Owned by the Alpha King

Owned by the Alpha King

By:  Ariel Liza  Completed
Language: English
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Celine Amadeus never thought about her life if she will be sold to Alpha King Roman and needed to agree with the wedding agreement from that cruelest, evilest, but most handsome and charismatic man the King from the Dawn Kingdom, so because the force marriage she needs to agree with that to married to the Alpha King to help her family. She needs to follow him, to help her family from debt, she raise from poor family, and this is what Alpha King Roman waiting for a long time, and she need to give birth to werewolf hybrid Alpha that will be the next abdicated from his throne Dawn Kingdom. Celine really disappointed and frustration because of her dad's decisions, especially Alpha King Roman was well known as the heartless and cruelest handsome King, she feels so afraid and need to escape from him, but would that happen, or what will be happened later between their deep, dark romantic relationship, can she survive with this?

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    You are mine!
    On a cold night, Celine fell asleep so comfortably, just like she couldn't remember anything that happened before, she bit felt so disturbed because she could hear someone whispering in her ears softly.“Celine, you are mine forever!”As soon, as she woke up and feels shocked because it had a big werewolf beside her on this new moon.As soon had that werewolf turned into a very handsome has a black hair, hazel eyes, and a very good-looking face with a tall and muscular body.“Who are you?” Celine asked while sitting on her bed in front of him. “I am Alpha King,” as soon as his mouth opens, Celine can see a fang coming out of it, but his smile is so nice.“Why are you here? You have no right being here!” Celine said with anger in her voice and look at him with hate.He just chuckles and said: “It's not me who is entitled to be here… It is you”.Celine looked confused and annoyed. She didn't understand what was going on.“I don't know what you're talking about… Who are you exactly?” sh
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    We're meant to be!
    She rolls her eyes in disgust and said sarcastically, “Like hell, we can. I've met enough humans to know that you guys are completely evil. What kind of human wants to marry a monster like you?”Alpha King smirked at her insult but didn't answer her comment, instead saying “We could work out this problem by ourselves, we could live together and grow old together, you know?” he suggested.“No way in hell, you have the worst taste in women. If I am ever with you, it will surely be only as a servant, nothing more.” Celine said firmly.“So you're saying that you want to spend the rest of your life alone? I'm afraid that's not how life works, princess. You'll be with me always, we can be together forever.”“That's not possible. I am confident that there are many other people like me. We are the last ones, remember? Besides, why should I care about being with someone who doesn't give me any happiness? Why should I give up my life for yours, just so we could continue living like this?!” She
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    Alpha King's baby!
    “Now go, before I change my mind and take you back to my kingdom and make you mine. Go now! Leave!” he yelled furiously while pointing towards the door.Celine was sitting in the corner of her bedroom, hugging herself and crying bitterly.This is not what she had expected to happen today. It was supposed to be her wedding day, she thought she would finally be happy, but instead, all she could feel was fear and pain. She couldn't believe that she had fallen for Alpha King's tricks and lies.Her whole world was crashing down around her, leaving her devastated.When she was finally able to calm down enough to think rationally, she realized that she is pregnant. The baby was kicking inside her stomach violently, and it scared her so much.She didn't know what to do.She knew that her father was expecting an heir, which is something she desperately wanted. Furthermore, she needed to carry the child to term. To raise the baby thanks to his pack, she couldn't afford to do it alone. Her pare
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    Always be my love!
    King Roman remained silent for a minute, then he turned towards his friend with teary eyes.“Thank you, Damian. For everything.” "Yes, always welcome your highness."She woke up feeling nauseous, and thirsty as well.“Oh, great, my lady.” A female healer came rushing into the room.“Where am I?” Celine tried to ask, but nothing came out of her mouth except some sounds.“Your majesty, you are in the palace infirmary. Your husband has been anxious since you fainted from exhaustion yesterday. I'm sorry, but he insisted that you should rest and recover. He has been sitting outside the room since yesterday evening, hoping to see you waking up. Please don't make him wait any longer.” She said and gave her a glass of water.Celine took a sip and slowly laid back down.“How long have I slept?” She asked. “Since morning. About three days ago. But you should drink more. My king made quite a mess out of your kitchen.” The female healer laughed.Celine groaned in frustration. Of course, the Alp
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    His true identity!
