My Love From The North

My Love From The North

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Nelika, daughter of Alpha Zero and Luna Jasmin of the cold mountain pack is the apple of everyone's eyes. But unlike the girls her age she chooses to train on how to become a warrior wolf better than joining the girls in school or the pack. Just like her father, she is strong and she knew that he will be proud of her if she could lead the pack one day. However, Alpha Zero has a different plan for his daughter especially when Luna Jasmin bore the next heir of the Cold mountain pack. How will Nelika prove her worth as the daughter of an Alpha, and how will she refuse if her father asks her to be nice to Alpha Xander? The Alpha of the West that her father admires and she truly hates. She doesn't care if the she-wolves on their pack fantasize about him all the time. Alpha Xander is not her type nor will she be nice to him, she is the next leader of the cold mountain pack and she intends to do well with or without her father's help. Yet fate has a better plan for her and that involves the Alpha she dislikes.

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29 chapters
Chapter 1. The Birth of An Heir
* Alpha Zero *I pace back and forth creating the noise in the wooden tiled floor of the Langston Palace, the warriors guarding the door stayed silent. My eyes look around as Alpha King Vincent sat still with his father Jack in the couch. We arrived in the palace yesterday for the coronation of the new Alpha King thinking that my Luna will not have the baby out until next month but something happened later while we were supposed to be sleeping.My Luna just went into labor and suffer a few complications when our baby refuse to come out. We desperately need a blood donation however there is no match from our warriors, I know from a long time that our blood is not match something which rarely happens to mated wolves. But I am that unfortunate Alpha who's blood is not match with his mate. Until young Alpha Xander of the West volunteers to try and help us, to our great surprise his blood matches with her."How long before they finish? They've been there for hours!"I was not able to hide
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Chapter 2. The Young Heiress
* Nelika *"Are you ready for school sweetheart?"My mother smiled at me while looking at the red and white checkered skirt that I am wearing, it is paired with a white long sleeve top and a necktie similar to my skirt. I hate wearing my skirt, but I can't do anything about it. The excitement I felt in going back to school for the first time after a long vacation is gone when I put on the skirt. My lips pouted and I pulled the skirt up."Mom, can I removed this and wear those pants instead."The smile on my mother's face faded and she shook her head. "No! It's the rules of the school sweetie we must follow. And you only wear skirts when going to school so what's the matter?""But isn't Daddy make the rules?"Her hand took the brush on top of the small table in my room. "Yes, Daddy makes the rules for the pack, however for the children in school, it is the school principal. You are a girl my love and skirts are for girls so you cannot wear those pants all the time."I stomp my foot in
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Chapter 3. An Exciting Weekend
* Nelika *My footsteps are as light as a feather when I ran down the stairs and greeted everyone on the table. I could hear the rattling of spoons and forks from the kitchen, perhaps it's what woke me up on this beautiful morning. I slept well and I would have stayed longer in bed if it were not for the weekend training today."Good morning everybody!"My mother smiles as she look at me on my training suit ready for the day. Today is Saturday and I don't have to go to school. My father glances at me from sitting on his chair and sipping at his coffee. I move forward to kiss my mother on the cheeks and then my father who raise and eye brow."You wake up late sweetheart, and I thought you are excited for the training today."I grinned at him showing a deep dimple in my left cheek. "Sorry Dad, I was tired at school yesterday and slept too much."I glance around looking for my Aunt Ayah. She said she will come for breakfast today so we could go together for training. Aside from Loki, I h
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Chapter 4. The Wild West
* Alpha Xander *"Good morning Alpha Xander! A pleasant day, we have an invitation that arrives early this morning!"The excitement in Beta Alex's voice had me stop myself from doing another push-up on the concrete floor of my spacious room. I rose to my feet and took the white towel from a bar close to me. I use it to wipe the sweat all over my face down to my neck and my chest. Almost half of my bedroom is occupied with gym equipment not to mention the ones on my bedroom's balcony."What invitation? From and from who? Did you check the sender?"I assume another party from one of my acquaintances in the city or the Alpha of another region."Of course your majesty! It is an important invitation coming from the Alpha King."My movements stop. Alpha King Vincent send us an invitation. I wonder what's the occasion that he has to formally send it in a fancy card which is now in Alex's hand. He looks at it and reads the written message on the small card."Oh well, when would that be?"I am
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Chapter 5. Reunion At The Palace
