That idiot is the final boss

That idiot is the final boss

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Since knowing the story, Ian's family has been hunted and killed by the enemy. He did not die, but also discovered a shocking secret that his father had tried so hard to hide. He is the son of a werewolf, and powerful wolf blood is flowing in him. He learned how to control that power, as well as the werewolf's other special abilities. Ian now carries a lot of missions, revenge, finding his brothers, building a powerful werewolf army, building an impregnable space base ... But the truth is not always easy when Ian's brother is brainwashed by the enemy who turns him into the most outstanding fighter in the universe. Will Ian with his intelligence, intelligence, and deep family affection bring his brother back? Revenge old vengeance? Is it possible to fulfill the dreams that the father has yet to achieve? Invite you to watch.

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5 Chapters
Fateful moon night
Blood Moon Night "Father, Father! Father... Release my father! Do not harm him!" Ian suddenly woke up, the nightmare he had just played over and over in his head for ten years. Each time, Ian clenched his teeth and swore: "This enemy I must pay!" Ian wiped the cold sweat from his forehead with his hand, and the memories of the past ten years came flooding back: His family consisted of five people, But since he knew about it, there was no longer a mother, only four fathers, and a son living together on a craggy mountainside, one side was a bottomless abyss, and the other was a mountain. dangerously high. But to him, it was like a fairy tale world. There are flowers, there are Butterflies, there are birds and many wild animals for company. Ian has an older brother and a younger sister, the three brothers are so close to each other that they can't bear to leave each other. I thought that a peaceful life would go away peacefully. But then disaster hit his small family. It was a night
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Faster than guns
At a cafe of an autonomous city, where the government army has never set foot. Here the forces of the black society based on their strength divided and expanded. They silently, openly fought and killed each other, competing for each other's territory, the winner became the king, and the loser became the enemy. Just like that, a life that has never been peaceful always exists here.EGaTo is a luxurious cafe, imbued with European and American architecture, a young girl is sitting sipping a cup of fragrant new-style coffee, flanked by two rows of bodyguards who are always armed with guns. , looking very fierce, rogue, ready to shoot to kill any suspicious person.As long as the people living in this country easily recognize that it is Lida, the only daughter of the gangster Ebus. In this chaotic society, in terms of strength, Ebus only stands at the top of this city. So other forces are always looking for every opportunity to bring down his family.Ian also just arrived here, He relied o
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Can't see anything
Amold's words are not unreasonable, those words have awakened skepticism in every person here. Everyone turned to look at Ian with eyes full of judgment and suspicion. Because even if they beat them to death, they wouldn't believe that someone with such a stupid face could save Ebus' daughter so easily. This also increased their skepticism.Ebus also felt that this explanation was very reasonable and ordered: "Put this fool in jail, waiting for the day of judgment!"His soldiers pulled up to his armpits, held guns to his head, and led Ian away, despite Lida crying, explaining or pleading.Ian turned to look at Lida and smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'm fine!" After saying that, he quietly followed the soldiers to their cell. Because Ian knew that no matter what he explained, no one would believe him, and these people were no match for him, so he wasn't afraid. You also need some quiet space to think through what to do next, and isn't a cell the ideal place?"Looking at Ian's figure,
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God's will is hard to argue with
Halloween has finally come, on every road, there are monstrous incarnations. Halloween is the devil's day, or rather it's a festival to show the dark side of a person to the outside. Under a well-hidden mask, their interest is easy to explore. The road leading to the capital of Ebus today was unusually crowded. According to people on the roadside, there were nearly ten large trucks disguised as cargo trucks, heading towards Ebus' base. The driver of each car was carefully dressed up in the familiar shape of the festival, but his eyes revealed a fierce and murderous aura around him. That is the force that leader Ades has trained hard, to join him in his plot to expand his power and unify the territory of his dreams. Each vehicle carried 20 people, fully equipped with guns, and all the necessary toys for his army. In the exception, this will be the decisive blow that Ades has for Ebus. Throughout the history of his existence, Ades has always viewed Ebus's group as thorns to be uproo
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The decision to change your life
"Wow... Pop!" A whistling sound resounded, before Lida could see anything, Amold's body was suddenly thrown into the distance, hitting the pile of goods, dust flying.Ian appeared before her eyes like a male god. He once again saved her narrowly in shame.Ian quickly took the shirt and gave it to Lida and asked kindly, "Are you okay?"Lida is silent, she appreciates him, but she doesn't know how to answer his question, just say: "Yes, I'm fine!"A moment passed, Lida shook her head slightly.Amold just now crawled up. He looked around slyly, his mouth constantly shouting: "Who? Who dares to touch me? Who? Who?"Amold's gaze immediately stopped on the young man, he realized that this person was none other than the one he was imprisoned in. The look of disdain immediately appeared.Amold shouted: "You son of a bitch, how dare you stick your nose in my business? Are you tired of living? Do you know this place is mine now?"Amold continued to show his authority, but in exchange it was on
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