My Dominating Apollo

My Dominating Apollo

By:  S.N Nina Arthur  Completed
Language: English
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"D...Don't...Ah!!" I moaned even though I tried hard not to. He has something in him that always makes a woman moan his name as he touches them. "You know very well that you can't resist the temptation then why try..." He was pushing it deeper while brushing his lips over my earlobe. "Say the word..." He whispered. "Daddy," *** Clarissa Green, a sweet, beautiful, hot-headed and stubborn woman who hates it when someone disrespects or speak low of her. She has faced many obstacles in life which made her a strong and amazing woman. Apollo Villin, He's calm and collective, smart, manipulative, cold, notorious multi-billionaire who's famous for his looks and his mysterious personality. *** Secrets will be revealed, hearts will get broken and relationships get destroyed.

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47 chapters
Chapter 1
Clarissa's POV."Calm down sweetie," My mom said as she watched me pace back and forth in our living room. I had been pacing for forty minutes right now angry and pissed at society."How will I calm down mom when I was fired for just helping my fellow colleague," I yelled out of frustration."Bastard," I muttered, For which I gained a warning glare from my mom."He deserves it!" I said like it was obvious."You didn't tell me what actually happened," she asked sitting on the couch, waiting patiently to hear why I was fired by my so-called boss."One of my colleagues at the canteen has nothing to eat at home, and he has a family to feed. He never ate anything in the canteen even though he was working there. He many times came to work without having food. I couldn't see him work without having food; he looks pale and very... you know, weak. So, I ordered some food from my account and gave it to him. That bitch Morgan has told this and added some more to the boss Mr. Anderson, he shouted
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Chapter 2
It took me a sec to snap back to reality and face the person who was smiling at me. I walked towards her; she immediately stood up and extended her hand, "Hello, Miss Green. My name is Lillian Davis" She greeted me, I took her hand and shook it."Hello," I replied,"I'm a personal assistant of Mr. Matthew Villin; I'm here to talk about his interest in having you as his personal publicist," she said.I nodded my head and walked towards my desk and laid my bag on the table as I sat down on my chair."Please," I said, gesturing to her to take a seat in front of me. She smiled and walked ahead and sat in front of me while taking a file and placing it in front of me."This contains the pay and all other things," she said, I nodded and took it and opened the file.The Villin's are the most fearful and extremely dangerous family. There are many rumors and stories of them ruling the city for years. The system can't do anything against them even if they do, there's a man who would rescue them
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Chapter 3
I heard sounds of different voices and other things which were making my head throb in pain, I opened my eyes and everything was blurry and I blinked my eyes to make it clear for me to see where I was. I see my mom talking to a man wearing a white coat.She was worried, I can tell that by just looking at her expressions. I tried to make a sound but my throat hurt like I hadn't drunk water for many days. Still, I managed to whisper but it went unheard by her. This time I tried to whisper louder and she heard me.She hurriedly walked toward me, "hon, Are you okay?" She asked while taking my hand in hers, I nodded my head at her as I tried to sit up but felt this pain in my head increasing by my move. My mom put a pillow on my back and helped me sit. I leaned back on the pillow."Water" I managed to ask,She handed me over a glass of water, I gulped it whole. I turned to my mom and asked, "What happened?""You had an accident," she said and immediately everything rushed to my head.I rem
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Chapter 4
The office was so beautiful, There were a black executive desk and leather upholstered chairs and light brown wood wall cladding, golden accents, and a crystal chandelier centering the meeting table all complementing each other creating an elegant-looking office.At the right of the office were two ceiling windows with light brown color curtains on either side of the window. On the other side, is the table with a bookshelf filled with many books.I walked inside my office admiring each and every corner of it, with my mouth wide open."Did you like it, Miss Green?" Asked Lillian."Yes, I love it," I said honestly.I walked to my desk and put my bag on it. My things were brought here and were placed on the desk. Everything was set up neatly for me to use."I'll let you do your work, Miss Green," she said, for which, I turned around and nodded at her."Come, Miss Miller, I'll show your office," she said to Lydia and walked her out of my office.I traced my fingers against my desk and inh
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Chapter 5
CLARISSA’S P.O.V.After parking my car in the parking lot, We both walked through the lobby towards the elevator. We stepped inside the elevator and reached the top floor where Mr. Mathew's office was located, We both stepped out of the elevator and walked through the empty floor towards his office. Only the sounds of our heels filled the floor, it was so quiet and intimidating. As Lydia pushed the door open, I saw Lillian, sitting on the sofa and staring at someone in front of her. I stepped inside and saw that tall man sitting on the sofa with his right leg over his left leg and a magazine in his hands.Hearing me walking in, Mathew looked up at me, "Clarissa, please sit down, I need to talk about something!" He said folding the paper he was reading. I nodded and sat down on the sofa next to Lillian, who was still gawking at that tall guy. I glanced at him and turned my complete attention towards Mathew, "That guy just tried to destroy my business, I don't want to make this issue