* Nelika *The pink and white dress that my mother chooses fitted me well. Fit on the top and flared at the bottom making me feel like a different person. When I look at myself in the huge mirror, I can't recognize the lady who looks back at me. I pouted and find a tiny pink rubber which I can tie my hair. It makes me feel weak like a girl who is lost and is trying to find a way back.My dress has no sleeves showing my arms which are still in need of muscle. I pulled my hair up and then tied my hair in a ponytail, it look better than letting it down. I look for my shoes in the box which I haven't opened yet. I open the box and pulled out a white shoes with two inch heel! Oh my Gosh! Why did mom brought me something like these? It also has a pointed toe and I don't think it would make me comfortable.I put it down and open the dressing room, all my shoes are below the hanged dresses. They were all rubber shoes or sports shoes, few sandals and few with heels that I never wore. Not one o
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Chapter 6. Are You Lost Baby Girl?
* Nelika *The woman's eyes are half closed with her mouth slightly open and a moan of someone who's in between pain and pleasure is coming from her. I couldn't turn my gaze away as I watch the broad back of the man pulling her up against the wall, her dress pulled up showing her long skinny legs in pointed high heels. My feet is glued to the ground and I couldn't move as I stood there watching. Is he hurting her? What am I supposed to do?I gather all my strength and opened my mouth as it seems the situation needs to be explained. "Excuse me?"They stopped and all of a sudden the woman open her eyes and she was put down by him that I lost her sight then her feet landed on the ground and the man towered above her. Covering her away from my gaze."Who is it? Shit someone is here!"She uttered with annoyance which made me wonder. Then the man slowly turn his head sideways, the sculpted view of his face is beautiful with a nose so high and his lips that mocks me. His long lashes are visi
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Chapter 7. Growing Strength
* Nelika *Five years have passed, my friend Walter and I have enjoyed our days in high school. He has already change a lot, when he finally shifted and got his wolf form. I think all my classmates are, except for me who is still waiting. Girls are also started talking about boys and dating, however, I remain the same. I am grateful only that I could wear the clothes I've been wanting to wear everyday. No more skirts or dresses."Nelika, sweetie. Your father is waiting for you downstairs. Today is weekend isn't it? Are you not going to train with the warriors."I pulled the sheets down from covering my face and yawned. "Good morning mom, I will get a quick shower now and head downstairs. Please tell dad to wait for me."My mother stood in front of the bed while I get down slowly."Are you alright sweetie? Is there something wrong?”She sounded worried moving towards me and putting her hand on top of my forehead. I don't have a fever if that is what she's trying to find out."I am not
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Chapter 8. Fight Like A wolf
* Nelika *He stood taller than me like most of the people I know. I guess the Moon Goddess did not gifted me with a tall appearance as for now I only stood five foot two and according to my Aunt, I could only grow another inch or two and that's it. Jason on the other hand is now five foot ten. Who knows how tall he could be a few years from now?"Don't worry Princess, I will go easy on you because your father is watching."The smile on his face is annoying, I keep my mouth shut when Aunt Ayah moves to the center and stands as our referee. She gave a warning look on her face and that is for me to take this matter seriously."Alright guys! It's three out of five, whoever landed his back on the ground more than two times will lose the fight. No cheating, only use hand-on-hand combat because Nelika has no wolf form yet. Understood?"I look back at my father and Beta Loki sitting on a bench. "Understood Aunt Ayah."Jason nodded and stand in his defense. My Aunt move back but she spoke in
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Chapter 9. Her Dilemma
* Nelika *"Oh, I am so proud of you sweetie!"My mother rush towards me as soon as I get out of the car. Her arms wrap around me tightly then she kisses my cheeks which are still swollen."Ouch!""Oh, I am so sorry sweetie. Your face is swelling we need to get you something inside."Her hands gently caress my swollen lips and face. I fought hard not to scream in pain because my father approach us and greets her."Hello my love, how's your day going? Nelika made me feel so proud today."My father kisses her forehead while she smiled. "I bet she does, but we need to put some medicine on her face before it leaves a nasty scar."My father looks at me amused. "It's not going to scar, don't worry sweetheart."We all walk inside the Alpha mansion, with my dad humming to himself. It somehow eases the pain I feel when I think about how happy I made my father is today. My mother took me to my bedroom and made me sit in the tub of the bathroom before scanning through the medicine cabinet inside
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Chapter 10. Good News
* Nelika *I woke up to the sound of the wolves howling and the noise of people chatting in our mansion's living room. Something must have happened, so I got out of bed and open my windows. Today is the start of vacation so no need to worry about school for many months. I could spend my days with the warriors doing training and learning new things. Making my wolf form grow stronger.When I finished taking a quick shower, still the noise downstairs continues making me feel more curious. So I brush my hair and hurry down to go straight to our living room."What's going on? What is up with all the noise?"My father's face meets mine with his eyes sparkling in delight. When I look at my mother, her teary eyes encourage me to move forward while Beta Derek and Aunt Ayah are all happily sitting on the couch."Good news Nelika! You're going to be a big sister soon!"My lips opened wide but no words came out of my mouth, I look at my mother who nodded her head. She is old enough not to have ch
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