His Rejected Luna

His Rejected Luna

By:  emma_213  Completed
Language: English
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When we are young we are taught that mates are supposed to take care of you, love you, support you, be there for you when you need them and so much more. I thought when I found my mate I thought that he would want me as his. But everything I learned about mates was thrown out the window when I met mine. ----- "Your not fit to my future Luna," he snarled at me. I flinch back against the wall trying not to let the tears fall. "I Terry Moore reject you, Sophia Moretti, as my mate and future Luna," he says each word piercing my heart.

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79 chapters
Chapter 1
Sophia's POV"Svegliati Sophia it's your birthday!" My little sister says jumping up on me to get up. I curse in Italian that way my sister doesn't understand."What time is it Laura," I groan sitting up."It's 9:34," she says getting off me and dragging me by your arm. "Mom made you breakfast." That made me jump out of bed. 'Yay I love her breakfast,' my wolf says in my head. 'Me too,' I agree. I walk downstairs while Laura jumps down them."HAPPY BIRTHDAY," my family wishes me. I turn 18 today and I'm supposed to find my mate."So you excited to find your mate?" James, my older brother, smirks. We're three years apart but everyone says we look like twins."Of course who isn't," I exclaimed. My wolf jumps in my head at the word 'mate'. We've been excited since we first met each other when I shifted at 15. 'I wonder what he's going to be like. Maybe he's tall. Is he even in the pack?' My wolf started wondering as she paced in my mind."Dad is doing pack work with Alpha Ken at the pack
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Chapter 2
Alpha Titus' POVShe looks up and when our eyes meet her, I heard my wolf repeat a word I though I'd never hear again.'Mate'I growl when I realize my mate is laying naked and in pain in the dirt while there are unmated wolves around. I take of my shirt and cover her. She flinched whenever my hand touched the skin."Are you okay? Are you hurt?" I ask with a kinder tone in my voice.'What are you doing Titus,' Brody growls.'Shut up,' I growl back.My mate winces every few seconds. She held her stomach in pain."I'm going to take you to the pack doctor," I whisper to her. She looked panicked when I said that. She started frantically shaking her head. When I look at her eyes again I see the life slowly draining out of them. When she goes limp a different scent washes over her. She's in heat."SHE'S IN HEAT," A female wolf on border patrol says."Titus we need to get away," My gamma, Jacob, says.I reluctantly back up away from her."Carry her to the pack doctor," I order the same femal
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Chapter 3
Sophia's POV"When can she leave?" Alpha Titus asks the doctor. I think her name is Dr. Jones."After you sign this paperwork," she says handing him a clipboard and a pen. He scans through the papers and doesn't write anything."What's your name Angel?" He asks. I realize that I only know his name because he's the strongest Alpha but he doesn't know mine. My wolf jumped in my head when he called us Angel."Sophia Moretti," I say. He writes a few things down on the pages. Then asks about my age, then birth parents names. He hands Dr. Jones back the clipboard then let's us leave."The pack house is down this pathway," he points. "But our house is further down.""I'm staying with you?" I ask in surprise. "I can stay in the pack house, I don't mind." He growls when I say that."Mine," he growls."I was just offering I don't want to be in the way," I say trying to calm his wolf down"No you're mine you stay with me.""I can stay with you too," I say as we continue walking towards his house
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Chapter 4
Sophia's POVI woke up in a familiar room but not the one I fell asleep in. The memories came flooding back from last night. I was in Titus' room. I looked over my shoulder and no one was there. I felt the spot where the blanket wasn't covering. It was warm. Someone was just on there. My guess is Titus. The bathroom door swings open and he walks out."I have pack work today I won't be back till later tonight. Stay in the house. Mind link me of Brody if you need anything. There are two guards in the front and two in the back," he says distantly. My wolf notices and lightly whines. Does he realize I'm not in his pack. I can't mind link.'We just met him yesterday, don't be quick to judge,' I remind her."I will send a maid to help you with your needs," he says then walks out.I sigh. I thought he would be nicer today. Maybe it's because of my outburst last night. Maybe he doesn't want me anymore like Terry didn't. My wolf let out a soft whine. I walk towards to the kitchen and open the
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Chapter 5
Sophia's POVI wake up in another cold sweat and tears down my face. The only difference from last time is that Titus didn't come and comfort me. I sit up and try to calm myself down. I try to do those breathing exercises my family always tries to get me to do. My breathing began to become shorter and choppier. The back of my throat became dry so I got up still trying to calm myself down. I walk outside, my vision still blurry from just waking up so suddenly, and pour myself a cup of water. I gulp it down and it helps my breathing a bit. I walk to the front door and see a guard."Can you ask Beta Brody to come here?" I ask through hiccups. He nods silently. He looks like he blanked into space which let me know he was using mind-link. Minutes later the doors open and Brody walks in. He looks like he just woke up."Are you okay Soph," He says looking at me."N-no," I hiccup. I wrap my arms around his body but he doesn't do it back."Soph Titus wont be happy if my scent is on you," he sa
