Falling For My Mafia Lord

Falling For My Mafia Lord

By:  Zaynab_writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Your body is mine Kate... Every bit of it... I am going to make you feel the butterfly no one ever has." ** Kate Walter sought out to seek justice for her parents' death, and Dante Romano, who ran a club during the day and led a mafia at night, was a suspect. To dig into the truth, she took a job as a nanny for Dante's daughter. Little did she know that Dante was more than just a boss; he was known for his pleasurable lifestyle. The merciless mafia boss whose aura neither sized nor decreased. Now, Kate faces the challenge of staying focused on her mission without getting caught up in Dante's enticing world. Can Kate fulfill her mission without succumbing to the allure of the seductive mafia boss?

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1
Kate."Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Protect the company." Those were the last words of my father. The words I've lived in my heart ever since. It has been two years already, but the scene is still fresh in my brain. It happened one night, the day I graduated from college, and also the day I turned twenty. It was supposed to be a memorable day in my life, but it turned out to be the most unforgettable day of my life. I returned home after a small party at my school to celebrate the rest of the evening with my parents. I was met with a painful encounter of my life: the lifeless body of my mother and my father about to take his last breath. I wasn't able to say goodbye to my mother nor have the chance to do that with my father. The only words I got out of him were: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Protect the company." At that moment, I knew I had to take over the family business which I dreaded. I always tell my father I can't handle his business
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Chapter 2
KateMy mouth slightly parted, trying to summon the answer to give him. His eyes also didn't waver on me. "I-""Dante!"My head whipped to the tall young woman standing at the entrance door with a frown on her face. Her eyes were fixed on Dante, whose by all means expression didn't shift."You didn't tell me you'd be coming back home," she said, clicking her arms with Dante in a seductive way."I told you to always call before coming, Chloe.""It doesn't matter. I know you missed me." And right at that moment, the two shared a kiss. It was as if I was invisible in front of them. Chloe began unbuttoning Dante's shirt, and that was when I decided to intervene. I can't have my eyes see something that will trigger what I would not be able to control."Um... Excuse me," I cracked out. Their attention finally reverts to me. Dante didn't wear much of an expression whereas Chloe threw me a look."Who is she?" she asked."She's Aria's new Nanny.""Again?" She said with an eye roll. I lifted my
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Chapter 3
Dante"Enzo, you know how I operate my business. I don't compromise. It's either they give the bag or lose their bag," I warned. Out of all the people I work with, Enzo should be the one not to question me when I start an operation."But boss, I got information that the Black Eagle is trying to raise a much higher bid in the competitive market," Enzo countered."Damn Enzo! Do I need to be telling you what to do? I don't care what they're bidding. What I want is the result. Get the items on board. I will deal with Paolo myself," I ended the call and threw the phone on the desk. I stuffed my hand into my pocket as I gazed at the bustling city of New York through my study room window.I found myself stretching my muscles and closing my eyes as my brain brought up the image of Kate's soft hands squeezing mine. I know my fantasy imagination should be on Chloe. I don't sleep with the same woman twice, but Chloe's case was different. She knows how to skillfully give me the damn pleasure."Sh
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Chapter 4
KateImmediately I closed the door behind me, I rested my back on it and placed a hand over my thumping chest. "What the hell just happened? How in hell did I emit out a moan? Just from a mere touch." I inhaled and exhaled a deep breath, trying to discard the thought of how Dante's fingers skillfully slid inside my pussy.In as much as I found it ridiculous, it made my core throb, and that isn't a good sign. "I'm here for a job, not to get myself involved sexually with Dante. No. I won't allow that to happen.""This is nothing, Kate. It's because you haven't had sex in a while. It's all good." I assured myself as I finally detached my body from the door. I instantly flinched when a knock sounded. "Could it be Dante? He's back to continue what he started?" Bile almost rose in my throat as I slowly reached for the doorknob."Who is there?" I asked softly, careful not to show my inner fear."It's me. Bianca." A woman's voice came through. I released the breath I didn't know I was holding
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Chapter 5
DanteThe cry of agony filled the whole room as I watched the son of a bitch get his fingers burned out with the hot spanner. "Please don't kill me, boss."He crawled towards where I was seated and held both my legs with his bloodied hands. "Please spare my life, boss!""Boss?" I repeated, going as far as letting a smile dangle at the corner of my lips. He doesn't know what was coming his way. He should rather drown himself in the sea than choose to betray me. And that was exactly what he did. He didn't only lie and steal, he sided with my biggest enemy, Paolo Vincent.I gestured to Enzo to continue with what he was doing. The asshole emitted out a loud pain of agony as the pain shifted from his fingers to his thigh. I gripped his face, making him look at me the same way I was looking at him, straight in the eye. "Plead for your life again, and I promise you that will be the last time you'll ever speak." I spat. His eyes widened, and he shook his head.My grip on his face tightened. I
