World System Among Gods

World System Among Gods

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What would happen if the soul of a soldier who died in modern times reincarnated into another world and suddenly became a Prince? Ares Shaddai is a young soldier who died on a mission. But because neither heaven nor hell accepted him, Ares' soul did not enter the realm of judgment; instead, he transmigrated to a different world and entered the body of a Prince who had just died at the exact moment as him. Prince Shaddai is the second son of Emperor Dylan Shaddai. He is a noble prince known for his kindness, and people love and adore him. But his blood relatives despised him for that. Some said bad luck came to him while training in the forest. He got attacked by wild beasts, and his body was tossed there all over the forest. That tragedy cost him his own precious little life. When Prince Ares' body left his original soul, a different soul entered the body. Someone with the same appearance, age, and even name. The soul of Ares Shaddai, a soldier, merged with the prince's body. [Meganovel First Winning Contest] [Editors picked - Must Read Novel] [King of System]

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176 Chapters
Chapter 1: "Back To Life"
“Arghh…. This hurts so much!” shouted a young man loudly until the birds around him flew scattered.Right when he’s screaming, the young man realizes there is something odd. “My body is still intact; didn't the bomb blast destroy it? But again, what exactly happened? Instead of an explosion wound, I felt a wound that felt like being stabbed by a beast.”The young man's hand touched his shoulder where there was a wound from a wild animal. The wound on his shoulder was fresh and looked quite severe, as seen from the blood still seeping out of the damage on his shoulder."Arghhh...." that man screamed again as the pain hit his head. Then, along with that pain, a strange memory flashed through his mind. Unable to bear the pain in his head, the young man finally fell unconscious.A young man in his twenties blinked a few times after awakening from his stupor on the bank of a river that flows through a dense forest.“This memory is genuine. Looking at what was around me, it seemed like I had
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Chapter 2: “It’s Showtime”
"Arghh...." Ares shouted as the heat and electric shock gnawed through his body.After the heat and electric shock, Ares now felt a chill that pierced his bones. As a chill shot through Ares' body, millions of sharp needles seemed to hit his body. "Aahh...." This time Ares' scream got louder as if all the forest dwellers could hear her scream. Feelings of heat, electric shock, and cold. The three tortures took turns, Ares felt. *** One day passed, and it's been a week since Ares passed out after experiencing such a painful ordeal. After a day of torture, Ares fell unconscious, and on the seventh day, Ares's body began to twitch. Ares repeatedly blinked his eyes, but still, he felt the glare from days of falling unconscious. "Ughh... How long have I been unconscious? and am I dead again?" Ares said as he recalled the last incident he could remember. "I only remember the pain and fainting. Looking at this place, it seems like I really just passed out and am still alive." Ares stood
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Chapter 3: “Level Up”
Outside the cave, precisely in front of the mouth of the cave. There were three youths from Avalon City, a small town located only 20 km from Ares's shelter. The three young men were sitting while treating every wound they suffered. The three youths immediately took a conservative attitude when they felt movement from the direction of the cave. The three of them can be said to be in the ranks of the ten strongest people in Avalon City. But right now, they are injured after blocking the thousands of goblins trying to invade the City.Seeing a young man in shabby clothes coming out of the cave, they let down their guard but remained cautious. Even though the youths that appear are only level 20, equivalent to a novice fighter, they remain vigilant and do not underestimate the children they encounter. Ares, who just came out, sees three youths in front of the mouth of the cave. The three young men are injured, but their injuries are not too serious. With just one look, he knows that the
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Chapter 4: “The System”
Avalon is a small town that stood alone and was not part of the Empires. It is said that in the past, Avalon City was part of the Avalon Empire. However, due to the attacks of wild beasts and monsters, the Avalon Empire collapsed and left only a tiny town called Avalon City.The city of Avalon is in the middle of the forest. The closest city that is frequently associated with Avalon City is Tangier, a city still part of the Emerald Empire. Although relatively close, it took at least two months to get to Tangier City. Avalon City is protected only by a simple stone fence, and there are only 15,000 residents in it. Most of the residents of Avalon City are farmers, and some are weapon smiths. It is scarce for anyone to work differently in Avalon City. Clothing vendors or food vendors are pretty challenging to find. Avalon City's guards only numbered 100 people, with the ten most vital being the pillars of the City's security guards. The city leader with level 500 is the strongest human
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Chapter 5: “Cheater in The Game”