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Chapter 6
Sophia's POV"So what's your story? How did you become gamma of the most powerful pack in the continent?" I ask Jacob."Well I grew up with Titus and Brody. Our moms were friends and we were inseparable. As we grew older nothing changed and when Alpha Derek died we helped him get through it," He explains."Have you found your mate yet?" I ask. When I mention mate his eyes soften."I had a mate. I mean I still do but she left me for someone else. They're in Europe now traveling their world," He says. "As long as she's happy then that's all I need to know to keep my wolf at bay.""But she's your mate doesn't it hurt you and your wolf that she's with another man?" I ask. It's strange that he's happy for her knowing she's not with him."When I turned 18 I wanted to find my mate and make her happy. If that means that I have to let her go with someone else and she's happy I'm okay with that. Maybe I'll find someone else someday," He sighs. I want him to. He would treat her well and take car
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Chapter 7
Sophia's POVI storm my way back into the Alpha's house mumbling under my breath the whole way."Fottuto pezzo di merda. Non avrei mai dovuto venire a questo pacchetto. (Fucking piece of shit. I should have never come to this pack)," I mumble under my breath. I was perfectly fine by myself and he just had to butt in."Sophia get back here now," I heard Titus yell at me. I turned around and stopped."Have you gotten it through your thick head that you've decided to stop acting like a dick and realize that no matter what you try that the stupid mate pull will still bring us together. Mates are supposed to take care of each other and while I'm having a panic attack in the other room you don't even think about coming to calm me down. I had top call Brody and you got jealous of him. You should be glad or you would have to deal with me for hours crying. Do you even know what happens when I have those dreams?" He stays silent."I don't know why you decided to act like you cared for me the fi
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Chapter 8
Sophia's POVThe bright light peeked through the curtains waking me up. I groan and try to turn the other way but I couldn't move. I look down and saw Titus' arms wrapped securely around my waist. I accepted defeat and just shielded my eyes by hiding my face in his chest. He shifted a little but then relaxed. His scent was intoxicating to my nose but it relaxed me. I started to fall asleep again but then Titus sighed and tensed up again. He was awake now. Then, I realized that my bladder was full."Titus," I whisper as I poke his face. He groans and turns his body bringing me with him. I let out a squeal and land on top of him."You're not helping my bladder," I groan. He lets me go with a smile on his face. I mumbled a thanks and quickly went to the bathroom. I walk back out and sink into the bed."Do you have Alpha work today?" I ask him when I get comfortable in the blanket."Unfortunately," he says setting his phone down. I let out a groan and lay face down on my pillow and put my
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Chapter 9
Sophia's POVBrody finally made it back to land with the boat. I stay in my seat as I watch him grumble about me."Did you like swimming?" I laugh."Your lucky your our future Luna and I like you or else I would throw you right back in," he says taking his shirt off. I walk over to him and he shakes his hair off on me."Hey watch it I'm finally dry waiting for you to cross the rest of the lake," I say slapping him."Well this wouldn't happen if you didn't leave me stranded," he says throwing his shirt on me. I groan because now my shirt is wet."Brodyyy," I groan. He gives me a smirk and then starts taking his shorts off."Woah there hi behind the trees," I say pointing to the cluster of trees."Oops sorry," he says quickly running over to the trees. He comes out wearing fresh clothes."Can we go hunting because I promised my wolf we would find some deer or something," I ask him."I just changed," he groaned."Oh well," I say. I let my wolf come forward tearing the clothes in the proc
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Chapter 10
Sophia's POVFlashbackDay 14I felt the chains that held me up to the wall. I fell to the ground having no will to keep going. The hair fell over my face and my cut up clothes barely covered me."You have to eat before they get back," I heard a voice say. I was lifted up and the smell of fresh food made my mouth drool."You need to eat this not the shatter the plate," the lady said and walks off."Wait!" I blurt out. She turns around confused. I got to see her face and knew I would never forget her."What's your name?" I ask her quickly."Wake up Sophia," she said."What?""Wake up!"End of FlashbackI open my eyes and see a very shirtless Titus in front of me."Your family is on pack lands we need to get ready they should make it to the pack lands in an hour," he says tapping me. I let out a groan and turn the other way."Give me 5 more minutes," I mumble. I didn't get a reply so I assumed he left me so I could sleep a little bit longer. Suddenly there was a cold shock across my bod
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