The Billionaire’s Ruthless Heir

The Billionaire’s Ruthless Heir

By:  Mary Ann Adams  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hazel Leblanc joy knew no bound when she got an offer to work with nook Newsline, one of the biggest broadcasting station in Brooklyn as an intern. Leaving her family in Austin, Texas was really tough for her but she had to take the next step of her career. Her life made a huge turn when she collided with the ruthless heir of De Luca . Their first encounter was a bad one and Hazel’s life was at stake as she angered him. The only way to save herself was to marry him. What would poor Hazel do? And would she agree to the proposal and get married to the ruthless Xander De Luca?

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3 Chapters
The offer
1. THE OFFER.~~Dear Hazel Robert, you application have been reviewed and accepted you have been selected among the 10 interns to work in NOOK NEWSLINE. Congratulations. The date to resume and other important informations would be communicated to you via email.~~~~ I screamed as I finished reading the message on my laptop and I jumped up on my bed happily. My mom and younger sister, Savannah rushed into my room.“What’s wrong?” My mom asked in fright.I held my chest and smiled at them and rushed towards them hugging my mom tightly.My mom seems surprised by my hug but she hugged me back anyways.“Okay...what’s wrong? Is everything alright?” She asked me and I disengaged from the hug. “I just got selected!” I screamed and my mom and Savannah looked at me confusedly.Oh shoot! I didn’t tell them about it. I applied as an intern without their permission because I wasn’t sure I would get in. I wanted to tell them if I got accepted.I held my mom’s hand and directed her to my bed and ma
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The Ruthless De Luca
2. THE RUTHLESS DE LUCA XANDER’S POINT OF VIEW I walked into the mansion with my hands behind my back and two body guards following me. The maids and guards bow down as I entered. No one dare look at me. They know what happens if they do. I entered the large living room and told my body guards to wait outside. They nodded and left me. It’s been a month since I have come here. The family house. My Grandfather requested for my presence. That is why I am here. My grandfather, Norman De Luca is the richest man in New York and the third richest in the country, America. He owns different companies, hotels, restaurants and so on and also deals on real estates. His son, my dad Jeremy De Luca managed the company for him with my mom, Anabel De Luca but 5 years ago, they died in a car accident. I know the accident isn’t ordinary and someone is behind it and I have been searching for the person all to no avail for five years. I won’t give up and I won’t hesitate to slit the person’s throa
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Marry me
3. MARRY ME. HAZEL’s POINT OF VIEW. Getting over Ben was really hard as I still couldn’t believe our two years relationship is gone like that.“He doesn’t worth you. You shouldn’t shed any tears for him. He is a fool for letting you go” Savannah has told me and she is right. He doesn’t worth my tears. I decided to forget about him and move on with my life. 1 week after our break up, he posted a picture with his new girlfriend. He is nothing but a jerk. I have been preparing to go to Brooklyn and my mom have been over dramatic. She has been getting me stuffs. Both the ones I need and the ones I don’t need. I have gotten a new apartment close to the company online already and I would just pack in when I arrive there. I have been hanging out with my family more especially my mom. She couldn’t bear to let go of me just yet.The day I was to leave, my mom pleaded I wait a day more. “Mom, I would leave eventually” I told her.“It’s just so hard. Tomorrow, I won’t stop you okay. Jus
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