His Daisy

His Daisy

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Daisy enters the Italian mafia palace as a new maid with only one intention in mind, to change her families living conditions for the better. She wants to do her work in peace, hoping that she won't get in trouble during her stay in the palace but all her hopes go down in drain when Salvatore takes interest in her. Salvatore, the second son of the mafia king, a useless being for the family, a second option if anything bad happens with the first son. He has been raised with neglect and tossed around without a care, Salvatore doesn't know love, he's filled with hate and anger but it all changes when a certain maid enters his life showing him just how wrong he thinks about life. Will love bloom between this odd pair? and even if it does, will the mafia family accept Daisy? After all Salvatore is a mafia prince and her a mere maid. Join the journey of these two as they lead a difficult path to find forever love and happiness.

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13 Chapters
01. Arrival
"Brave women are not born from comfort zones, they are made in the fire."~ Cheryl Hale"Hurry up!" The angry old driver yells at the poor girls as they climb the trash looking bus.I follow behind the girls and enter the bus, if I said that the outside was trash looking than the inside is a shame to trash.Well what can be expected from the mafia, they won't provide luxurious buses for their new batch of maids.I find an empty seat in the third row, I hurriedly run and take my place beside the window, I desperately need ventilation for this trip or I'll pass out.Did someone die in here? The bus smells like something has been rotting in here for years.I try my best not to show my discomfort on my face but I can't help it.Soon the bus is filled, another girl has taken a seat beside me. I didn't pay much attention to her as I was gawking outside the window at the guards who were discussing something with the old irritated driver.Few more minutes pass than the driver enters the bus,
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02. Salvatore
"I'm filled with rage but I'm empty at the same time"~UnknownSalvatore's POV:"You look angry." Giovanni my older brother and the next king of the Italian mafia says entering the torture room."When does he not?" Mario my good for nothing best friend snorts following behind.I don't answer them, I walk towards the table that beautifully displays all the torture devices, I move my ring clad fingers around, tapping on different tools than moving forward.Yes, found it! I take the finger clipper, I tilt it around under the lamp hanging over the table, the tool shines letting me know that it's new and unused.I love spoiling things, tainting them with blood.I calmly walk over towards the binded man, Giovanni types away on his phone while Mario takes a seat at the corner, a big grin plastered on his face, that bastard enjoys this, he's just missing a cup of popcorns.I stop right in front of the betrayer, he squirms around, not a single word coming out of his mouth due to the duct tape
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03. Wrong Place
"Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it"~r.h .sinDaisy's POV:1 hour ago.."Don't die in my bus girl" a hard shake on my shoulder and the scratchy voice of the bus driver wakes me up.I wake up panicked "Wh..wha?" I can't even speak properly. "I don't want my bus smelling like a rotting corpse' ge grumbles giving me another hard shake on my shoulder.This time I'm a bit aware of my surroundings, I smack his hand away and give him a death glare. He pulls his hand close to his chest with wide eyes but quickly composes himself."Get out of my bus!" He orders harshly and walks further inside the bus, I look around and find no one in the bus.It looks like I over slept, I look at the bus driver, he was grumbling lowly while checking for any other possible dead girl in the back.I waste no time and quickly sprint out of the bus, the first thing I do is inhale the fresh air. The last thing I remembered before sleeping is holding my breathe because the bus stank so bad, I thi
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04. Meeting The Devil
"The most beautiful part is, I wasn't even looking when I found you"~AutumnMy green eyes collide with brown ones, my eyes hold fury while the other pair has shock written on them.But within a second the shock is changed into irritation and than anger, "leave me" I grit shaking my head to get my hairs out of his hold but his hold only tightens, I make sure not to touch him.The mafia prince is taken aback by my words "what did you just say?" He asks lowly but the roughness of his voice is prominent.I realize he's the prince, I need to control my anger and words with him, "sir, I think I am at the wrong place" I say softening my gaze. Everyone around us turns dead silent.I can sense everyone's eyes on us and that makes me uncomfortable.The prince looks interested in my words, he observes me painfully slowly as as if I am something very entertaining to him, thankfully he leaves my hairs after his observation, I sigh in relief but it is short lived as I sense his hold on my chin.He
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05. New Roommate
"Sometimes we just bump into certain people and suddenly, they become a part of our journey"~GaniThe day was spent exploring around the palace with Jade, she showed me every corner around here while also explaining the rules.Some areas were prohibited for regular maids so we did not wander there.At the end of the day my feet were crying, and I was more than thankful when I was informed that we were heading back to our rooms, I was now sitting on the bed in my assigned room with my feet plopped up and my hands massaging them."Ohhh god!!" I sigh when I hit a pressure point. The door to my room opens and a new face enters.Each room hosted two maids, we had our separate beds, dressing, cupboard and one study table with a book rack above to store things, the room also has a shared bathroom.It's was ok for two people but was extremely cozy, the new maid that walked in I assume is my roommate."You should quite down on those noises, anyone outside gets the wrong impression" she chuckl
