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Alison left her family to marry Dwight, the rich guy she had been in love with since her high school days, despite her family's disapproval. Alison risks her beautiful life because of love. Her love for him is like a bed of clouds, sending butterflies into her stomach even if Dwight doesn't find her the right woman. Alison believes staying and loving him will change how he thinks of her, but one day her dreams are crushed into pieces when Dwight's ex-girlfriend comes back claiming him. When she faces a crisis, Dwight doesn't believe her, but adds fuel to the fire. Alison realized it was time to give up. She signed divorce papers, leaving everything behind. She left just her purse and clothes she was wearing. After four years, she came back as someone else trophy and an inevitable meeting with him eventually happened when she represented their company! She thought the feelings she had left before were forgotten. Unfortunately, the pass is starting to remind them every day. Will she stop herself from falling for him again or will she let the flow manipulate her?

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96 Chapters
The Crisis
I walked closer to where Georgina was! I look around but I can't anticipate what she is planning right now. No one is here, just the two of us. The corner of this 3rd floor is not yet fully opened and more space for lease."Why did you want to see me here?" I asked Georgina, but she smiled triumphantly, looking at me as if she was looking through my soul.Georgina was Dwight's girlfriend when I appeared in their lives three years ago."To give you what you deserve!" She sneered, showing her white creepy teeth. Ever since Georgina came back, she has always put me on a show, putting me in a dangerous stunt. Dwight's parents, especially his father, hate me so much when they are surrounded by the media because of me. Their family is one of the top richest here in Los Angeles, but I never married Dwight because of their wealth. I married him because I love him so much. I even followed him in my college days. Dwight is not the only son of the Smith Group, but he is next in line if his fathe
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The Painful Truth
I woke up dizzy and with an uncomfortable feeling like a lump was stuck in my throat, making it hard to swallow.. I tried again to swallow my saliva, but it was really hard. I winced trying to get up from my bed. I felt my body was being run by a ten - wheeler truck.My head was still buzzing lightly when I managed to sit, slowly sweeping my eyes through the whole room.I sighed deeply! It dawned on my mind what had happened. I cried silently, not wanting to get attention from anyone. I am already tired of this drama my whole life. Dwight never believes me. I thought things changed between us recently."Alison!" A soft voice called. I looked at her dejected, letting my tears flow. The pain is sipping to my bones."Cali...!" I cried calling her. She cried, walking towards me. She immediately drops the food she is holding."Its okay Ali. Don't hold back! You need to release it." She said, patting my back as she hugged me tight. I know she was crying too, but she managed to calm herself.
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The Divorce
I feel uneasy waking up. I feel creeps in my stomach. I hope their divorce will work as her plan. I know how much she loves and treasured Dwight. She will do everything for him even if she will look like a pathetic puppy following around.I stretched a bit before I got up to prepare our breakfast. I was startled to see her prepare our breakfast and she was already ready to go to the city hall. I can't see any regrets or doubt written in her face. All I can see is a happy face ready to fly.She is wearing a tight purple dress paired with white pumps emphasizing her beautiful long legs and perfect body figure. She tied her long curly hair up, wearing bold pink lipstick.I smiled, looking at her perfect appearance. A fresh look to start after being unwanted."Good morning Ali! You are perfect today!" I chimed, gracing at her. She smiled back twirling. I grab my black coat and lend it to her. She might need it."You are coming with me, Cali. We need to celebrate later. You can take me any
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Fresh Start
We were supposed to celebrate after my successful divorce the other week, but something urgently crossed us inevitably. An unimaginable surprise knocked on my door before dawn. I was supposed to leave my surprise gift for both of them, but saving something important matters the most. I didn't expect to immediately book a ticket back to California to where I grew up. I know after two years seeing my family again is really strange and shameful. I am an ungrateful daughter exchanging them for the man who will just dump me. I shivered thinking of it and my stomach churned. I keep pacing back and forth in front of our house clenching my fist. What should I say to them? 'Aahh!' I muttered, frustrated. C'mon Alison! If you have the guts to leave them for two years, then you should have the face to face their wrath. Stop whining! I scolded myself, still staring at the door almost a few steps just to reach. I was startled when my phone rang! "Alison! Pull yourself together and knock on that
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After Four Years
