The Alpha's Human Mate

The Alpha's Human Mate

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Alpha Arnold McLean, the great Alpha of the white diamond pack has waited for over a hundred years for his fated mate but the goddess seems to have turned her back on him, or so he thought. Having stayed for as long as a century without his fated mate, he was almost going feral when his people decided to find his him a choose mate. His chosen mate was Tanya Gates, the daughter of a neighbouring pack's Alpha. He agreed to court her for six months before marking her as his mate. Within those six months, Tanya broke his heart and he decided to go far away for some time so as to clear his head. Mildred Paige was an orphan human girl, who hated being broke and idle. She also detested depending on people so she did so many jobs, side jobs to earn a living. Amongst her jobs the one she loved the most was working at the gym house as a cleaner. It was less stressful and better paid. Above all she experienced love there more than anywhere. One day the Alpha decided to visit the gym house as part of his recovery plan, when he got there he felt something different, something he never felt before. His wolf Black screamed mate in his head. "My mate in the human realm?" He thought within himself as a beautiful blond stood in front of him confused. Will Arnold be able to take a human mate? What will Tanya and other wolves do when they find out that their Alpha has impregnated a human?

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29 Chapters
Chapter 1
I have been so busy for some days now, preparing for my mating rituals with Tanya Gates, the daughter of Alpha Colin Gates the second alpha in command after me in the twelve packs of the white moon realm.I have been so busy that I couldn't get enough sleep. I was stressed out and needed to take a break, but I couldn't since it'll be over soon.It wasn't like I didn't have the people to do those things for me, but I believe in doing things myself for better results, I learned that from my late father.My mating rituals and marriage ceremony with Tanya Gates is tomorrow at the pack's event center. I wanted it to be elaborate as I was expecting dignitaries so I went through a lot of stress to pull it through.I never intended to marry Tanya, because I didn't love her and she wasn't my fated mate, but I had no choice as I was almost going feral for staying too long without a mate.The Alphas' council of the twelve packs of the white moon realm and all the elders in my pack unanimously pi
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Chapter 2
Mildred Paige"Arghhh!!!" I screamed as I opened my eyes. It was already morning, I yawned, stretching simultaneously. Damn, it was another nightmare.I was used to having those nightmares I couldn't remember when I wake up, but it wasn't my problem, it's midweek and I have a lot of jobs to catch up with, especially my job at the 'FEEL IT GYM CLUB.'I started working at the gym house about four months ago and it was the best decision I made in my life. There I have good boss, colleagues and customers, unlike some other places I work.Looking at my alarm clock, it was almost six thirty am and was running late, so I rushed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, had a cold bath put on my uniform for the first job of the day, scheduled for 07-10 am which was a delivery job.I went to the magazine company to get the magazines, after which I went to deliver them one after the other, with the company bike. It was fun riding through the beautiful streets of Canada on a power bike with my helmet o
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Chapter 3
Alpha Arnold McLeanSeeing my fated mate in the human realm was never what I dreamt of, but I guess that was the goddess of the moon trying to comfort me.Besides, the moon goddess did a great job by joining me with the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my lifetime..................After Ted's explanation that day, I couldn't concentrate or do anything properly, because I felt like I wasn't good enough. I felt used and betrayed by everyone including the moon goddess.The next thought that came to my mind was quitting my Alpha position, but, how will I tell my father and his fathers that I threw away the reason they worked hard over the centuries and millenniums because of a woman?Besides, Alpha Colin Gates will laugh at me and take my position without hesitation.I isolated myself for days without eating, sleeping or bathing, thinking what I should do to heal my heart.After about three days of maltreating myself, I heard a knock on my door."Who?" I growled angrily."Ted." Ca
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Chapter 4
MildredI lost myself in the arms of a stranger, kissing and removing his clothes thoughtlessly like an idiot.I was only distracted by Jake's call.In as much as I was mad at Jade, for calling me at that time of the night in spite of all my warnings, I was grateful to him for distracting me from the strange man.After reminding him who he is and will ever be, I ended the call and threw my clothes on."I want to go." I said to the stranger who called himself Arnold McLean.He jerked in surprise. I guessed he was lost in thoughts for a moment, but what do I care?"It's late." He finally voiced out.I know, but I have to go, besides who is he to tell me what to do? He's a freaking stranger."I can't allow you leave here at this time of the night." He said possessively."Why?" I furrowed my brows."Just because...""Just because? Just because of what?" I fumed."Because you are my mate!" He grumbled and I scoffed."Your what?" I laughed hard.How could he say we are mates? What does he e
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Chapter 5
