A Luna For Alpha Caleb

A Luna For Alpha Caleb

By:  Veliciah  Completed
Language: English
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Laura and Caleb were best friends when they were little, even if they didn't belong to the same pack. Inseparable. Always together. That changed during their teenage years. The two grew apart: Caleb grew popular, and Laura became a loner. Her early adolescent years were spent hoping Caleb would return to her, but Caleb's family moved away from their hometown without a word. Seven years later, Laura escapes from her arranged marriage, and the person she calls when she is drunk and crying is Caleb. Big mistake. Instead of rekindling what they once had, Caleb decides to kidnap Laura and make her his luna—without her permission! But Caleb is wrong if he thinks Laura will be an easy conquest. She is too proud to fall for the charming face belonging to alpha Caleb! And if she marries him, it sure doesn't mean she loves him... Right?

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49 Chapters
Chapter 1
LauraRunning away from your wedding—I guess I can check that off my bucket list now. I take another bite from my sandwich and dry the excess sauce on the back of my hand. There is a vodka bottle in the seat next to mine and a sleeping bag in the trunk.This parking lot will be my home tonight.More tears roll down my face as I spy on people walking past my car. They stare through the window, probably wondering why I'm sitting behind the wheel wearing a wedding dress.The truth? I ran. At this moment, I should stand before the altar, marrying the man my family picked for me—Alpha Roger.My mother had described him as a respectable werewolf husband, while my father had been proud of his power.But in my eyes? Not true love. Alpha Roger is not my mate, and I don't want that.So here I am, the runaway werewolf bride who chose to find her own destiny rather than marry a stranger. My family won't probably speak to me anymore, so I better get used to being alone. Hence the crocodile te
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Chapter 2
LauraI'm stunned to silence. Since I poured out my heart over the phone, part of me had registered this person as the Caleb I once knew. But getting confirmation? Dude, when did Caleb start sounding so... Husky and sexy?He was always handsome, but his voice... Damn.It takes me a few moments to gather enough courage to answer his question. "Yes..."Caleb exhales and breathes a laugh into the phone. "This is so surreal. We haven't talked for seven years, and now... Holy shit."A blush creeps over my face, and the amused and excited tone in Caleb's voice is enough to almost make me sober. Why did I call him? I bet he thinks I'm a loser."Okay... Can we forget that I called you? You can pretend this never happened and go back to living your life. And I will return to what I was doing before you called."Crying my eyes out, that is what I was doing. And after this phone call is over? I will probably be drinking and doing it again."No, I don't want to hang up."My heart rate accelerate
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Chapter 3
LauraI'm awkwardly sitting in the backseat of the black SUV, pressed between two huge musclemen. They are both werewolves. Fighting them wouldn't serve a purpose—I would lose any day of the week. It's also hard to accept this, but what is happening now might not be the end of the world. I won't be freezing inside my car tonight, and if Caleb is a billionaire, I won't be starving. Unless he intends to lock me up or something?Shit, I didn't think of that until now!What if Caleb has wicked plans for me, like tying me up with rope inside a sex chamber or something?Not that I'm super sexy or anything. Caleb probably has plenty of options of beautiful girls better looking than me, but what if my best friend has turned into a sadist? And I'm the victim he wants!Chills crawl over my skin.I'm not ready to be handed golden showers or be hanged on a wall or something else twisted!"So, is the journey long?" I awkwardly ask. One of the werewolves shifts in his seat, and my pulse ticks ag
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Chapter 4
Laura Marcus hits his chest and clears his throat once we are standing outside Caleb's mansion at sunrise. Great. I can't say I'm interested in listening to the beta. I barely slept in the car since I was pressed between two giants. I'm dying to go inside and find myself a fancy bed. "Once we head inside, you can't see Caleb," Marcus tells me in a strict tone, burying his eyes in mine. "There was a full moon last night, and I'm not sure what mental state our alpha will be found in. He might still be aggressive and mad." "From a full moon?" I ask, confused. "Yes, alpha Caleb reacts that way to moonlight. He gets... Upset. Most of the time, he is also aggressive in his human form. That's why you might only see him as a wolf. When we hunt, for example." Now it's my turn to glare up at Marcus. I don't care that he is at least a foot taller than me. I might only be five feet tall, but I'm not a coward, and I won't let this big man tell me what and what not to do. "Listen here," I
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Chapter 5
LauraSleeping in a mansion that isn't yours is somewhat unsettling. I also think I've woken up like a billion times because it isn't nighttime. Everything is bright. Ths sunlight is creeping in through a crack in the blinds. Birds are singing the song of their people outside, and I've heard many people stomp past the bedroom I claimed as my own. Ugh, why can't they all just be quiet?!I've been tossing and turning throughout the morning, but since I got no sleep in the car, can anyone blame me?KNOCKKNOCKSome bastard knocks on my door, and I growl in response. I'm usually never this aggressive, but I was kidnapped. People got to understand I'm pissed about my situation!And the only clothes I have is a freaking wedding dress that smells like ABSOLUT VODKA!I growl in irritation. "What the fuck do you want, and why are you disturbing my sleep?!""Uh, it's me."Me?Is that a weird werewolf name around here, or is the man outside my door a complete tool?"Who the hell is me?" My voi
