My Alpha Maid

My Alpha Maid

By:  Yizre'el  Completed
Language: English
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Natalia Aquino is the spoiled brat daughter of the President. She can get all that she wants in just a snap of her fingers. She has a lot of maids and security guards, but she wondered why her father needed to hire another maid for her. Now, she had to deal with her personal sexy maid/lady guard, July Mercado, who promised her father to tame her.  She argued to her father that she didn't need the sexy maid, but one situation changed her mind when the maid saved her from a threatening creature, who was a vampire, who tried to kill her.  And as that killing event happened, Natalia discovered more from her maid/lady guard. She's not just a mere human, she's a wolf!

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    Chapter 1: The Maid
    APOCALYPSE. IT IS STARTING.Some people know and believe that it’s happening, but others are still happily doing the lives they are used to, obliviously.The catastrophe that will soon happen is the war between vampires and wolves. These are two powerful creatures that the entire human race never thought existed. It's a silent war that humans are so oblivious to.In the country of Freelipinas, life goes on. As always, despite the many disasters that come into the people’s lives there, they could still muster a wide smile.The Freeds, or what they call the citizens of the country, are known to be some of the most cheerful people in the world, no matter what disaster happens. They can still smile, even if they are sick or healthy, rich or poor. But everything is about to change.The current President, Jaime Aquino, has made this country into a first-world country. Before he took office, Freelipinas was always lacking in the field of economics. The country was so poor. Every Freeds was s
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    Chapter 2: The Brat
    NATALIA"WHAT?!" I ANGRILY FLIPPED over to my crimson-red queen-sized bed and faced the person who woke me up.My room was as big as you can imagine, and you can pretty much tell it was like a presidential suite in a five-star hotel because everything I needed was in the room. My room is crimson red and is complemented with other light and dark red colors. I don’t just like the color red, I love it! Not too obvious, eh?I glared at the person who was disturbing my precious sleep."You know that I don't want people waking me up this early, do you, Kakay!" I shouted at the maid. If you know the Kakay Comedian, she looks a lot like her."Uhm, ma'am. It's the President's order. I'm just following his order," she replied.Kakay was one of the maids who had been serving us for a long time, and she was only my age, so my tantrums with her were a bit ineffective. She’s already immune to them."Err! Tell Dad that I'll be there! Tell him to have his breakfast alone. It's too early for me!" I sa
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    Chapter 3: The White House I
    JULY "WELCOME TO THE White House, Agent Mercado," the President greeted me. I shook his hand and smiled. He did the same. We are currently in the reception area/living room of the White House, the President’s house. Guards who are wearing white barongs are all over the corners, standing like statues. I turned around and secretly smiled. Typical bodyguards are too obvious. "Pleased to meet you in person, Mr. President." "Pleasure is mine, Agent. I am so happy that Valiente sent over one of their greatest agents," he said with a pleased smile. "And one of the beautiful ones, too." I just smiled and nodded. When he said that, I felt so flattered. But I'm used to such compliments, so that's normal for me. "Sit down, Agent Mercado," said the President to me. "You can call me July, Mr. President. The "agent" is very obvious," I said, still smiling as I sat down. "Emil's people are super humble.“ He was talking about my grandpa, who is his friend. He sat down as well. “You inherited
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    Chapter 3.5: The White House II
    JULY "AGENT MERCADO? Are you okay?" I heard the president ask. "Mission is mission." I heard my wolf say it again. "I’m okay, sir. I'll accept the maid's outfit. It's my job and duty to make everything perfect on this mission. I can't compromise the name of our agency, sir,” I said politely. He was smiling widely at what I said. "I know I can count on you, July. I think we can get along." ‘Thank you, father-in-law.’ Wolf! Shut up! My ‘wolf’ is growing teasing me. Tsk! "As I said, sir, it's all for the sake of the job," I seriously said "Thank you, July. Hold on. Just a moment," he said and motioned his hand to the nearest guard. The guard immediately approached him. "Tell Kakay, I need her here." The guard nodded and left immediately. Soon after, Kakay arrived, who looked like Kakay the Comedienne. Her aura is so kind. She was pleasantly smiling at me. And because I'm kind by nature, I smiled back. "Mr. President, do you need me?" Kakay asked. I almost burst out laughing