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06. Give And Take
"Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is to be easy on yourself"~Kavia Dixit"Claire you are incharge of this weeks laundry, I have listed 15 girls for your assistance, Mira you will be serving dinner for the next 15 days...." One by one Jade was informing the workers of their duties.The duties changed every week or in some cases after every 15 days or a month.I thought Jade was the head of all the servants but Ray informed me that she was actually the real head's assistant, I was shocked that a head maid here also has an assistant.She informed me that the head maid also known as 'madam Joy' was a person exactly opposite to her name. She was a bitter, old mean lady and it was a relief that she didn't assigned duties but her assistant Jade did.That didn't mean she was careless, she actually roamed around the palace keeping a strict eye on everyone, Ray says that her eyes and ears are everywhere but I think that's a bit extreme.How attentive can an old lady be?"Daisy and Ray, yo
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07. Money
"Let it be hard. Let it be scary. And then do it anyway"~Unknown"Sir" Jade quickly stands up and bows her head in respect, I stare him like an idiot, he quirks up a brow at me.Jade takes notice of my frozen state, she pulls me up by my hand which makes me come to me senses, I stand beside her copying her.After a moment of silence the devil finally speaks "is this what we pay you for?" he asks calmly but the hardness in his voice sends chills down our body.I am a very confident person and mostly know how to defend myself but his presence tied my tongue."No sir, we are very sorry. The cleaning has been completed for this floor, we're just leaving" Jade apologizes, she turns around to collect her broom. I frown thinking about Jade's answer, she could've just said that we were sitting and having a moment of rest rather than saying sorry.I shrug away the thought and search for my cleaning cloth around like an idiot until I remember it's over my shoulder. I can sense his eyes on me th
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08. Madam Giulia
"To survive with seasons you must change with them"~cf"Daisy!" I hear someone call my name, I look up from my plate to find Ray and Jade walking towards me with their lunch plates in hand.I look down and resume playing with my peas, pushing them around in the plate."That's rude" Ray says pointing to my lack of attention, she slides beside me on the sitting bench, Jade sits adjacent to me, she stares at my dull expression."What happened there?" She asks straight to the point "what happened where?" Ray asks with a mouthful of her food.We both stare at her in disgust, she hides her mouth behind her palm, she chews fast and gulps down her bite. "Sorry, what happened? What did I miss? You do look a little upset Daisy" she continues matching Jade's stare on me."Nothing" I say plainly "puff, come on spit it out" Ray moves her right hand in a spill the tea kind of motion."It's nothing, really" I don't want to share anything, it took me 20-25 minutes to calm down myself after I ran awa
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09. Forced
"What a brave soul you must be, to want to save the world when yours was burnt alive"~ Sneha Pal It is chaos everywhere, tonight is the grand mafia party, we are ordered to decorate the whole place.The party is in 6 hours and their is still so much work left to do, I bend backwards to relax my strained back. I feel like my back will pull apart. "Daisy, have you cleaned the guest rooms I assigned you?" Jade asks while running past me."Yes" I answer her tiredly and watch her run towards the other maids. I don't know how her legs haven't broken yet.I search around for Ray but don't see her here "Jade can I take a break?" I call out to her. She looks up at me from the flowers in her hand."10 minutes" she nods her head than turns her attention back towards the white and red roses."You should go for the red one's" I point at them, she eyes those specific one's with interest."Girls we'll go with red" she announces to the maids who are incharge of decorations.I make my way towards m
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10. Confined Space
"Be gentle, every heart hides many wounds that never bleed"~UnknownI have never wanted to kill myself as much as I want to now, in this moment.1 hour with this crazy woman has made me reach my limits of sanity, I can't bare with her anymore or my head wil explode.She's just... Ahhhh!She's crazy, that is all I have to say."You, flower girl" I stand straight and look at her attentively, she shows me a shade card of different nail paint options, "which shade of black do you suggest I go with?" She asks pointing to a specific shade card that was filled with different options of the color black.How on earth does black has so many shades?I gulp nervously and squint my eyes to look at them carefully, they all look same to me.My eyes move from the card to her, she's staring at me like a hawk waiting for my suggestion.I quickly point to the third shade, she turns the card to look at herself. Her brows scrunch together. You're dead Daisy."Good choice flower girl" she says in approva
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