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'She fell first, but he fell harder.' ******* After her billionaire husband divorced her, Bella lost her baby that pained her more. To lessen her sufferings, her parents then decided to send her to New York for her modelling career. After building her name in the industry, she thought that her life would remain calm and in peace. Neither will she know that she'll be forced to go back to her country after signing a contract with a man, and that man was her ex-husband! ******* Her: Do you know why I hate you? It's because you killed my child! Him: If I did, then let's make another one.

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72 Chapters
“Dance!” She seductively swayed her body and bit her lips before closing her eyes to feel the sexy rhythm of the music from her earphones. Her body moved on its own like it was accompanying the sexy song.She was in the kitchen, drinking some milk when she suddenly felt like dancing. She was sure that nobody will see her since she was the only person who was left in the house.“Ooh baby…” She mumbled, harmonizing the song desirably. She was only wearing her black short shorts and a lose white shirt paired with a fluffy slippers. She didn’t care if her long black hair was messy, after all, she was alone at the moment.She continued dancing sexily as the music climb up to its climax. Her fingers traced her curves as her butt swayed alluringly. It crawled up to her nape and slowly untie her hair clip which made her hair fell and scatter.As she slowly opened her eyes after turning around, her body froze. Her hands that were busy touching her messy hair stopped midway. Shock was writte
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“Let’s Divorce.” Cold. Ruthless. There was no emotion in his eyes when he said those painful words to me.The tears that were forming in my eyes fell helplessly. I was silent. I was weak. My heart was fragile and breakable, yet he still had the guts to tear my worth apart.My lips trembled when he slid the papers on the table towards me. When I saw his signature clearly, my heart cracked in an instant. I felt like it was bleeding inside my chest.His shadow towered me when he stood up. “I already called your dad about this, so you don’t need to worry about his reaction.” His voice was deep and cold.I watched how he looked at his watch without even glancing at me.“After signing the papers, you can put it inside my drawer. You can ask Sebastian to drive you back to the Daño’s mansion if you want to.” His eyes were unbothered. “I’ll be going now.” I waited for the door to close before my broken voice escaped from my pale lips. It hurts. It fucking hurts! My sight becomes blurry as my
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“Are you still sad?” Mia, my brother Dean’s wife and also my best friend asked. She hurriedly visited me earlier right after she came back from Spain.I forced a smile that didn’t even reach my eyes. “I’ll be lying if I said I’m not Mia. You know how much did I sacrifice for him.”“Since our elementary days, till we graduated from college, you witnessed it all.” I added, trying to ignore the thorn that was inside my throat.It’s been five months since I left, or more like he did. I wasn’t able to see him anymore, nor was I willing to face him. True to my words, it was also months since I last cried. When I forced myself not to shed any more tears, it wasn’t easy. I wasn’t completely healed. Well, it was the hardest. I was thankful that my family and friends were there. They lifted me up to forget and enjoy my freedom. I stayed at our Villa near the beach where we first met. I know that many people would rather be far away from the places that used to be their paradise before they g
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“Are you ok Princess?”I blinked several times before his message hit me. I turned to face them and smiled like nothing happened. I didn’t realize that I dozed up for a moment.“I’m fine mom.” I answered. “I’ll be heading to my room now, I’m so excited that I wanted to pack more things.” They all chuckled before I stood up and walked upstairs.I didn’t know why I was excited. Was it because I’ll be going to New York for modelling? Or because of something else? Gosh! What was I even thinking? Of course it’s because of the modeling stuff!I closed the door and typed on my phone. My heart was thumping so loud that I’m afraid if ever my family could hear it from below.‘1 PM, at my favorite restaurant’ – SENTI blew some air from inside my chest because it felt like it was drowning me. Why now? Why after five months? Did he realize that he still love me? Was he regretting what he did? Maybe because my mind and body was exhausted that I fell asleep so fast. I woke up at eight before I did
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His grip becomes gentle. My mind froze and my lips trembled as his kisses went deeper yet soft. His slender fingers crawled up to my nape and pushed my face to his. “B-Black---hmmm…” I accidentally moaned. I composed myself and started to struggle when his tongue entered my mouth. He dragged my body closer to him that made me touch his hard chest. What the heck was he doing?! I stopped and closed my eyes, letting my tears fall. Soon after, I felt him withdrew what he was doing and moved away from me. I opened my eyes and saw how his cold eyes becomes colder. “I h-hate you. I hate you a lot!” I couldn’t suppress the emotions that was building inside my chest and my palm suddenly landed on his cheeks. His face slightly tilted but still, he was emotionless. His slightly long hair hid his grey eyes. I took a deep breath as my eyes displayed hatred. I couldn’t control my anger anymore knowing that he was the reason why my baby died. Knowing that he became ruthless to me without some val
