The Alpha's Unknown Mate

The Alpha's Unknown Mate

By:  Pink flower  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lexy is the 24 year old woman who recently graduated doctor school, wanting nothing more than to come back home to her father and work at his hospital in Los Angeles. Yes, she was finally going to be with her father after the long years of medical school. While Lexy thought all she ever wanted was working side by side with her father, she's challenged with a world she knows nothing about. The werewolves. Werewolves was merely myth but her world starts to crumble when she gets mated to a werwolf, An Alpha of one of the prestigious werewolf pack. Little did she know who she was destined to be, having to struggle between the human life she used to know and the werewolf life she never believed. While she fights to refute this destiny of hers, she starts to fall head over hills for her Alpha mate, Luth. Is it a love doomed from the start or it was a destiny meant to be?

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
Lexy's POV.Today is the day, I couldn't disguise my happiness any more. I knew I couldn't disguise it anymore when I called Jimmy's phone earlier, screaming on top of my voice While telling him about my trip back to L.A. I mean, who does that? Me, of course. Everyone knew Jimmy from Neurosurgery barely has time for anyone but his books but I did it anyway. I called and disturbed the life out of him. He's such a boring geek.It felt great to finally go back to Los Angeles. For good this time. I didn't wanna call my dad yet. I'm gonna surprise him today.Walking over to my dorm room window, I watched over the school's tall buildings. And then I thought, 'this school has taken so much from me'. But no more. I felt a wave of energy surge through me and I giggled excitedly, spinning towards the room to continue packing again. Unplugging my phone from my bedside table, I streamed through my music list and stopped at Alessia Cara's songs. Hitting on her Scars to your beautiful album, I set
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Chapter 2
Lexy's POV. .Looking out through the window, the rain drops and dews encoasting the cab's window seemed out of the ordinary but expected. It felt pretty cold the instant I arrived at the airport. I couldn't wait to get off the cab and fly into my father's arms. I was gonna meet him at his hospital, I knew he would be stark busy there as always. I continued to look ahead as the car drive along the streets.His hospital soon came into view. It stooped big and beautiful among the green lawns. It wasn't the biggest hospital around, but it was a nice one.As soon as the cab came to a stop, I told him to wait while I go inside. I walked in to the front desk and met a woman dressed in a nurse outfit of greenish blue dress. Around the wide hall sat some few people and some hospital staffs walked around. The woman who has a name tags bearing "Melissa" on her chest beamed a smile at me the instant she saw me stop in front of her desk."Good morning, how may I help you ma'am?" She asked."Good
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Chapter 3
I walked back to my bedroom, not believing all I just saw in my dad's office room. I can't believe he's still hung up on his beliefs that werewolves exist. He might as well believe vampire's or witches exist. He's been hanging up researches in his office room for as far back as I can remember. I couldn't believe he still does that. Retrieving my phone back from my back pocket, I dialed Millie's number, laying back down on my bed to listen to it ring. After a few seconds,she picked up and her voice boomed from the other side."Hey girlfriend!""Hey Millie""How was your flight trip, girl? How's LA?!"I smiled slowly and replied " it's all good. Arrived like thirty minutes ago and stopped at my dad's hospital""Really? How is he? He must be so psyched to see you!""You bet" I smiled at the memory, rising up from the bed to walk to the window. Facing out the window, I could see the houses around, the houses I was used to, the neighbours I was used to walking around their busy day, some
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Chapter 4
When I heard the door click open, I looked towards the door excitedly waiting for my dad to walk in. When he did, I smiled widely, standing up to step around the couch."Hey Dad""Lexy," he pulls his brown coat from his back "how are you doing?""Fine Dad. How was work today?""Fine," he hung his coat on a nail on the door " but I couldn't stop feeling so guilty. I'm really sorry I wasn't able to come home last night, Lexy""Dad it's really okay," I put on my best smile " you're here now. Did you eat yet? I wanted making you soup for dinner but I wanted to wait till you come in first""Oh that better be some other day then because, I'm treating you out to dinner"My smile widened immediately, "really?!""Yes, let's go eat at your favorite diner. Why don't you go dressed while I take a quick shower?""Yes, dad! I'll get dressed too!"That said, I hurried back into my room and tore myself from my dress. Then I jumped into the bath cubicle and let the water run through my body. Only for
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