"You're right, and I'd better find him soon."Arriving behind the house, Ares has no trouble finding the whereabouts of fire cherries because behind the house, there is only one plant, and that plant is a fire cherry tree. There are eight fire cherries ready to be picked. However, he only takes four fruits and leaves the other four. “Master, there is no need to eat them one by one. Cause you can eat all four at once."Ares pondered for a while, and again he asked the system. “Is it okay if I eat all four fire cherries simultaneously?” “Master, there is no need to worry. Eating four fire cherries was the maximum that a human could eat. Eating four fire cherries at a time won't harm your body.”Ares is still silent and contemplating. Even though the system convinced him, he was still hesitant to eat the four fire cherries he was holding. After some time of convincing himself, Ares has finally made up his mind. "Alright, I'll eat all four at once." He eats four fire cherries he had jus
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Chapter 6: “Kill the Beasts”
Ares remembered his newfound power, and instantly the brightness on his face returned. "Thanks for reminding me. Now I will test my new strength.” Then, he immediately created two white fireballs. There's no need to cast spells; by imagining his skills, he can already use all his skills. Two perfectly formed white stars immediately shot toward the two red fur dogs close to him. "BOOM... BOOM..." a loud explosion was created as two fireballs hit the bodies of the two red fur dogs that were their targets.The hot and cold air was immediately felt around the explosion. “The fire is so hot, but so cold at the same time,” said Ares when he saw the body of the red-haired dog that instantly disappeared as soon as his attack hit it. Seeing his two comrades fall, the two red fur dogs barked for their other comrades, and within seconds, Ares was now surrounded by eight red fur dogs. “With the use of two mana, I exterminated two of them. To speed up the fight, you will at least face 10% of my
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Chapter 7: “Summoning A Subordinate”
"If that's the case, call the subordinates right now." “Summoning a subordinate.”A portal appeared in front of Ares. Then, not long after, a figure seemed directly kneeling in front of him. "Ashur is ready to take orders from you, sir," said the figure of a man still kneeling in front of Ares.Not answering anything immediately, Ares is still astonishing at Ashur’s level. He said in his heart, "Level 2,200, what's with his level? He's so much stronger than me." “Master, there is no need to worry. As I said, the loyalty of the master's subordinates is absolute. Even if he is stronger, he will never betray.” Ares nodded his head. "Ashur, wake up now, and you don't need to call me master. Just call me by my name." "Sorry, sir, that's too presumptuous. Forever you will be my master, and I’m Ashur, will not dare to call your name directly," He said that and got up.Facing the stubborn attitude of the subordinates, Ares could only surrender and follow his will. After all, he doesn’t l
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Chapter 8: “Pretty Strong”
The five youths look at each other. They can’t get angry or refute what Ares said. They are indeed weak, and they realize that. One in five youths ventured to speak to Ares. "Sir, our village is in a state of famine. The harvest in the garden failed due to the attack of wild beasts. That's why the five of us, as the strongest people in the village, tried to hunt for meat. Instead of the meat we got, we got lost and went deeper into the forest." "Take all the body parts from this wolf, and I will escort you back to the village. Ashur, come take them out!" he shouted, calling for his partner.From the thick of the tree emerged an adult man with an athletic body and handsome face but still lost to Ares' perfect look. The large green sword stuck behind Ashur’s back made him very dignified. Seeing the arrival of Ashur, the five youths who Ares was helping are a little wary. Then he decided to speak to lighten the mood, "You don't need to be wary. My brother's face is a little scary, but
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Chapter 9: “Become the Leader”
"Why don't you make this village yours? This village has all the conditions to complete your mission, sir." There is a system sound that makes his face brighten up instantly. He starts to speak, “Erick, I can help this village and make it much better than how it is today. But I have one condition." I haven't asked yet, but I already got a breath of fresh air. Of course, Erick and the others are pleased to hear Ares’ offer. Even though they are new to each other, they may feel he is not the wrong person. After all, if Ares is a bad person, what will he want to take anyway. The village is already poor, the children aren’t that attractive, and the women are weak and might not be enough to fill his charm. "If indeed you can make the condition of this village improve, whatever conditions you put forward, we will agree to it, sir," Erick said with confidence. "I want to be the leader of this village," Ares responded to his words directly without rambling. Erick and the others fall silen
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Chapter 10: “Establishing a Village”
Ashur saluted Hera because he felt that Hera was much stronger than him. As for Hera, she stood up and just nodded at Ashur’s attitude. Before returning to the village, Ares checks his status. He has not seen his level for several days. He hopes that there will be a significant change in his strength. [Name: Ares Shaddai] [17 years old] [Creature: Human] [Level: 440] next level [1,240/1990] [Elements: Light, White Flame, Ice, Lightning] [Strength: [867] [Agility: 869] [Vitality: 868/868] [Stamina: 869 / 869] [Luck: 874] [Mana: 5260/5260] [Points: [01] [Skills: Appraisal, Fireballs, Healing, Double Slash, Light Step] [Coins: 27,591,000] [Shop] [Subordinate] [Profile: Hera] [Profile: Ashur] "Two subordinates in my profile are stronger than me. I am nothing compared to them," Ares thought. His strength with the strength of his two subordinates is very far away. However, with the help of the system, it is not difficult for him to level up his power. Seeing the morning
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