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Chapter 6
I looked up at a familiar face, he was looking at me with a calculative look which made me a bit nervous about myself. He wasn’t saying anything, there was complete silence in the room. He was leaning against the wall staring at me blankly, I didn’t understand what to do. As I stared at him back not knowing what to do he moved himself off and began strolling towards me with his hands placed inside in his pockets. His face was void of emotions and to look at his face I had to conjure all my strength, ”Mr.Villin do... Do you need something?” I asked moving back as he moved towards me, my back hit my desk and my breathing fastened when I saw him just mere inches away from me. I stared up at him and saw him looking at my face. As I noticed him moving closer to me, I immediately closed my eyes and moved my face away from him. I felt him so close that his hot breath was on my face, I shut my eyes even more tightly. My heart was pounding rapidly against my ribcage making me very nervous. H
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Chapter 7
CLARISSA’S POV.I blinked twice but the words on the card were still on it, I glanced at Lydia, she was staring at me with confusion on her face, “Are you okay?” she asked with a concerned look, I didn’t answer her as I was still staring at the card flipping it over and over again while my mind was filled with dangerous thoughts and questions, all of the sudden Lydia took that card off my hands, “What is this?” she asked while taking it from me, she glanced at me while reading the letters on the card. I watched her eyes widening and looking around for the man, “Truth can’t be hidden” she whispered reading out the words written on the card. We walked back to our office with confusion and tension written on our faces, a lot of things were running in my mind like who is this guy? and why did he leave us this card? Did he intentionally left it or it just slipped from his pocket? Can it be a coincidence? While we were walking to my office I noticed Lillian walking to us, she was about
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Chapter 8
I drove to my home through heavy traffic and it took nearly an hour for me to reach my apartment, I parked my car and walked to the elevator. I got inside and reached my floor, two flats were present on this floor but the other one is right now empty. I walked to my apartment and knocked on the door, I casually glanced at the door present in the other corner of the floor before my mom opened the door and let me in.As I walked into the living room I was hit with a delicious smell of the dishes my mom prepared for us, “Hm…” I murmured as I inhaled the smell coming from the dining table, I turned around and caught my mom, As I hugged her I heard her chuckling at me, “Thank you, mom, for preparing my favorite dishes,” I said hugging her, she stroked my back with her hands. “I’ll change,” I said as I released her and turned around, as I walked to my room, took a hot shower and wore my nightwear, I noticed a new message pop up in my phone. I walked to the table and took the phone from
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Chapter 9
ALARM ****I offed the annoying alarm clock and groaned while getting up from my bed, I rubbed my eyes while yawning and walked towards my washroom. I can hear my mom moving dishes and I can hear her cooking something in the kitchen as I was walking to my washroom. I brushed my teeth and took a cold shower, wrapping my favorite white fluffy towel around my body. I walked out of my washroom and walked straight into my walk-in closet. I got dressed in my baby pink deep V-neck pencil dress cinched at the waist with a statement belt and combed my hair while applying some makeup to my face. I looked at my reflection and smiled when I felt I looked good.I took my things and walked downstairs, as I walked downstairs I noticed Sofia helping my mom place breakfast on the table, “Sofia!” I called in surprise to see her. Mom gave her off for two days and it’s been only 24 hours and she’s back to work.She looked at me while laughing at me warmly, “You didn’t take off?” I asked while walking tow
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Chapter 10
CLARRISA'S POV.I glanced at Lillian and saw her looking at me with a terrified expression on her face, my eyes moved to Mr.Villin who was staring at me with confusion. He walked towards me and grabbed the card from my hand, I watched him read it calmly and collectively which made my thoughts rush to my head again. How can someone be this calm while reading a death threat from rivalry person? I glanced at Lillian, who was watching Mr Villin with the same expression she had before, "Where is Lydia?" Mr.Villin asked looking at Lillian,"I don't know, sir, she's not in her office!" she said, looking at him, worry for Lydia was evident in her eyes."Call her," he said while turning back and walking out of my office, I turned my head towards Lillian who was dialling Lydia's number in her phone. I watched her move the phone to her ears, tension began spreading all over my body while I patiently waited for Lillian to say something and Lydia to answer the call. I signalled her to put it on s
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