Mildred's POVI tossed and turned sleepily on the bed, trying to touch the person I spent the night with, but the bed was empty.I became agitated when I looked around and didn't see his clothes on the ground they were lying last night. I quickly rushed to the bathroom, but he wasn't there.I thought as much, Mildred, you're just a fool.I sat down and placed my two hands on my face, allowing tears to flow freely down my face.Where could he be, where has he gone to? What came over me last night, why did I give in to a total stranger?So many questions were running through my mind, and a call on my phone brought me back.I rushed to get the phone, hoping he was the one calling to say he was sorry for leaving.I picked up my phone to see that it was already past eight-forty and it was my boss from the magazine company that was calling.Oh my God!First of all, I met and slept with a total stranger, the same day I met him. Secondly, I drank to stupor for the first time in my life. Third
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Chapter 6
Mildred's POVI walked out on him, hoping and praying that he'd follow me, but to my disappointment he stayed back watching me leave. I could feel how hurting my words were to him.I tried to forget about it and move on, but I kept seeing his pleading face. I went home, prepared and was on my way to my job at the gym when I saw someone standing at the front of my door.Mr. Martin!"Go.. goo.. good morning sir." I stuttered, trying my best not to show fear for the person standing in front of me.It was my boss from the newspaper company. He looked like he came for war and was ready to detach my head from my body."I.." I swallowed hard. "I woke up sick, and decided to go and get drugs. I didn't go with my phone, I was so weak that I forgot it, but I think I'm better now." I explained, but he was looking at me all the while like he lost his hearing abilities.The truth is, Mr. Martin had been making advances at me, doing everything within his reach to get me in his bed, but I kept turni
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Chapter 7
Alpha Arnold McLeanI stood fixed watching my mate walk out on me and I couldn't do anything about it. I wanted to follow her, but I had to respect her wish and stay back.I felt hurt, and regretted what I said about being an alpha and different from humans.I went to the bathroom to take a shower before going to get something to eat at a restaurant close to the hotel, as the hotel didn't have what I wanted.I decided to call my mate, because I was already missing her, but her phone rang once and ended itself, after which it stopped ringing.I didn't know why, but I was feeling uneasy, so I quickly rushed to her house, but she wasn't there and the atmosphere felt tensed, even though I met no one there, I was still feeling uneasy.I went to her place of work, but she wasn't there either, and I heard her boss complaining that her number wasn't going through, that it was unusual of her not to be there at that moment.I was about to leave there when two police officers came and I felt my
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Chapter 8
Alpha ArnoldAt first, I felt like I had lost all my bearing. Usually, I would be composed, I hardly lost my composure ever and in the past hundred years that I have lived, I had never lost my composure, at least not this terribly.But now, I had lost my composure too many times in recent times. The first being when I was told that if I didn't find a mate quickly enough, I would become a wild wolf. Then finding Andrew messing with my supposed mate, my own beta, and now. Now! So many things had happened much recently and to think that I would find the mate of my dreams and she would be this way. I couldn't bear her words. What did she mean by that? She was not going to come just to see how I would fare without her? Just to deliberately break my heart? How? Couldn't she feel the bond between us as mates? Then why was she doing this? Her heart was breaking, but her face looked firm like she had definitely made a decision that she was not going to go back on."Besides, I have to look aft
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Chapter 9
MildredI wanted to go with him, I was drawn inexplicably to the idea, but I was bent on fighting whatever it was that made me want to go with him regardless.Was I supposed to up and leave with him? Wasting the twenty two years that I had built on my own and with my own strength, I wasn't so stupid, I decided.It didn't seems like he was lying, heck, he didn't seem like he was a person who would bring himself down to the degrading act of lying, he looked too dignified to do it.There was a sense of stiffness around him, a commanding sense about him, though he never used whatever persuasion techniques or command to compel me to do his wishes, I could tell that he could but was only choosing not to.A wayward part of me wished that he had tried everything he could to take me with him, it would be hard to resist him then, even now as I walked away from the hotel I had just gotten out from, I knew that if I wasn't decisive about where I was going right now, I would return to him.So, I h
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Chapter 10
Arnold I heard Mildred whisper, "I hope you come back soon". I mean, I am a werewolf my hearing is very sharp. I made myself walk away from her without another word, but I felt like going back to gather her into my arms. My wolf was trying to claw himself out of my body, but I succeeded in silencing him. I had to leave and go back to the pack, I cannot leave the pack for long. I decided to set up some security measures for my Mildred. I do not want to leave her defenseless against Jake and Aya. I woke up early the next day and checked out of the hotel. I decided to go to Mildred's house just to see her one more time before leaving. I called a cab and was on my way to her place in a few minutes. When I got there, I asked the cab driver to wait for me since I would not be staying long. I went up to her front door and immediately smelled Jake's scent, I saw red immediately. I was concerned about Mildred so I knocked on her door with an air of urgency. "What do you want?", Mildred de
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