Mafia's Addiction

Mafia's Addiction

By:  Oluwatobi Banks  Ongoing
Language: English
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A young lady who came from a middle class background meets with a ruthless, arrogant Mafia boss..... Female lead....... Stephanie Banks, from a middle class family she has jet black hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful body shape that can make any guy go crazy and any lady jealous. A collage drop out . Male lead....... Ken Walter, one of the well know Ruthless mafia leader all over the world, u don't want to get on his bad side. He is a tall, handsome, sexy man. He has dark brown hair. What happens when this too cross part and things get worse for Stephanie than it already have in her life. When her dad borrowed money form this ruthless arrogant Mafia boss and couldn't pay at the appointed time. He has to sell his daughter to him in order not to get killed. What happens when she got bought buy the ruthless Mafia and she was forced to go to his mansion to live with him and she has to follow every rule given to her if she still wants to be breathing. When he abuses, torture ,torment rapes her whenever he wants and when he pleases but later finds out she is his Addiction and he will do every thing to protect her but will he be able to make her love him again. What happens when she gets pregnant will love prevail over hatred. Find out in this lovely story. Other characters will be introduced as the story continues......

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8 chapters
The Encounter
Stephanie's POV You don’t know how great it felt to be done with college. Three long years away from home, I wonder how much has changed since I left. The plane ride from New York to American was long. Thankfully, I had second class so it wasn’t as exhausting. When I landed, I grabbed all of my luggage and I went to go find my parents. Instead I found a chauffeur holding a sign with my name on it. I walked over to the guy and smiled. He took my luggage, and took me out to the limo that was waiting. Talk about rolling out in style. The car ride was silent, but quick. Soon the huge house, which I grew up in, stood out in all of it’s glory. Man did I miss this place. When the car stopped I jumped out of the car, and ran inside. I automatically went straight up into my room, and jumped on my bed. “Oh I missed you so much,” I yelled into a pillow. “Still an idiot,” I heard a deep voice chuckle. Kent! I quickly shot up, and jumped on my brother causing both of us to fall to the f
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The meeting
Stephanie’s POV “What do you mean you sold me?” I asked. “I sold you,” he sighed. “To who??” mom yelled,”Why?” “Ken Walter,” dad gritted his teeth, and huffed. “Ken Walter,” Kent raged. “Who’s Ken Walter?” I ask. Everyone ignored my question. “Why on earth did you sell her to Ken Walter??” mom yelled, “Why did you sell her in the first place!?!” “I didn’t have a choice!!!” he yelled, “Here were my options watch him kill all of you, or give him Stephanie. Luckily he bought her $100,000,000, but she has to move in with him…Today.” “Today…..I just got here,” I argued, “And I don’t even know who Ken Walter is!!!!!!” Dad sighed and motioned for me to follow him. We all followed him into his office and he told me to sit down. He sat down in his chair behind his desk, and he sighed. “Now Stephanie,” he began, “Promise me you won’t get mad.” “I’m already mad,” I huffed. “Fair enough,” he sighed,”Now my corporation Bank's Industry isn’t really what it seems.” “What do you mean?”
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Stephanie’s POV When we got to the bedroom it was actually quite nice. The walls were gray and the bed was pretty big. To be honest I don’t think I’ll have a problem sleeping in here. I walked over to the window and looked outside. There was a large pool, a hammock on the patio, and basketball court. “Nice place you got here,” I complimented. “Thanks,” Ken mumbled. I turned around and saw him standing there shirtless, rummaging through his dresser. I couldn’t help but stare at tattoos on his arms, and chest. I also got a could look at his six pack abs, which look mighty fine on his body. “Like what you see,” he chuckled. I scoffed, “No I don’t.” I obviously liked the view, but I didn’t want him to know that. I’m still mad about being sold to this jerk. “Sure you don’t” he laughed, and slipped on a black V-neck. I was going to say something but 4 guys, one of them being Dexter, came through the door with my stuff. “Man this stuff is heavy,” Dexter huffed.
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Surprised 2
