One Night Stand With The Gigolo

One Night Stand With The Gigolo

By:  Pink flower  Ongoing
Language: English
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He's her bodyguard and driver. He got that features that made every girl drool. Raina Williams is a twenty three year old lady, who has everything she wants. She's what you'll call a grumpy and rude brat as she's popularly known in the Sunshine city. She was avoided like a plague not until she employed Jasper. Jasper also hated her for the fact that she's to rude. Not until he found our her darkest secret. What really changed her from the Angel she was to the demon she is today. Will Jasper be able to stay despite the harsh treatment from his grumpy boss? What do you think made her change?

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10 Chapters
Chapter 1
Williams Corporation The atmosphere wasn't so friendly and it showed that there was a very heavy storm coming soon. A very expensive black car stopped in front of the big corporation. Everyone outside rushed in to their various places as they already know who came in.No one wanted another trouble therefore, they all had to behave.She stepped down from the car and slammed the door. Her aura a bit overwhelming and covering the whole area. It is very evident she is an elegant lady judging from the way she is dressed. Her very expensive black suit and sunglasses with her shoes, everything shows wealth."Good morning President Raina." Her most trusted assistant Kelvin Greene said to her."Is the meeting room ready?" She asked fiercely.Kelvin nodded, "Yes President.""Tell those marketing department to meet me right away. Don't waste time." She ordered and walked away.Everyone were already in their various workplaces by the time she got there. No one wanted to be on her bad side. Pres
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Chapter 2
"Who is it?" She asked holding her head tiredly. She could only show how tired she was in front of Kelvin. She was stronger in front of the others, only close people know how worn out she is. Yet her stubbornness never lets her ask for help."Your best friend Carly."She shook her head, "Tell her I'll be out. Prepare for the next meeting with the new investors.""Yes, President." Kelvin walked out of the meeting room to the office.He met Carly sitting on the couch in Raina's office, he smiled. They were very good friends too, his secretary informed him of Carly's arrival."Hi Kelvin! What's up?" Carly smiled showing her beautiful dimples and set of white teeth, her big brown eyes sparkling in the day light.Unlike Raina who was a burnett with green eyes, Carly had a shiny red hair. Her skin is also fairly white, she is very much beautiful than Raina. Though Raina is beautiful in her own way, her rude behavior has made people to see less of the beauty and more of the bad character."I
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Chapter 3
The person who has bumped into Raina stared at her in disbelief. She frowned seeing his face. He has very good looks, like he's gorgeous but looks like a pauper. That wasn't Raina's problem as he made her phone fall from her hand. She felt so annoyed and enraged but he doesn't look moved at all."You should calm down. Here." He bent down and picked up the phone, then stretched the phone forward to her."Here's your phone. Sorry for bumping into you." He apologized calmly.She rudely snatched the phone, "You are one arrogant person. You should be on your knees begging for my mercy yet you feel so sure of yourself! Just who do you think you are?!""You weren't watching your way, yet I said nothing. It's your fault and I still apologized. Tell me lady, what planet are you from?" He asked folding his arms.Raina's frown deepened, this man really has the guts to talk back at her."You!..""What's going on here?" Carly's voice came from the background.Carly stopped in front of both of them
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Chapter 4
A strong pair of hands suddenly dragged her back into the dark, covering her mouth. She couldn't move, she thought she had been caught. Not until she saw those men moving around again, her eyes widened.If it wasn't them, then who is holding her?"You might want to calm down till they're gone." A familiar voice whispered to her.She listened to the person and stayed still till they were gone. Then the person moved his hands from her mouth and released her. He walked ahead of her, they stepped out in the open. She finally saw his face under the moonlight. There was shock evident on her face but she refused to act like it."I'm supposed to thank you for this right?" She asked instead of thanking him.He shook his head, "You still don't want to be humble I see. You're making me feel like helping you was a bad idea."Raina frowned, "I would have helped myself if you didn't help me. Stop feeling so great.""Fine then. I guess you know your way out of here. Excuse me." He began walking away
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Chapter 5
"Where have you been Jasper?" A voice asked him as he stepped into the house.He turned around and met his mother Miranda Smith standing beside her with a worried expression. He sighed and hugged her."I've been out mom. I didn't know it got so late. You don't need to worry about me, I'm thirty not thirteen." He said to her with a smile.Miranda frowned, "Well your sister and I have been waiting for you to join us for dinner. You never said you were going to have dinner out, and you were not answering your phone.""I forgot the phone mom. I am so sorry about that. Stop frowning, go to bed. I'm fine." He pushed her towards her room."Your food is in the kitchen if you're still hungry." Miranda said and walked into her room.Jasper sighed and walked to the kitchen. He dished his own food and sat on the couch in the living room. He had been out searching for a job all day, he didn't find a satisfying one yet. Then he bumped into someone when coming from the restaurant where he had gone t