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Chapter 6
KateSomething rock hard pressed on my stomach, making my eyes widen more than they already are. My hands slowly made their way down and grabbed it. "Fuck!" Dante exclaimed before jerking me off his body."Are you crazy?" He said again. I couldn't open my mouth to talk. My head still spinning from the encounter. Did I just grab his dick? Damn!"Daddy, we were playing hide and seek," Aria uttered as she stared at both of us. I finally mustered the courage and lifted my body off the floor. My butt had begun going stiff.Dante crouched down to Aria's level, resting his hands on both her shoulders. "Little princess, you know Daddy doesn't allow anyone to enter his room."What does he mean by he doesn't allow anyone to enter his room? Including his daughter?"Now go back to your room. I will get you some ice cream later." The little girl's face lit up in happiness."Promise Daddy?""I promise." He said and pecked her on her cheeks. My heart warmed up seeing how the little girl's mood can g
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Chapter 7
Kate"There's no doubt, Dante is not okay in the head." I hissed out as I soaked my wet hair with a towel. I had allowed him to touch me. The anticipation of him giving me pleasure. All he did was tease me. The worst of all was him telling me not to come to the poolside again. I was such a fool for falling into his trap. For allowing myself to get turned on."Kate, remember you're here for a mission, not to drool over Dante." I scolded myself, pointing at my reflection in the mirror. I changed into fresh clothes before settling in bed. Gina's call came through."I was just about to call you," I said, placing the phone to my ear."Are you sure? Or are you so busy drooling over Dante Romano that you don't have time for your best friend?" I rolled my eyes at her remarks."Excuse me. I have no time for that, please. If that's the reason why you're calling, I will hang up. I'm busy.""You—" I ended the call before she could complete her statement. She's making it sound like my mission was
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Chapter 8
Kate I know I was being played for but I couldn't stop myself from wanting him. The moment his hand touched my body, I knew I had lost. But it felt so good to be touched by him the way he did. The pleasure was something I could decide not to have. However, my body took control of my heart and brain cells. Even after descending down for breakfast, the look Dante gave made my pussy twitch. I won't mind him touching me again. But then again, I have a mission. "Good morning princess." I summoned up the lively side of me as I grabbed my seat next to Aria. "Sleepyheads." I ruffled her hair. "Good morning," I said to Dante discarding the smile off my face."There's nothing good about the morning." I rolled my eyes. "You always say that. My night went well, so I have hopes for my morning too." I saw his lips curved up. I found myself smiling too. I know the smile has to do with last night. "Of course, it will. I was the reason behind it. I'm sure you couldn't stop fantasizing." He mused.
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Chapter 9
Kate I had Gina tag along to the grocery shopping. I can't give a figure for the amount we spent, but it was a lot. Gina and I parted ways afterward. I thought she'd warn me against Dante just like she did the other day, surprisingly, she was quiet. Maybe it had skipped her mind. I hailed a cab back home. I had just dropped from the car when I saw Mr. Arthur driving inside the house. "Aria my dear," I said as I trekked inside and approached them trying to get inside. "Come give me a hug." I cheered opening my arms for her. She was skeptical at first and even looked at Mr. Arthur. "Go on Aria." He urged. She made slow advances towards me and hugged my legs. Because she can't reach up to my height. "That's my girl." I pulled away and bent down to her level. "Hope school was fun today?"She nodded her head. I flashed her a smile. "That's great. Let's go in. I'm sure you're hungry." I took hold of her hand and we walked inside. I made a simple and fast lunch for her. "Make sure you fi
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Chapter 10
DanteI closed my eyes and allowed the feeling of pleasure to course through my whole body. I gripped her waist and continued to pound inside her. "Ah....Yes please," she pleaded and moaned, just like how I wanted her to. I had vowed to lure her in and fuck her. I didn't even try harder to get her to my bed.But damn! Her pussy was insanely juicy. I always enjoy Chloe's pleasure more than every other woman I fucked. But now, with my cock inside her pussy, the feeling was different. It kept me going. I couldn't reach my orgasm."Um..." She emitted out. "Yes. I want you to scream my name. Tell me to fuck you harder," I ordered, my lips curving up into a smirk."Fuck me harder, Dante. Please." My smirk widened at her last word. I like how she was begging me to fuck her. I increased my pace, pulling in and out of her wet and quivering pussy."Fuck!" I hissed out when I reached an orgasm. I pulled out of her and she collapsed on the bed completely. "I am not done yet," I spoke. She looked
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