The Female Alpha and her Fated Slave

The Female Alpha and her Fated Slave

By:  Harley Z.  Updated just now
Language: English
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**********This story contains subjects and topics that are not suitable for younger viewers. Scenes that are depicted are that of abuse, slavery, trafficing, vulgar language, ect.. This story has a lot of dark and twisted topics and should not be read if you know these dark themes will be triggering. I will do my best to Label the chapters of abuse but know in almost every chapter there is some sort of triggering material. Again, I do not wish to cause any harm to anys emotional and mental health. Their are also subjestive material that includes but is not limited to emotional, physical, sexaul abuse as well as pedophilia. I in no way support any of these tragedies but do create dark and twisted stories. All stories created by me are completely fictional and have no real merit to any person's life (at least intentionally, I am not psychic and can not be sure that someone has or hasn’t gone through these horrors. Just know that you have been fully warned. Felicity is the oldest daughter of the Alpha of the Howl Pack. They are well known for their underground buisness. Forced to marry another alphas son in order to take over for her father Felicity is at a crossroads from wanting what she dreams and doing what she was brought up to do. Always the dutiful daughter. Felix was orphaned at an early age and sold into the seedy underground world of human sex slavery. Felix has only wanted one thing. Peace. His peace is that of a beautiful girl that sits by the lake every night to console him. In his dreams.

