Chapter 6 - Warning

We ran in silence for hours, only stopping to drink. The sun was long gone; the sound of the night creatures filled the forest. Oren was quiet, avoiding all paths and thinned-out areas. We blocked out our mind link so we could be completely alone. When I finally stepped forward, allowing Oren to rest, we were in a small clearing. The only sound was the crickets chirping and the leaves rustling in the wind. I looked up at the moons, letting the soft glow kiss my skin.

It was times like these I wish I had someone else to turn to. Someone who could help give me answers. Even though my grandfather was always there for me, he was still influenced by my parent's decisions. I always felt stupid for dreaming of having a simpler life—a life with no rules or expectations. I’m sure I

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Yikes! I even felt some pity for Phillip, especially if it was him who shared that info with Ryuu.

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