From Beta to Luna - The Alpha's Unexpected Mate

From Beta to Luna - The Alpha's Unexpected Mate

By:  Luna Barrett  Ongoing
Language: English
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Damon and Mila have been inseparable since infancy, their parents mates. But they are not actually siblings, the moon goddess gave Mila's mother a second chance. But does she have more than a second chance mate in mind... Chapter 1 - Realisations. Wolfsbane. A silver bullet, laced with wolfsbane. “This is it Mila, this is where we die” I thought to myself. “Don’t you dare give up on me Mila, we have come too far for this” Tae said to me, she was my wolf, and she was mighty. Much more than I ever deserved. “MILA!!! Don’t you dare leave me Mila, don’t you dare die on me. You CANNOT LEAVE ME. I WON’T LET YOU!” This voice was familiar, I tingled at the sound, like a choir on Christmas day. This man, was mine. But it was too late, I was doomed for sure.

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41 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Realisations
Mila’s P.O.V.Wolfsbane. A silver bullet, laced with wolfsbane. “This is it Mila, this is where we die” I thought to myself. “Don’t you dare give up on me Mila, we have come too far for this” Tae said to me, she was my wolf, and she was mighty. Much more than I ever deserved. “MILA!!! Don’t you dare leave me Mila, don’t you dare die on me. You CANNOT LEAVE ME. I WON’T LET YOU!” This voice was familiar, I tingled at the sound, like a choir on Christmas day. This man, was mine. But it was too late, I was doomed for sure.One year earlier.It was another glorious day, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and my brother was punching me in the arm for the tenth time that day.Damon, my brother – well step brother actually, was the future Alpha of the Steelfang pack in the East coast. We were the largest, most fearsome pack in all the local lands. Not to say we were brutal or deadly, but we were strong, happy and just. Alpha Marcus was the kindest most loyal leader that Steelfang h
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Chapter 2 - The beginning.
Damon’s P.O.V.‘Chill the fuck out Damon, chill the fuck out’ I knew my brain was right, I was totally overreacting, but I had to find her. It drove me mad every time Mila was somewhere that I didn’t know about, she knew this too, she just took it as the overprotective brotherly side to me, but I knew the truth, I loved the woman. She was everything to me, my whole body went rigid when I couldn’t find her, she was my mate. She just didn’t know it yet.“Chris have you seen Mila?” I shouted across the meadow. The meadow was Mila’s favorite place and because of that it was mine too, we went there often. I wanted nothing more than for her to be happy all of the time. “Where the fuck is she then?!” Axel was going mad inside my head, he was my wolf. And he craved Mila more than I did, ‘we need to find her Damon! She’s missing! What if some other dickhead is talking to her? Touching her?’ Axel was very insistent. I was approaching my 18th birthday which meant that Axel would soon make his fi
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Chapter 3 - Admissions
Mila’s P.O.V.Beep, beep, beep. Eugh, wolves are not early risers, and I am absolutely no exception to that rule. But school requires us to arrive at a certain time. You’d think a school full of wolves would have a later start time. I rub my eyes to let the light in a little bit at a time, feeling like a vampire in the sun, and realize I am actually in my bed ‘Damon’ my mind smiled, it always happens, every movie night, I fall asleep in his arms and he puts me to bed, and then I wake up for school and have to go get him up too.. I quickly pick an outfit, it’s another gorgeous day so I think short shorts, a white lace top and my favorite brown cowboy boots will be fine, a little makeup to make my eyes pop, a quick tussle of my hair and I’m done, Damon would go mad at any bloke wanting to get within 5 feet of me, but that doesn’t mean I have to look like a dump truck. I grab my bag and march out my room.Halfway up the stairs and I can hear something unfamiliar. Damon is never up this e
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Chapter 4 - Love and Lust
Damon’s P.O.V. She kissed me. She actually kissed me. Axel was practically howling to the moon goddess at this point, wondering just how we got so lucky to call Mila ours. She was perfect, I nearly killed him and she knew exactly how to bring me back to my senses. I dragged her out of school and back to the car, I even buckled her in myself so I knew she was totally safe, probably a bit overkill but I didn’t care. “So where are we off to then?” she looked at me as innocent as always, following my lead was one of her specialties. “Back home. I got a text off dad, he and mum have errands to run so they won’t be back until morning – probably silly birthday surprises”. I rolled my eyes, they were fantastic parents, and always liked to make a fuss over things like birthdays, and honestly the best gift they gave me this year was a night alone with Mila. We got home and I watched Mila walk in, damn her ass was fine. “Concentrate dude! We have to make sure she knows she is ours. You gotta c
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Chapter 5 - Axel
Mila’s P.O.V. I woke up once again, to the morbid sounds of an alarm, but this one wasn’t familiar. I peeked open an eye, as a huge hand reached over me groaning, and the alarm was gone. Suddenly memories of last night came crashing back to me, I knew exactly where I was and who’s hand that was, my pelvis harshly reminded me of last night’s bliss, but I didn’t care, Damon loved me, no he was obsessed with me I was his mate, and he was mine. I rolled over to face him, he already had his eyes wide open. “Good morning peach, how are you feeling?” his eyes narrowed with concern, he knew I was sore from his impressive size, “I’m actually fine, feeling pretty good. Never better in some ways.” He smiled at me, that big bright boyish smile that made me weak at the knees, it made me weak, and wet. I climbed on top of him , “Happy birthday baby – officially an adult wolf, have you met Axel yet?” I was so curious, I wanted so bad to meet him, my birthday was around 4 weeks away and I was so exc