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I stared at the lenses of the camera with a fierce look on my face. My black cocktail dress glittered as the spotlight focused onto me. I slowly walked on the red carpet without any reaction while hundreds of camera’s were flashing one after another, capturing my every move. Not like others, I didn’t have any partner with me tonight. I don’t need no man. “Miss Daño, what can you say about your issue with Mr. Smith?” I stopped for a moment before I explored my sight to the reporter who spoke. I faked a smile and shook my head. “We’re just friends.” I answered. I strode inside the hall where thousands of people with popularity welcomed my eyes. The room was spacious and everything was obviously expensive. It was the 5th year anniversary of C.C. company owned by Mr. Smith, a young businessman that was linked to me for awhile now. More on, he’s just a close friend of mine. “I though you’re not going? Where’s your friend?” A manly voice caught my attention and my ears instantly knew w
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The sun’s light peeked into the windows and the rays touched my face, as it radiated inside my eyes which made my pupils golden from brown.I explored my sight around and found myself on my bed. I automatically gasped when I realized that my clothes weren’t the same from yesterday night. I was already wearing a white pairs of pajama.“Shit!” Slapping my head slowly, I was trying to think what had happened last night. As far as I remember, I was drunk and someone whom I thought was Clyde sent me back to my unit. However, I had doubts since he had a very familiar touch with an alluring scent of masculinity.As I was about to get up from bed, my phone rang which made me stop my actions and go straight to where my pouch was seated. I saw Candice' name on the screen so I swiped the answer button and instantly heard her sharp voice.“Bellaaaaaaa!”This woman, “Why?”“I have some good news my dear friend, wann
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“Take care Bella. I’ll miss you!” I smiled and hugged Candice tightly. If it wasn’t for her support, I wouldn’t be the person whom I am now. Patting her head, I spoke gently. “I’ll be there for only five months. Once my contract is done, I’ll come back here.” Her teary eyes blinked several times before she hugged me back. Her shoulders were moving slightly. This dramatic friend of mine is always like this so I’m not surprise at all.“Call me once you departed.” I held my phone tight before nodding. “I will.” While waiting for my flight, I could feel the heavyweight inside of me. Maybe because it’s my first time after three years that I will be away from my friend who used to comfort me when I feel down.After minutes of waiting, we were called out so I went to my designated flight number. I settled everything first and walked inside the plane to suit myself before looking outside the window, then it flew above.
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I watched how the water dropped from his hair to his slightly hairy yet hard chest. It traveled down to his skin until it disappeared beneath the towel that was being wrapped around his solid waist. His muscular biceps were wet and there was another towel that was on his head.He smirked devilishly. “So, you finally become someone whom you always wanted hmm?” His thin seductive lips rose a bit.I gave him a smug face and sat on the couch away from him. If I was the same person three years ago, I would’ve jumped into his embrace, too bad it’s not me anymore. I smiled and said, “My career is none of your business Mr. De Villa. I’m here for work. Nothing more, nothing less.” He suddenly let out a soft laughed and sat on the couch opposite to mine. The only hindrance in between was the small mini-table. I avoided my gaze to his inviting appearance and shameful actions. “I’m your boss now so you have to follow what I say Miss Daño.” His voi
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Mariel took me to a shopping mall. It was not simply a mall, but one of the biggest mall in the world. I had no idea what should we do, but she was kind enough to discuss her thoughts.“Actually ma’am, my boss simply told me to accompany you today.” Her eyes looked down. She was wearing a ripped jeans and a white shirt. I nodded and pointed one of the stall inside. “Let’s go there.” I dragged her with me. “You suddenly rushed in my room and I wasn’t able to eat my breakfast so I’m hungry. Today is my cheat day.”Her forehead furrowed. “What is cheat day ma’am? You wanted to cheat on your boyfriend?!” She exclaimed, wearing a shock expression with her confuse eyes.I giggled. My palm uncontrollably patted her head as we got inside the food chain called Jollibee. “No. You don’t understand because you’re still young, but as a model, I need to limit the calories that I should take everyday.” “A cheat day means I can eat w
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