Claimed By An Alpha King

Claimed By An Alpha King

By:   A. B. Pointy-Pen  Ongoing
Language: English
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With raven hair, lips as red as blood and smooth sun kissed skin, without a doubt she was a delicate flower against bouquet of red roses. No man could deny such a delicate flower such as Aurora. Not even the most cold hearted and ruthless creatures that lurk in the shadows. They would stop at nothing to have her even if it meant breaking her in the process. And when they get her they wouldn't share her with a soul. What they failed to notice was that Aurora was a tough nut to crack and the moment she submitted to a man was the day her corpse laid six feet underground. The only good that exists within a cruel world. Every man wants a chance to claim her as theirs. Every woman woman wants to end her life. Read this novel to discover what lies ahead and which path Aurora will choose.

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Lamia Khan
wow that's awesome
2023-08-21 12:08:16
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Delinda Schumacher
32 chapters 4-10-23
2023-04-11 09:33:22
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A. B. Pointy-Pen
Hello guys I'm the Author of this novel. I would really appreciate if you guys could read my story and leave a review at the end. Every now and then an Author needs motivation. And don't forget to vote if you like the story.
2021-12-28 10:26:46
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Tannia Mcgonigle
Keep up the good work author
2021-12-22 02:08:50
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great novel
2021-12-09 02:15:59
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2021-12-09 02:15:11
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Ashley Blackstock
i think this story has great potential
2021-11-14 09:05:29
32 Chapters
Chapter 1
The night's sky was very picturesque. The large moon filled the clear sky with its luminous light. Behind the moon were colorful twinkling stars that provided the perfect backdrop. The deep and soft hooting sound filled the night making it calm. The night was tremendously perfect. But the air was still and tension soon filled the surrounding. Throughout a small village, the lighting was bright. The laughter of young children could be heard throughout the distance. The playing of music filled the night. The villagers danced happily celebrating the return of their loved ones. While others wept and moan the loss of a close relative or family member."Daddy! Daddy!"A slender joyous girl approached a man who seemed to be in his fifties. Her eyes brightened when the man stooped down opening his arms for her. She quickened her pace opening her arms widely to hug the man. A broad smile formed on his lips but they didn't quite reach his eyes as he admired her features as if se
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Chapter 2
The further the Clause family got from the village square the loud music faded. Soon they could only hear their breathing and the snapping of twigs under the sole of their feet. Aurora hugged herself as she exhaled a fleeting misty cloud. Her cheeks were a deep shade of pink. Her teeth chattered together as she caressed her arm. She pulled her wool coat tighter around her body. She felt as if she would die of hypothermia due to the cold weather condition. They were months away from winter thus she could only imagine how cold winter would be that year.Up ahead she spotted a dirt path leading through the dark woods. It was a shortcut to their household. Her feet began to ache and she felt as if they would fail her any moment. "Can we take the short cut papa?" She asked her dad."No, we stick to the straight route Aurora." Came his reply. "It's a full moon neither of us knows what awaits in those woods."She rolled her blue orbs in irritation. She was dis
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Chapter 3
The clauses household was completely silent. Aurora stared at the sealing that night unable to sleep. She thought pensively about what her grandmother had said earlier. None of it didn't make much sense. But the thought of her grandmother slaughtering an innocent animal made her sick to her stomach.  She took what the woman said into deep consideration. But even the thought of seeing a deadly half beast and half human sounded hilarious. But her grandmother was dead serious about training the two girls. However Violet was fragile and sensitive. She wasn't the perfect match for the task. Aurora on the other hand was rough and lacked the necessities of a female. Over the years she was bent and groomed into the cold-hearted monster her grandmother wanted. They planned to turn her into a killing machine. But unlike them, she was smart and intelligent. She knew they were up to no good.  She had the techni
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Chapter 4
~•10 Year's later•~She placed her hands on her knees panting and gasping for air with her tongue darted out. Her feet felt as if it was being pricked by billions of tiny needles and she sweats profusely. She peeked up at the small building which was a distance from where she stood. She could hardly distinguish its distinct features. The building seemed like the size of a dollhouse but as she got closer the bigger the building appeared. "Come on Aurora you can do this." She said to herself. She inhaled a fresh breath of air before she resumed her walking. She knew her employer would have her head for arriving at work late. Besides she couldn't argue with the man he was her employer after all. She had to keep her smart mouth shut and take all the insults he would hurl at her.By the time she burst through the front door, she was greeted by a grumpy old man. He resembled that of a pig with his red face and chubby body. Aurora was disgusted by the s
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Chapter 5