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    Chapter 4: The Allergy
    NATALIA WHAT IS THE DEAL of our housemaid? Why is she refusing to face me? Does she have a stiff neck? Or is she scared of me? Instead of confronting the maid, I just ignored her and went back to the room, still happily humming because no one could give me bad vibes today. I'm happy because my super gal friends and I are in travel mode again. It's nice to be the president's daughter. Woohoo! I'm in good spirits, so I didn't scold the maid earlier as long as she would just deliver the food I asked for. With a wide smile, I returned to the room where I found Sofia busy using my laptop while the flirty Haruka was busy calling someone from her cell phone. Read more
    Chapter 4.5: The Not Meet-up
    NATALIA HARUKA KNEW SHE GOT ME REALLY EXCITED. If that friend of mine is flirty, then I'm even more flirtatious than her. Besides, if that agent is really HOT, then I can definitely enjoy wandering around the country because I'm with her.  Why? Because I will have an instant playmate. Ain’t it fun? Yey! I ran to Dad's office and met my guards who were tailing me again, but I warned them not to follow. They complied and stood in the corner. Very good, boys. I have four freaking guards. They were all tall and well-built, but in my mind, they were just my robots. My servants, assistants, lackey, etcetera. I am used to having bodyguards all the time. But why am I acting weird towards this new lady guard? ‘I’m just curiou
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    Chapter 5: The Anticipation
    NATALIA "WHY THE LONG FACE, GIRL?" Haruka asked me as I returned to the room. They were still in front of the laptop and were still probably booking where we were touring. They were so earnest about this trip because they would also benefit from it. I frowned and fell onto the bed. I can't understand why I'm so disappointed that I didn't see Agent July. Yes, I didn't get to meet Agent July because this is what happened... Flashback… "Mr. President, you have a visitor," Jessa said, glancing at me. I just winked at her and I saw her blush. She turned my gaze to my father. I smirked at her bearing. "Who, Jes?" Dad asked.
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    Chapter 5.5: The Rat
    JULY AT WH GATE… 11 P.M. "Hey sis, glad you're back," Rizal greeted me. "Oh, why are you here? Didn't I tell you to watch the president's daughter?" I asked hesitantly while getting out of the passenger side of the car. "The other guards are there, big sis. Besides, she's more frightening than the chief. She’s like a tiger and very bratty," Rizal complained. Uh-oh. On the very first day he substituted for me, he immediately tasted the bitterness of that woman? ‘She’s not a bitch! She’s our mate!’ my wolf said. I ignored her. "Why? What happened?" Jacqui asked, coming out of the driver's side. We were on a mission together ea
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    Chapter 6: The Rat II
    NATALIAI WOKE UP EARLY THAN USUAL TODAY.Besides, my dream was so good that I woke up feeling amazed. I'm feeling extra happy today, so when I looked at what time it was, I was surprised that it was still around six in the morning.Wow! Ever since I graduated from architecture, this is the only time I got up so early, as far as I remember. I feel so good due to waking up this early.I got up while humming random songs. I quickly checked my phone's notifications on Watty to see if there was an update from my favorite story, "Probinsyana" but there was none. Perhaps on Saturday, the author will update again. The recent bonus chapter was the reason why I had a good night's sleep.With that in mind, I suddenly felt hot and needed a quick shower. Last night, I dreamed of m
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    Chapter 6.5: The Breakfast
    NATALIA "BREAKFAST IS READY!" Kakay announced. I looked at the two first with another bad look and stormed off to go to the dining room. Isat next to Dad, who was sitting at the center chair. The others followed. "Let's go, July baby," I heard Haruka say. She made July sit in Sofia's former seat. Sofia sat down next to me, mumbling something under her breath. I was still giving them a death glare that the agent couldn't see because she was too busy flirting with Haruka. Shit! Why am I like this? Why do I gnaw so much at what I see? Maybe, maybe, because Angelina Jolie prefers this "pretty raw Japanese lady" to my beauty? Ouch! I am even more beautiful than Haruka
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