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35 chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Felicity I had one job, one job as the heir and next ruler of the HowlPack. One but most important job is to find and marry a strong mate for my pack. My father, the Alpha, expects me to marry a strong male from an Alpha bloodline. My daddy was the best and wanted nothing but the best for me, my twin he could do less for her. Although twins I was born 5 minutes before my identical twin sister. Rumor had it that the reason my father sent her away was because of her that our mother and his fated mate perished while giving birth to her. Since I was born first I inherited the Alpha gene. I knew Daddy wanted a Male but he loved me all the same. On the other hand he was strong, some called him ruthless, heartless and cruel. I had never seen that side of him. The only time I saw him remotely hostile was when my ex-fiance and arranged mate had rejected the marriage to me after explaining he had finally found his mate. Adam was the second born to the Bloodmoon Pack and th
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Felicity School continued to drag on. I loved school as it gave me an escape for 8-10 hours of the day. Tuesday and Thursdays were free days. While Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturdays were 10 hours days were directed towards training. Two hours of training, learning to escape and evade, tracking, first aid and combat medical, hunting and even different hand to hand combat. Some even advanced fighters got to learn weaponry. While I wasn’t advanced fighters as my father always stated, royalty did not fight but move the pieces. My father was also very against women fighters. While we were allowed to fight and be on roasters it was only on an emergency basis. After high school women were not allowed to train anymore unless there was a war. I at no point would call myself an advanced fighter but was still able to hold my own in a fight and had a higher pain tolerance. I am actually very good at
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Felix “142, you're up” the guard yelled to my cell motioning me forward. I stumbled to my feet and tried to remember the last time I had something to eat. More importantly the last time I had something to drink. The guard opens my cell and grabs the back of my neck roughly and begins to lead me down the corridor of cells. Each cell has one or more slaves strung on either the floor or the cot. Most of the cells belonged to females. Female cells allowed for multiple women, whereas males had to have their own cells at the back of the building. Not exactly sure if we are in a building or just in an underground bunkhouse. At this point in life I didn't care , only feared the upcoming evideable future. Most slaves do not last till their 23rd birthday by their 23 birthday they were either sold off, tran
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Felix I hated hearing my number called. It was one of 3 Customers for me nowadays. The lonely and horney mateless she-wolves or widows looking to get off. They were easy, get them off a few times, as quick as possible and they left rather quickly. Thenre there was the gay or bisexual males, or as I call them the hidden as they sneak in here and order us to either wear a wig or they ask a woman to accompany us but dismisses them rather quickly. They too were rather easy, they either wanted me to fuck them and get them off or they wanted to fuck me which was still not as bad as some were often very gentle and even attempted to get me off. HA! I have never experienced and orgasm nor do I believe I ever will be able to have an actual sexual relationship. Then again I never do have to worry of the sort as, I am a slave. I will always be a slave. I will never know freedom. I will nev
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5: FelicityI really had no idea what crawled up Roger's ass. That almost seemed like fatherly advice. Roger had been around since before my sister and I were even a glimmer in our parents eyes. Hell to be truthful he had been around prior to my parents even getting together. He was one of those old timers that didn’t have any children or even a mate. Rumor had it he had a mate but she was sterile and they lived a long happily married life until she passed a couple of years before my sister and I were born. I always just thought the man was a creeper but maybe just maybe the creepy vibe was something else. I entered the pack house and ran up the stairs. Our pack house wasn’t like others. Our pack house wasn’t big by any means and served as only a house for my family and guesthouse for visiting alphas. All parti
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Felicity Upon waking up to my father screaming I could feel a sense of foreboding going on. Something felt off and horribly wrong. I listened briefly from the imaginary safety of my blankets in my bed as it sounded as if my father was destroying everything within our home. Tonight, for the first time in my life, I was scared I may become another statistic in domestic violence. Our communities typically did not have such laws as many packs still performed in traditional ways that a woman was to be seen and not heard. They were for baby making and nothing more. I was hoping to change this viewpoint when I took over leadership from my father. I was going to take back power for the women and they too would then hold positions of authority and sit on councils. As well as hold leadership positions within MY pack. The
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Felix 6 Months Later After Ms. Farah healed my injuries and I regained my strength. I was transferred through the tunnels to my new hell. Here I was introduced to the guard of the kitchen and told where my cell was to be. After the guard left the other slaves began to fill me in on our day to day activities. I was surprised to hear that we are actually given much leniency and freedoms. Though was also told that we would still be subjected to sexual favors when requested and or ordered. We were to remain in our cells overnight but during the day from 430am to 1030pm we were to work on the floor. Each day we would be given our assignments, there were some slaves assigned soley to the kitchen as they were the best cooks and was th
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Chpater 8
Chapter 8 Felicity It has been months since I have been able to leave my house. My father had gotten permission for me to be able to finish high school online as he told them was to prevent me from being taken. All reality was that he just didn’t want me to find my fated mate until he had my marriage arranged and in contract. That was about 2 months ago. I have since finished school, he allowed me to take a couple of classes online for college but told me to not to get attached as I would soon be ending all my classes to become a Luna. For the last couple of months since being told that I would soon be marrying Nathan 3rd born to the Blackstone Pack from Russia. He has never been to our pack nor has he and I ever talked or met. He agreed to the marriage due to inability to find his mate. My understanding was the man was twice my age and was ruthless due to his years of searching for his fated mate. He
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Felicity Throughout the night I devise a plan to check out how the plans are going. I must first convince my father about the anxiety of the ceremony failing due to the site's corruption. Step two would be to get a message out to Lana to notify my sister and make sure that she books it. Next is to discover the scent. I must get back to my lake. I have to calm my racing mind and heart. For this all to work I must first placate my father and confuse him of my plans and allow him to let me out briefly to the site in order to confirm my style and vision. I get up first thing in the morning and make him his daily breakfast and begin to work on a mock up of completely altered versions of the drawings given to me. I have to turn everything and move items around in order to make it look like it was very poorly constructed. I just hope that this does not get anyone into trouble. As I
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Roger I have watched that girl for years. I had to make it appear that I was just as demented as that worthless asshole of a father of hers. That child has been beaten, bloodied, abused to the point of near death. I do not know how many times I was the one to come into their home and find her passed out on the floor with a new bruise, scrape or cut. Several of those times she was luckily to pull through but it is not by the saving grace of her father. NO, that man could care less for his daughter. I have been here for a while sniffing around, I do not know why but the pull to protect her and care for her like a father is so strong. I have not had any children of my own and most likely will never have my own children as I am already nearing the age I should finally ride off into retirement. But I will
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