Stephanie's POV I woke up all weak and cuddled up on the bed with someone I couldn't get up because of how weak i was but when i remembered i didn't sleep on the bed last night and with whom am i cuddled up with... I haven’t open my eyes yet because, the sun is not my friend. As I tried to get up from the bed, with all effort in vain.i turned over on my side and i saw ken in bed with me. The event of last night came rushing in and I begin to ask my self what did I do to deserve this from ken why is life been this cruel to me. I tried to get up but realized that his hands was holding me down on the bed. I tried to remove his hands but when he spoke i frozed. "Where do you think you are going and is that how u say good morning" He asked "He expected me to greet him after what he did last night" I thought... But any ways i still greated him. "Good morning"i said and he drew me closer to him i wanted to shout but he said "if you shout i will kiss you" so i shut my mouth and he cud
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The reunion
Stephanie POV“What’s the problem Danny?” Ken asked.“Chance hasn’t paid his money yet sir,” Danny boomed. Ken’s jaw clenched and he leaned back in the kitchen chair.“Bring him to me,” Ken ordered, “Kai, Dexter, go with him.”“Yes sir,” Dexter smirked. Dexter and Kai left with Danny, and I got a bad feeling. What just happened?“Do you want me to start digging?”Bryan asked. Wait what?“No,” Ken sighed,”He’s going to be tortured first.” My eyes widened, and I swallowed the last bit of my pancakes.“What are you going to do to him?” I asked.“I’m going to make him pay! And how does that concern you mind your business,” Ken growled and smirked. AJ and Bryan smirked as well which made me feel uneasy. I slowly got up, and cleaned my plate.I decided to go into the living room, and watch some TV. As I watched the food channel Ken came in, and lit the fire place. Then he came and sat down next to me.“So this morning,” he smirked.“Yeah I out ran all of you,” I chuckled.“No not that,” he s
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Reunion 2
Stephanie’s POVPatrick sat down at the end of the table, and we dug into the food.Ken had put Daniel in a high chair along with Danielle.When Ken sat down I could feel him tense up next to me. I was going to ask why he’s so tense but I decided against it.“So today has been a stressful day,” Patrick began.“Tell me about it,”I mumbled, so no one could hear it.However, Ken must have heard me because, he glared at me. Oops.“Whats happened today dad?” Thomas asked.“Well I offered Martinez a job,” Patrick paused then glared at Ken,”He didn’t take the job he said my son, Ken, would regret firing him.”“Oh what can he do,”Ken sighed, and shoved some mashed potatoes in his mouth.Patrick ignored him then continued,”And then my second in command, Chance, didn’t show up today.We’ve tried to locate him, but we’ve had no luck…..I fear the worst.There’s a search team out right now, I hope they find him.”I looked at Ken, and his eyes went wide then back to normal.Bryan, Kai, and AJ all te
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Stephanie’s POVI must have fallen asleep in the car last night because…..well….I’m cuddled up to Ken in bed….. again.I pushed Ken away and he chuckled. Dam I thought he was asleep.“You’re a cuddler aren’t you?” Ken smirked.“Shut up,” I growled, and hit him with a pillow. I moved over to the edge of the bed, then I felt arms wrap around my waist.I tried to refuse but I was pulled to Ken’s chest.“How are you?” He chuckled.“Terrible,” I mumbled, “I’m in the arms of a baboon.”“Baboon?” He asked.“Yep,” I smiled. Ken was about to say something but the bedroom door opened.We both sat up to look, and Dexter was standing there with an apple in his hand.“Can we help you?” Ken asked.“I hate to interrupt your love fest but the girls are home early,” Dexter sighed, “20 minutes here and they’re already raising hell.”“Oh God,” Ken chuckled,”We’ll be downstairs in a bit.”Dexter nodded then walked out of the room. Ken got out of bed, and walked over to his drawers.“So who are the girls a
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Suicide Mission
Ken’s POVAfter I shot Martinez, we quickly rushed Stephanie to the hospital.She was seen immediately, and now she’s in ICU.Only her family is allowed to see her, so I’ve been stuck in the waiting room for about….. 8 hours.It’s 4 o’clock in the morning, and I don’t plan on leaving until I see her.’s parents had left 2 hours ago, and there was no sign of her brother.My parents stopped by, and gave the Banks they’re sincerest apologies.If our parents weren’t good friends, there would’ve been a fight.I got up and walked towards the room where they were holding Stephanie.I glanced around, and when the coast was clear, I walked into the room.When I walked in I closed the door, and saw Stephanie hooked up to a bunch of machines.The beeping of the heart monitor gave me comfort, because that means she’s alive.I walked over to her bedside, and sat down in one of the chair.She can’t be in a gang, she’s to sweet. She would never be able to take another life.Maybe I can make her a se
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