Crimson's Bloody Rogue

Crimson's Bloody Rogue

By:  Sophia Sahara  Ongoing
Language: English
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Crimson, a 21-year-old orphan with no idea about her real family, was working hard to save money for her schooling as she wanted to finish college and wanted to have a dog someday that would be her companion. One day, she met a handsome yet dangerous man named Solo. Solo, a werewolf lycan vampire, living with humans for almost five decades, became so powerful that he controlled the underground world of mafias. No one among his people knows his secret that he ate a virgin’s heart just to maintain his young looks. When he met Crimson, a simple delivery girl. He became obsessed with her heart and wanted to eat it as he was told that Crimson’s heart would make him immortal because he envied the vampire’s immortality. She wanted to have a simple yet happy life with a dog. He wanted to have her heart to make him immortal. She wants to finish college and have her dreams come true. He wanted to sacrifice her in the blood moon ritual. Monstrosity. Immortality. Endlessly. This story will make us realize that love can change someone’s point of view and dreams... that love is the most dangerous emotion because it will truly change you... and that love is the most dangerous karma a bad wolf could ever get.

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    5 chapters
    Prologue (The Rogue)
    “Do you know the story of the bloody werewolf rogue that was killed by his alpha? Do you know about that rogue that was hated by all of his pack and all the other packs that no one wanted him at all? Are you familiar with the story, child?” an old woman asked me while giving me a serene smile on her lips. I don’t know her but she looked kind and there was something in her that made me miss my mother. My adoptive mother, in fact. I have no idea about my true mother or father. Mama, the one who adopted me, died a year ago when I was just seventeen because of colon cancer. “A werewolf story?” I asked and smiled. “I like to hear that story, but isn’t it unreal?” I gave a small laugh after asking that. I looked at the old woman sternly. She looked beautiful and regal despite her age and although she wears cheap clothes, she still looks classy to me, a royal kind of beauty. “Child,” she said with a knowing smile while looking at me. “We are living in a very complicated world. We cannot
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    Chapter 1 (Flowers)
    I was running the errands that were tasked to me by Mrs. Li, the flower store owner, who is so kind and sweet. She gave me my current job right now and I am thankful that she even gave me a food allowance aside from my salary. I am now back in the Philippines, the country where I lived before I was adopted by Mama and before she brought me to her country. I have been living in this country for almost three years, poor and alone. Working like a dog. Anyway, I love dogs… and I’m accepting any kind of job as long as it will give me the money that I need. Nah! Not all kinds of jobs. I can’t sell my body, I really can’t. I may sound hypocritical, but it's true. I can't sell my body. Well, Mrs. Li is a Chinese-Filipina whom I helped with some snatchers while she was shopping in Divisoria, a commercial center located in Manila. After I helped Mrs. Li, she was very grateful and told me that I could work for her if I wanted to. Of course, I want to. That is the reason why I am working for he
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    Chapter 2 (Sideline)
    I went home early that day. Mrs. Li said that I could rest for the whole afternoon with pay since she had an urgent thing to do. I feel that it was because of what I reported to her that the man where I delivered the flowers said that he wanted to talk to her. When I told her that the man wanted to talk to her, I saw Mrs. Li's eyes widen. She looked like she was not at ease anymore and the whole morning she had a peculiar look on her face, and she looked like she was in a daze. Like she was nervous. But why? Why did she look like she was afraid of something? What is her problem with Mr. Adamos that made her look like she was waiting for a trial?Since Mrs. Li sent me home early, then I got my phone and made a call to my friend Daisy. I am going to ask her if there is any work that she could give me later. Daisy is working in a club and hoping that one of her coworkers there won’t make it tonight so I could substitute. I usually substitute as a waitress, but sometimes I dance too. Po
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    Chapter 3 (No Mask)
    “No mask…” I whispered to myself. Could I do it? Could I dance on the pole without being conscious that the one watching me might see me one day walking on the streets delivering flowers? Would I want to earn money in this kind of way? I am not selling myself. I am not prostituting. I am just dancing. I have not degraded anyone who does prostitution. That is their body, that is their life. But I can’t do it. I cannot sleep with random guys even if I need that much money. I cannot do that kind of job because I am not fitted for it. I am just an ordinary girl that has an ordinary dream. But would the man whom I will dance for tonight still believe in that crap? But why do I care? He doesn’t know me and he will never see me here again. After I get the fifty thousand pesos payment for this dance, I will no longer accept any substitution job in this club. I will find another sideline to earn more. “I trust you that you could entertain the boss’ friend and make your performance tonight
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    Chapter 4 (Mate)
    SOLO’S POV This is where I wanna start my story. The year was 1966 but let me reminisce about what happened last year… 1965. Last year was the year of sweeping changes, mostly in the United States. In January, President Johnson announced the plan for his 'Great Society' programs. The programs want to vastly expand the American welfare state and the role of the Federal government in virtually all aspects of American society. A notable development for the year 1965 specifically in this regard was the signing of the 1965 Civil Rights Act. I had no idea about that, I was just an omega and our pack wasn’t into any political things. As long as we live with a harmonious relationship in the fucking hierarchy we had, we should be thankful. I should fucking be thankful. While major changes were occurring on the domestic side for America, all was not quiet on the foreign policy front either. Even us. Foreign policy as Alpha Czar thought of is such a scrap out of whims of the leaders who want
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