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"I figured that I should create another list. At least I'll be able to help with something." Jasper nodded, "That is very thoughtful of you. I am grateful for your help, thank you Bella."Bella smiled, "It's nothing compared to what I can do for you Jasper... Would you like me to accompany you to check some of those places out?" She suggested. "There's no need Bella. You have done more than enough. Let me take it from here." He declined. Bella felt a familiar feeling of disappointment. He always says that, even though he needs help, he rejects it. "Okay. Let me drop you off on the way then. I'll be going to the mall." She offered again. Seeing that he can't decline this offer again, he nodded in agreement and followed her to the car. "Could we have dinner together later this evening?" She asked as she drove away. "Are you asking me out?" He teased. Bella laughed nervously, "You're funny Jasper. You're acting like we're strangers and this is our first time going out.""I'm supp
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"I said it doesn't ring a bell." Jasper said further making her more angry. She tried to cool her anger, thinking of ways to make him pay later after he accepts her offer. "Now that you know, are you willing to work for me or not?" She asked calmly. Jasper put his hand on his chin as if in thought. Raina looked at her watch and wondered what she was doing on the roadside talking to a nobody. She could get anyone else to do it, but she wanted to teach him a lesson. "Are you willing to hire me without investigating my background first?" Jasper asked her. "What's so important about your background? I don't see anything interesting with someone like you." She replied. He nodded, "Fine. I'll take the offer. But we must sign an agreement.""Do you think I'll be paying you that amount without making an agreement? This is my card, give me a call and meet me in a few hours. The papers would be ready by then." She stretched out her card to him. He collected it with a nod, "I'll call you.
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"None."Bella's smile dropped. If none of the company hired him, who did then? Those are top notch companies that she piled up with hopes that he would get hired. She has even talked to the managers of some of the companies. "Then how did you get a job?"Jasper felt he needed to tell her the truth. After all, she's more than a friend already. She could keep his secret even if he wanted her not to. "I got hired as Raina William's personal bodyguard." He blurted out. Bella's brows furrowed in a deep frown. Raina Williams? The same popular Raina Williams?"Is this who I think it is?" She asked again unable to believe it. "Yes, she is." He nodded with a reply. Bella felt annoyed inside thinking about the fact that he just got a job with the devil's advocate. She has come across Raina a few times before and nothing good has been said about her. They once had an encounter where Raina drained her with red wine. She has hated Raina ever since, the rumors about her are very true. "What?!
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The fact that he was too daring made her more angry. He wasn't scared of her at all. She checked out his dressing and frowned. "You're not dressed officially for work. You're now working for a very respectful and prestigious figure, you should know better than dress like this."Jasper narrowed his eyes, this woman was making him mad seriously. She didn't inform him beforehand and now she's complaining about his dressing? She just loves to nag for no reason doesn't she?"You don't expect me to dress like a clown everytime because of you. I was having dinner when you called me. Besides it's evening, why are you complaining?" He replied. "That's not for you to decide. I will not accept any useless behavior from you starting tonight." "And I won't work with someone as arrogant as you. You're too proud, you can have your job back. Get someone else to control." He fired at her. Raina was taken aback, she stared at him in shock. "You! How dare you talk to me that way?!" She fired back.
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He remembered that he quitted working with her. He always plays his cards right, he felt like she would call him back. Though he didn't give himself very high hopes. "Get along? You should dump her ass while you still can. She will make your life a living hell, you don't want to get into trouble again do you?" "Steph that's enough. It's your brother's decision to work with her and I will respect it. As long as he is careful and doesn't get himself too involved with her, there is nothing to worry about." Miranda stopped her. "But mom, they don't know about his background yet. What if someone frames him after finding out his background, what will we do then?" Jasper glared at Stephanie. "You should mind your business Steph. That's my problem so let me deal with it.""You...""That's enough Stephanie. We should be happy for your brother and pray this job lasts for him. We should celebrate this." Miranda suggested. Stephanie rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen. She is happy
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