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Chapter 6 - Mates
Damon’s P.O.V. What a day. In fact, what a crazy 24 hours – this time yesterday, I was taking Mila home, still seething that another wolf dare to touch my baby. Yet crazy turned on by her handling of the situation. I have never seen her be possessive of me, usually she is cool, calm and collected, no other women bother her around me, and she never took notice of me being obsessed with her. But yesterday was different, something in her changed, like a switch being flipped, she was protective of me, it was so hot. If I wasn’t certain that this gorgeous woman was in front of me right now, laughing, smiling and holding on to me, I would swear I made the whole thing up. But I was still careful around her, I needed her to live happy, there was no other way for me, this whole time I had been bottling up all my feelings towards her, hoping she never took notice but now, after last night and all the confessions we made to each other I can’t believe I was able to hold it in for so long. “Mila!
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Chapter 7 - Suspicions
Damon’s P.O.V.I woke up in plenty of time before my alarm, I still felt like I was in a dream, Mila hadn’t left my side for the last couple of days now, and that made life perfect. But today was a different feeling, I knew that we had school again today, and that meant that I would be without her all morning. This would be difficult.The Day Before“Don’t worry man, she is gonna be perfectly safe with Ebony, like always!” Brad was trying to convince me that tomorrow wasn’t going to be the worst day of my life, he didn’t have Chris’s talent for knowing what to say but I couldn’t deny he was right, I was worrying over nothing really. “I am going to take the best care of Mila like I always do, she will be fine, it’s only a few hours and you will be back together for the entire afternoon like always Damon” Ebony was wonderful. She was the best of friends with Mila, and always looked out for her when I couldn’t be around, but now things felt different, me and Axel were truly losing our mi
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Chapter 8 - Revenge
Mila’s P.O.V.Mr. Valkis entered our class shortly after second period and summoned me and Ebony outside to talk to him, we were straight A students, and other than that tiny incident last week we were never usually in trouble, so it was worrisome to be called out of class by the head. “Nothing to worry about girls, it has come to my understanding that you Miss. Faolan are in fact Mr. Wolfrik’s mate, as expected. And some of the other teachers have confirmed what I suspected, he is having a hard time being away from you, when you get your wolf you will be exactly the same, it is not easy for an Alpha and a Luna to be apart from each other for any length of time. I don’t wish to give you both special treatment, but I also can’t have young Damon ripping everyone’s heads off every 5 minutes, so I have made arrangements for you to switch classes, you will be in every class that Mr. Wolfrik is, and I assumed you’d rather have Ebony here with you for support – I assume that will be alright
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Chapter 9 - Mila's Birthday
Mila’s P.O.V.‘Today’s the day’ I thought to myself, I had been awake for what must have been hours, but I hadn’t opened my eyes yet, too afraid to disturb Damon. “Happy birthday Mila” woah. ‘Who on earth was that I thought to myself’ “My name is Tae silly.” Okay now it’s finally happened, I have finally lost my mind. “Mila you have not gone mad, today is your birthday, my name is Tae – I’m your wolf!” Oh, my goddess! ‘You’re my wolf! I’ve been waiting so long to meet you!’ I said back to her, she chuckled at me, “I know, and here I am, perfectly on time…. MATE! I can smell him! He’s there Mila!! Next to you! WAKE HIM UP! I WANT TO MEET HIM!” Suddenly Tae was like a lovesick puppy, bouncing around all over the place so eager to meet Damon and Axel, I laughed again, ‘yes that is Damon he is our mate, and his wolf Axel, they are the most perfect beings on the planet’.It had been a few weeks since the incident with my bedroom occurred, we hadn’t seen anything else suspicious in a while,
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Chapter 10 - Strangers and Surprises
Damon’s P.O.V.Mila’s wolf was absolutely magnificent, she always tells me how amazing Axel is, and how much she loves us, but I never imagined in my wildest dreams that Tae would be as stunning as she is, as soon as we saw Mila shift into Tae, Axel was doing flips. He was happy beyond measure. She was all over dark grey, the perfect contrast to Axel, and her eyes, where as Axel’s are dark like sapphires, Tae’s were purple! They glistened like amethysts in the moon, she truly was a gift from the goddess if not a goddess herself.I knew what I had to do; I’ve been planning it now for over a week. I had been back and forth trying to think of the perfect gift for her, every year I go all out, from trips to the city, a huge surprise party, tickets to her favorite concerts, new cars, all of it. But this year it needed to be special, this was the first year she was my mate, it had to be as perfect as she is. And that’s when it came to me, the perfect gift. “Chris, Brad! I’m gonna need your
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