Aurora released a breath she was holding when the boy departed. She felt at ease when the sound of his carriage faded until there was complete silence.She picked up the crumpled flower from the countertop and stashed it into her apron pocket. Her employer was a stingy man and he would happily deduct the cost of a single flower from her wages.  She looked around frantically for him but the man was strangely out of sight. She continued to work by fertilizing and pruning the flowers garden. It was a lot of work for a female but Aurora knew the only reason she got the job was that no male would want to work in a low-ranking job. And the man paid a very low wage. The girl could hardly pay for her mother's medication and provide food at the same time. But she had to do what she thought was necessary. She wiped the beads of sweat that formed on her forehead with her handkerchief.She plastered a fake smile across her lips when the bell dangled s
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Chapter 6
Aurora had no choice but to oblige to her employer's orders. She had her sick mother at home waiting to receive medication. If she were to lose the job she would not be able to purchase the necessary medication for Ella's illness. Ella was diagnosed with an unknown illness that caused her body to expel a black slimy fluid whenever she coughs. They were told by the doctor that her mother's condition was becoming worst as the days went by and it could not be cured. Aurora wasn't sure what was causing her mother's illness and her mother pretended not to know either but she knew better than to believe her silly lies. She was placed on a bunch of medications for all possible illnesses that she might have. The medications weren't cheap and they never seemed to help either. Ella couldn't afford the medications thus Aurora took on her mother's responsibility.   Those were the least of the families list of problems. Their home was in a bad condition. The house was no lon
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Chapter 7
Aurora felt bad for raising her voice but she could not bear to hear her mother blame herself for their current living situation when she knew her father was fully responsible for the struggles they endured. She was angry at the man for walking out of their lives even though she wasn't aware of the reason behind his doings. But her mother was a loving and caring mother and wife, she didn't deserve the treatment in which she received from the man. In Aurora's eyes, the man was a superficial ungrateful, and selfish person.  It pricked her heart to know Ella wouldn't be around long enough to see her succeed. She looked down at her frail figure and her blue depts welled with tears. Her once vibrant eyes were distant and her sun-kissed skin was as pale as a ghost. Her jet black silky hair was grey and her lips were dried and stripping. She was beyond recognition. She tucked Ella into bed after giving her the final dose of the medication. Ell
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Chapter 8
"Yes, your Majesty." The guard bowed his head in front of the prestigious man towering over him.  "You requested to see me.""Did you manage to track down the rouge?" His powerful voice thundered throughout the room. "N-no your majesty." The man stumbled over his words. "Before we could corner the animal we lost clear sight of it, your majesty." The other guards trembled under their armor in fear of the powerful being standing in front of them.  In their eyes, he was a heartless and brutal monster. He didn't care about the well-being of his guards or anyone around him. He wasn't afraid to cut down anyone standing in his way. Even those closest to him. The man was cruel to an extent that even if a child crossed his path they would also face his wrath. The King was feared throughout the kingdom far and wide. No one was brave enough to cross his path. Until a rogue decided to perform the task that even his worst enemies were scared to say and
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Chapter 9
Her eyes never closed that night she kept them glued to the ceiling. The following morning she felt as if they didn't belong to her. They were swollen and dark circles were outlined underneath. But her eyes were the least of her problems. Her mood was down, she was no longer vibrant or happy. She fought hard to get out of bed. She felt like someone stabbed her multiple times with a bread knife in her stomach. She was famished and her stomach felt like it was infested with tiny insects."Aurora!" Came her mother's weak voice. "There is a package outside for you darling."Her sluggish eyes grew wider and anger invaded her body. She Sprang off the bed and rushed to the other room where her mother and sister awaited her presence. But her headache intensified and she slumped to the floor holding her throbbing head."Aurora!" Ella ran to aid her sick daughter. Her blue orbs welled with tears when she noticed how exhausted Aurora looked. She was overwhelmed by guilt an
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Chapter 10
"It's going to rain today." Ella looked up at the dark angry clouds that began to form in the sky. "I think you should take a day off, Aurora." Aurora wrapped the cloak over her mother's shoulder and shrugged knowing her mother's suggestion was not effective. Her employer was stingy and selfish and he would happily deduct a huge sum of money from her small wage and as a punishment the man would force her to work overtime.  Ella pinched the bridge of her nose and said. "You work too hard darling. I'm sure your employer won't mind if you do take the day off."  "It's clear you don't know what my employer is like, mother." Aurora clenched her fist as images of what her boss tried to do the previous day flashed in front of her vision.  "He's an old friend of mine, Aurora. I'm sure he wouldn't mind you skipping a day." She crossed her arms and peered at her daughter intensely. "Is something the matter with you?" She swallowed a lump t
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