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Madam Winters's Fight For Her Children

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Adina Daugherty became pregnant after being framed and gave birth to quadruplets. Her younger sister Dew stole two of those children, and pretended that she was the twins' mother to tie herself to the Winters family, while Adina faced death to escape with the other two children.

Five years later, Adina returned triumphantly with angel babies. As the novel Madam Winters's Fight For Her Children showed, since her sister loved cosplaying to be pure despite her rotten heart, she would torment her to pay back her vicious plan. How about her other two children? She would snatch them back!

As for this man Duke Winters who took away her innocence, when he met his daughter Melody at first time, he felt a close atmosphere between them. When he saw Adina, he thought there must be a kind of special relationship between them in Madam Winters's Fight For Her Children.

Duke Winters pinnedAdina against the bed and said, “Why don’t you steal me as well?” Adina sneered. “Dream on!” But right after saying it, she puked.

“So… we will have more babies ?” Duke smiled.

Main Characters in Madam Winters's Fight For Her

Female Lead

Adina Daughterty

Adina wouldn't leave the Daugherty family off the hook, because they let it happen ...... Adina, the poor, slow-witted heroine, lived in the false care woven by her family until she was eighteen. A motherless child was like a lost lamb.

Before she turned eighteen, she also thought her father, Aaron Daugherty, really loved her. But the day after her 18th Bar Mitzvah, she was slapped by her father after an indecent photo was taken. A father who truly loved his daughter would put her in warehouse for eight months without a visit after she suffered a serious trauma?

When she was locked up in the warehouse for eight months, she thought she deserved it because her indecent incident had become a disgrace to the family. Adina thought of countless possibilities, but never imagined that the incident that ruined her life was arranged by her dearest sister, Dew. Dew Daughterty felt that since childhood, Adina was the family's little princess, holding half of the family group's shares in her hands, and became the family's heiress at her eighteen's bar mitzvah. She was already jealous and about to go crazy. The fire of jealousy burned endlessly, and destroying Adina was her only thought!

Those eighteen years of loving pampering, those eighteen years of false sisterhood, all for the sake of the shares in her hands. Her life, how could it be so ridiculous!

The two children were born prematurely and their lives were in danger. Melody was abandoned by the doctors. She had no choice but to take the children abroad to seek medical treatment. Later, Melody's life was saved, but she was an autistic child.

When she met Harold at the airport by chance, she didn't know that this was the first time she saw her child after four years. Maybe it was the bond of blood, Harold wanted to get close to her at the first sight. And Melody, simply would not have any reaction with the stranger ,but also took the initiative to hug Duke Winters.

Thanks to the author, they finally got to meet as a family!

Male Lead

Duke Winters

When we talked about Duke Winters, no one in the city didn't know him, because he was the king of the city. The man at the top of the pyramid was not going to waste time on something as dispensable as love. The business wizard was only his external label, but no one knew that he was also a real genius hacker!

Although he thought Dew Daughterty was the one who gave birth to his two children, he was never confused by Dew, who was bent on marrying into the Winters family with the excuse of two stolen children, but he knew Dew was a false woman who was not good for the children at all.

But the first time he met Adina Daughterty, he had a strange feeling inside. Seeing her surrounded by people, he couldn't help but be angry, and seeing people insult her, he would care more and relieve her.

Love was so wonderful. Even though he thought Adina was a woman with a deep bad heart at first, Duke couldn't help but fall for her, relieved her, and even took the bullet for her!

He never thought he would meet such a woman in his life, hard, soft, bruised and growing strong. He also thought that if it hadn't been for that night, he wouldn't have hurt her, but if it hadn't been for that night, he wouldn't have met her, much less had four adorable babies with her.

He also had a very, very serious cleanliness problem. Hated to be touched by strangers. But after meeting his daughter Melody for the first time, even though he didn't know it was his daughter, his heart softened when he was held softly by her.

Knowing that both Melody and Alden turned out to be his and Adina's children, and that Adina was the woman who had given birth to his child five years earlier, he went crazy. He vowed to be good to them, to take care of them, to be with them.

What would he have to do for Adina to forgive him? Come and read Madam Winters's Fight For Her Children in Goodnovel!

Storyline of Madam Winters's Fight For Her Children

Eight months ago, Adina Daughterty became the biggest laughing stock in town when a reporter caught her in an indecent photo at a hotel!

While she was at a loss for words, she was found out to be pregnant. Her father, Aaron Daugherty, was ashamed of her and forced her to have an abortion! But just a second before the abortion, she rolled out of the hospital bed and fled. She would rather die than have the baby aborted. The baby was a gift from God!

So her father, Aaron, had her locked up in a warehouse at the Daugherty family home and left her to fend for herself.

She was locked up for eight months and never set foot outside. And one dark night, Adina felt herself going into labor. She was only eight months pregnant at the time, and you could't imagine how dangerous it would be to give birth early at eight months ...... Adina prayed hard and begged the servant, Mr. Granger, to take her to the hospital, but the servant not only ignored her request, but even mocked her. Her sister, Dew Daugherty, who appeared at that moment, told her everything. When Dew's eyes fell on the two babies, she was surprised to find that the two twins Adina gave birth to looked exactly like Duke Winters, the devil who could do whatever he wanted in the Sea city.

Did Adina and Duke Winters have a one-night stand?

Adina, who was carrying the twins away, was shocked to find that she still had two little ones in her belly. For the sake of these two little ones, she also has to try hard to survive! She escaped from the fire and finally found a chance of survival.

Four years later, with Alden and Melody, she returned to the city where she lost her two children and her innocence, and at the airport, she met someone she never thought she would meet in her life. If you want to know who Adina met, come to Goodnovel and read Madam Winters's Fight For Her Children!

The Fascination Of Madam Winters's Fight For Her Children

Four years ago, Adina Daughterty was at a loss for words and suffered more than anyone can bear. She fought as hard as she could to stay alive and escape with her two children.

She thought she had been clad in armor and wrapped a heart that was indestructible. Her return four years later was to get everything back. But she didn't expect that the other two children she thought were dead were still alive in this world. She was unlucky, and she was lucky.

Later everyone said she was precious and shining, but she was a star that had been stepped into the mud and spent long hours waiting for a miracle. Those days of walking alone in the darkness, she took in stride, and now faced, the path of light. Even if there were infinite obstacles ahead, she would still try her best to walk on. Because Madam Winters's Fight For Her Children!

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