Alison Pov... As much as I hate it, I have to go back where my heart was torn apart. I cursed LA that I would never step foot there, especially that city, but here I am booking a flight going to Los Angeles. "Laude, do I really have to go there?" I asked him, dejected. I can't understand my emotions keep on flipping me this time. "I'm sorry sweetheart, but you really have to." He replied, desolate. "But how about my business? You know I can't leave like that." I retorted. "Ali, you know you can not fool me. I can take care of your business here. I am sending you there because I can trust you. My company needs someone like you that I fully trust to handle all the matters there. Besides, I'll be there after three months. I just can't leave my business here right now." He clarified, not leaving me any room to complain. "Fine! I'll try my best, Laude." I still replied, dejected. He smiled, coming closer to my desk. "I know you will, Ali. Thomas Corporation needs you." He emphasized,
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Almost Encounter
Alsion Pov... The night was almost fading when we decided to leave the bar. I am a woman who stayed faitful to her husband even though he didn't care about me. I have lived as a gracious woman and incapable of anything before when I am married. No one will expect me to become who I am right now. I'm used to all the inevitable crossing my path. I asked Cali to drive since I was already tipsy. I'm still learning to hold on longer not to get wasted. I can just be who I am when I am with Laude. He will never get me into trouble nor let me see wasted and pitiful. He always wants me to become someone feared, but in a gracious way. This strong will I had was because of his undying help, but even though I have the guts now, I am still not ready to face my estranged husband. "Cali, we need to leave now." I pleaded, dragging her out. I felt she needed this more than I did. "Just a little more time Ali." She cried, but the beer isn't her best friend today. She keeps on drinking but she is sti
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Dwight Pov...I woke up still exhausted and undefinable, rolling on my bed. Shit Dwight! Pull yourself , it's just Thursday and you have an important meeting at Thompsun today. I ranted to myself, getting up, still limping. How much did I drink last night to look pathetic like this?I stared in the mirror while brushing my teeth. The glimpse of the past suddenly appeared, startling me, falling on my knees. What the fuck was that! I roared, picking up myself, glaring at the mirror. I grab my throbbing chest, still shaking. If there's someone who should be embarrassed and bothered like this, it wasn't me. It creeps me into seeing Alison's face all of a sudden. It's been four years since we parted, but the pain of yesterday isn't gone, still lingering around. I shrugged it off and prepared myself to go to work. She is not worth the sacrifice and moments to remember.I prepared my food quickly, sitting in front of Jack, who was almost done with his food. He is still wearing his outdoor cl
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Alison Pov...I asked Linda to organize everything before visiting the restaurant and attending the conference later. Laude asked me to represent Thonas Group as he can't fly right now. I don't want to be here, but I can maximize my time representing the Thomas Group. I don't want to disappoint them. They help me when I need help, and so do I. Representing them is a piece of cake since I know about their business too. The fact I love kitchen work makes it easier for me to move and navigate things without Laude.I studied what the conference would be all about. I didn't know this was a bidding for the rising of downtown city. Why would Laude want to get a piece of the city? It is just a small city. I ask myself confused."Linda, do we have spare time later to visit the downtown city?" I asked while still engrossed reading tons of paper on my desk. The Thomas Group is famous because of their cuisine and later they added to invest in hotels a mix of traditional and modern Mediterranean d
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Meeting Jack
Alison Pov...I am not comfortable and easily get shock after that terrifying incident at Thompsun building. All I want now is to finish everything and run away. Another two months is like a ticking bomb cringing on my nerves. The grand opening of Thomas Cuisine in Thompsun building will be on Saturday, just hoping Dwight won't be there! I don't want to miss this day and mostly to ruin this beautiful day.I leaned on my chair closing my eyes to calm myself while waiting for Linda."Madam A, we are ready to go!" She called out.I followed her out of my office vigilantly. I don't want anyone from the Smith family to recognize me here. My business is not done yet.Our ride going to the Downtown City is quiet enough to help me calm. Linda notices how I am uncomfortable and disturbed."Madam Alison, are you sure you are alright?" She asked, skeptical."I am now Linda. Thank you!" She nodded and looked outside again, watching every place we passed by. I look at the opposite to have a glimps
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Alejandro's Visit
Alison Pov... I dumped my body on the sofa curled like a child who lost her favorite toy. Alison, can you not forget him and start a brand new life? Isn't four years enough for you to bury that fucking feeling? I muttered to myself dejectedly. "Alison!" I was startled, falling on the sofa. "Oh fuck Cali!" I roared, picking myself and touching my nose. "Ouch!" I cried, touching my nose again. "Why do you look like someone dumped you?" She asked, frowning. "I think our small world is starting to collide now, Cali. I saw Dwight at the Thompsun building today. Luckily he didn't recognize me!" I elaborated, not missing a tiny bit of what happened. "What? Really! Isn't too early for you to see him. It's just a month, but something is starting to shake you up!" She uttered unbelievable at the same time horrified. "I don't know what happened here after I left, but something is bothering me. I'm not just scared to see him, but terrified enough to make me shiver." I cringed. She sighed.
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