEO of Mega World Company Pte Ltd. His father, Marco Davison, was the founder and largest shareholder in the company. To celebrate good fortune, Cathrine had a small party with her family. This made Cathrine even more excited to work. Considering she is the eldest child from a poor family and has to help the family economy. Andrew's attitude towards Cathrine was firm and a little cruel. She didn't even give her enough time to rest. His obsession with work makes Andrew a tough and critical thinker. Making it did not take long to raise the company's image in the global eye. To attract many investors and cooperate with companies from various countries.That's what made Cathrine fall in love with Andrew, even though she realized that she was nothing compared to him. Cathrine is just a poor girl who happens to have the luck to work for a big company. To maintain her ca
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Chapter 4 : Old Friend
Andrew kicked off the dining table angrily. Makes everyone feel tense and no longer eager to enjoy breakfast anymore. It's been two weeks but his man still hasn't found Alex's yet."Calm down yourself! Alex will be back. If you think too much, I'm afraid your illness will relapse." said Stacy "Stacy is right. After all, that kid is used to living well and you've also blocked all of his financial access. How could he possibly last long out there without any money? Right, Stacy?" Granny Emma quipped. Stacy just rolled her eyes at her mother-in-law's words. "This is all your fault for not being able to educate Alex properly! How could he go against my orders!" Stacy threw the spoon on the plate. He stood and looked at Andrew with emotion. "You keep blaming me! Do you think you're great at educating our kids? Huh! You've always forced your will on Alex and he's never resisted. But have you ever asked how he feels? You haven't even been a good father to him. Just a selfish father
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