    The others gasp at her words, surprised that she had rejected the Alpha King's proposal and had rejected him, but they didn't say anything.“Why do you want to avoid me?”“I don't want to. I wish I could be happy without having to suffer a lot of pain, that's all.”“You're talking nonsense. I love you, Celine, and I won't ever let you go unless you tell me that you want me to.”“And what makes you think I want you to stay with me?” She asked angrily.“Because I love you! Why does everybody always think that they are going to get what they want by hurting other people? I love you, Celine, you are mine!” He said, grabbing both sides of her face.“Stop saying those stupid things! Stop pretending that you love me and that we are meant to be together. I already told you that I don't deserve you. Don't waste your time trying to convince me otherwise. I know I'm unworthy of you.” She said and tried to pull away from his grasp, but he held her tight.“Celine, why are you saying such cruel t
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    You're my mate!
    Celine blushed instantly as she looked down.“I don't understand,” Celine feels so confused.“That's okay, now come home with me!” King Roman says suddenly.“But, I don't want to go with you!” Celine said angrily.“You must because you are my wife.” “But, let me go!” “Guardians! Take her to my castle!” King Roman shouts at the guards, who quickly rushed in and started to tie her hands behind her back.She struggled against them trying to fight but to no avail.“Hey, you're making this harder than it needs to be.” King Roman said as he approached her with a mischievous grin on his face.“Let me go!”“I can't do that. I would miss you. But I guess I'll miss you more once you leave me.” He said sadly.“Why? I would rather not leave! I'm happy here. You don't know how happy I am, you don't know how much you make me smile!” Celine pleaded as tears streamed down her face.“You're lying. You don't like it here. You always look sad.” He said.“It's not that. It's that-”“It's that I make yo
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    The passionate love!
    Celine was breathing heavily as she watched him closely. When his lips finally touched hers, she closed her eyes and kissed him back.His arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her body flush against his, and he deepened their kiss.When the kiss was over, Celine fell into his arms and laid her head on his chest, still slightly tired.King Roman stared at her lovingly. She was perfect. She was everything that he ever wanted. All he needed was for her to say yes. He required her to love him.“Come with me, princess.”She nodded her head in agreement and slowly stood up. She looked at him confused.“What? Where?”“Follow me.”With that, he walked out of the room, with Celine following closely behind.Once they reached the living room, Roman walked to the center of it, where there was an empty chair.Then he turned around to face her.“Take off your clothes, princess. Put this on.”He handed her a black robe that had the words 'King' embroidered on it. She didn't understand.“W-what is
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    I never want you!
    Celine grabbed it fast, and drink it, she can't think clearly anymore, due to the medicine she was consuming, and she felt dizzy.“That will make you feel better, Celine. Drink it all. Don't worry, I will stay by your side the whole day, so don't worry.” He whispered while holding her tight to him.A few moments later, her eyes begin to droop, and soon she falls asleep, exhausted by the pain she was enduring throughout the night.“Damien, take another magical potions!” Roman whisper yelled frantically to Damien, who is already preparing himself another potion.They both worked as quickly as possible, trying to make it so that their precious mate can get rid of her pregnancy and finally be with them.Finally, after many hours, the potion was ready. They poured some into a cup and gave it to Celine. They were both relieved that everything went well. Finally, they could tell the people what has happened to their mate.When she woke up, she saw that she was lying in bed with someone else
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    The tears and darkness!
    Celine, still looking to find a way to escape from Alpha King's Roman that's making her feel so stressed."I really feels uncomfortable here, I still cannot accept the facts if I'm become the wife of the most heartless and cruelest person at the Dawn Sovereign area."Even though this happened almost in months, she still hard to accept if her father sold her to finish his debt even though she still does her best to make a living for her family, everything seemed truly complicated for her.King Roman is still looking for his wife, and he sees Celine is alone and looks so sad in his garden.“Celine, come here! I'll take you to show you the entire Town as my Queen!” He shouts happily with his smile while holding both of Celine's arms.As soon as he holds both of her arms, she tries hard not to let him notice how uncomfortable it is to be with him because she has seen what happened the last time he did this.“No… no, thank you.” She quickly says as she starts to run towards the nearest tr
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    The past life!
    She suddenly remembered about the time when she was young and when she fell off the wagon while riding the horse, she remembers that her father always helped her stand up because she was scared and her body became weak that day.But her father didn't come near to her the next day, but she thought he forgot about it until she came home, and she sees him coming from the kitchen with a cup of hot tea. When she got closer, he gives her a warm smile and kiss her forehead. She felt something weird insides of her heart, like a strange mix of happiness and sadness.At that moment, she felt a sudden urge to cry, but she didn't do that because she knows that she is not allowed to do that, especially in front of her father.She didn't understand why those moments make her feel so odd, but the way her father treated her made her want to cry more.After she fell asleep, Celine was dreaming, but this time it was different and felt so real to her.“This all was truly like dream for me, I don't know
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