Her Alphas

Her Alphas

By:  Hazel Cuelas  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was born with recessive Alpha Gene, that was her father said to her. . .At the time, she didn't know what was that, but when she figured it out that's become the turning point of her life.

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5 chapters
Chapter 1
The first memory I have of my parents was of us lounging in the living room. My father and I were huddled around the fireplace. My mother was seated in a rocking chair as she read from a book with an old, worn cover. I was sprawled across my father's lap, as I always did when he sat with me. My mother used to tease me that I was daddy's little girl. And it was the truth. I would follow him everywhere, and even try to help him with the matters of being an Alpha. He would often laugh at my enthusiasm and let me tag along. I remember my parents and I sitting like this often. One time, I got up the courage to ask about my siblings. I knew I had to have them. Everyone had siblings.My father looked at my mother and they seemed to have a conversation without saying a word. My father then looked down at me and launched into the story about my older brother."He was born with a recessive Alpha Gene," he said to me. At the time I didn't know what that was, but I figured that if I continued to
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Chapter 2
After stepping out of the cold bath, I wrap myself with a towel. A faint knock echoes through the bathroom and I open the door. Rylan stands there, a grim look on her face. I quirk an eyebrow at her, but let her into the bathroom. I have grown up with Rylan and she feels like my sister. I towel off my hair and slip into a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater. Rylan sits patiently while I brush out my hair."Did they catch the rogue?" I ask, still not over being told to sit out. She catches my gaze in the mirror and smirks."Yeah, your dad caught him. Apparently he was forced from the Night Claw pack.""They said they are going to interrogate him after the ceremony." I frown and tie my hair up into a high ponytail. Striding out into my bedroom, Rylan follows with a sigh. She crosses her arms and watches as I tug on a pair of leather boots."Are we going to run our daily rounds?" She asks more to herself. I stand and nod with a smile. Every day Rylan and I do a run of the perimeter
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Chapter 3
I growl as Rylan enters my bedroom with a basket full of makeup, a grin settled on her face."No." I sneer as I back a step away from her. She pouts, her infectious grin slipping from her cheeks."Come on, Kira! Just let me put some makeup on you!" She begins, setting the basket down on my bed. The strong scent of chemicals inside wafts up to my nose. I shake my head, refusing."Fine then, I guess just a bit of eyeliner will have to do." She sighs at me. I growl and shake my head."Come on... Kira, your mom wants you to be wearing this stuff, not me!" She shouts, exasperated. I roll my eyes and walk over to the floor length mirror."My mother just doesn't want me to get any attention from any guys, possibly causing me to leave the pack.""Well, I can't say I blame her. If I looked like you, I would have guys at my feet begging for my attention." I look at her, my eyebrows raised. She giggles at my expression."I can't tell if that was a compliment or not." I murmur, causing her to lau
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Chapter 4
Rylan and I have been standing here, at the doorway for what seems like hours. My feet are aching, and we haven't been able to have a break since the packs started coming.I lean against the wall, and Rylan ushers the last few stragglers of a pack inside. Glancing outside, I don't see anyone else."Is that everyone?" I ask. Rylan takes a mental tally and shakes her head."There is one more pack..." She trails off. I groan, realizing who it it. The Blood Moon pack. They are one of the most powerful packs, second only to us.Their Alpha was one of the best in his ceremony a few years ago. At the time, his pack was one of the lower, submissive ones. When he came out on top of the ceremony, he had the choice to join our pack. But he went back to his pack, and he made them more powerful. Apparently, his pack is rivaling ours for power. Both of our packs hold the same amount of territory.Rylan sighs loudly and sinks to the floor, breaking me from my thoughts. She rips the heels off and gro
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Chapter 5
Rylan and I sit at the main table with my whole pack. My father sits to my left, at the head of the table. With my mother across from me and Rylan to my right, I am boxed into conversations I want no part in. The main table also holds the Blood Moon pack. They sit at the other end, opposite my father.Everyone eats at their own pace, mostly conversing about the upcoming ceremony. I take a small bite of a brussel sprout covered in butter and herbs. Chewing slowly, I lean over to Rylan and whisper in her ear."I wonder what my mother would do if you started talking about me dating someone." She cracks a small grin and whispers back to me."She would probably be the proper woman she pretends to be and go along with it."I laugh, causing my mother to send me a death glare. I squish up my face in mock innocence and she harrumphs my behavior. I have another bite of food just inches from my mouth, when Rylan nudges my side with my elbow. I look up at her, and she inclines her head toward the
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