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Chapter 6
Laura After eating lunch, I'm standing by the sink and pre-washing my plate for the dishwasher. The water is running, and Ryan and Marcus walk for the door to leave the kitchen. "That hit the spot!" Ryan's arms are behind his head, and a boyish grin plays over his lush lips. "I'm going to nap in the garden in my usual spot before practice starts." Marcus is patting his stomach, satisfied with the meal. "I might join you. Get some nice sunshine." I roll my eyes. Could those two idiots even be more obvious? The two werewolves only wish to leave Caleb alone with me. But they are dead wrong if they think I will yield. No matter Caleb's apology, I won't forgive him for kidnapping me, and what is this about becoming his wife? And what, who the hell is Jenna, and why is Caleb betrothed to her?! Damn. I swear I'm not in love with Caleb or anything, but... The fact that he is betrothed to someone else bothers me. I'm not jealous, though! Uh-uh, not me, not even a little bit! I continu
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Chapter 7
LauraI bitterly swallow coffee while watching Marcus gather the new recruits to become warrior werewolves. I was never allowed to join these training sessions back in my pack. Women weren't supposed to fight. We were expected to be calm and collected. Our alpha preferred we learned the piano instead of playing in the garden with swords like the boisterous boys did.The Rivermoon pack, however, is all about equality. Both teenage boys and girls look up at Marcus expectantly. They are smiling under the blazing sun, wearing shorts since the weather is warm. And me?I brought a sun chair and a bottle of coca-cola that I found in the fridge. I'm wearing a cap on my head that smells like Caleb, and then I stole a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.It's summer in Caleb's country, and I'm going to watch these werewolves train.I'm very comfortable and wave at Marcus when he stares at me. His face immediately turns pale, and I frown. The poor beta is either afraid of me, or he finds me strange. I
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Chapter 8
LauraI'm baffled when it hits me full force that Jenna is the sister of alpha Roger and that she belongs to the Sunlight Shiver pack.Okay. I didn't expect that.I can't even speak—what do you say in a moment like this?I'm sorry I left your brother and the altar and humiliated you and your entire pack by rejecting him?Pft, that would be terrible.As if reading my mind, Jenna snorts. "What's the matter? Did the cat steal your tongue? Why did you suddenly lose your confidence, huh? Is it because you feel guilty over what you did?"Her friends snicker. I'm not sure what their names are, but they must be twins since they look identical."Either way," Jenna whips her hair over one shoulder, ready to turn away but not without looking me up and down. "You're a dead woman, Laura. Caleb will throw you out of his estate. Your white wolf is the only thing that makes you special—that's why Roger wanted to marry you. But seeing your human form? Damn, you look like a pubescent child. Unattractiv
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Chapter 9
LauraI'm not easily agitated. Scary movies never made me jump back in high school. My friends never managed to startle me. I can't even remember being afraid of the dark, and I wasn't the slightest unnerved by tales of monsters and ghosts.But I'm terrified now. My pulse is drumming against my neck, and I shake as I lift my chin to face the most enormous creature I've ever seen. The legends said the Lycans were giants, but really?Caleb hunches his massive shoulders to face me. Every muscle on his body bulges, making me freeze.I can't move. My feet might as well have grown gnarled roots and stuck them into the ground. I'm petrified as those blazing eyes lock on mine.Caleb's lips are pulled over his teeth, and his warm breath hits my face.He is more than twice my height. His fur is darker than the night, and his body is swollen with strength. Every finger is equipped with a razor-sharp claw instead of a nail.Powerful. Intimidating.Scary.Yet I believe I can somehow reach him
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Chapter 10
LauraMy heart is racing, but I'm trying to remain calm. I thread lightly over fallen tree branches, stopping every few seconds to look and listen for any humans camping out here. Luckily, I'm only met with the sun dancing through the canopies far above me and the sound of birdsong.Still, I have to keep up my guard. The Rivermoon pack might own these woods. Yet humans tend to get curious enough to enter other people's lands. Humans can't smell and tell which territory belongs to which werewolf pack, and neither do they know about us werewolves existing. So it's not like I can blame them for coming here. But it would be tragic if Caleb ended up killing someone innocent."Caleb?!" I shout, circling my mouth with my hands. "Caleb? Are you here somewhere?"I hear rustling from a bush, but panic drills me like an arrow when I pick up the scent—it smells like the Sunlight Shiver pack!Before I get the chance to shape-shift, a large brown wolf jumps over me and snarls into my face. My b
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